My Redstone Smart House [Redstone]

This map features a big mansion which is suitable for all kinds of adventures where you need somewhere safe to stay. There is one master bedroom (with 8 beds combined) and lots of different redstone mechanisms which will greatly improve your standards of living. Outside you will also find multiple different types of automatic farms. You could literally stay within the boundaries of your property and still survive for a long time.

Creator: DireWolf314159

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83 Responses

4.83 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Jess says:

    Wow Cool!!!!

    • Magnus says:

      Can u make some more roms with Redstone and a ender portal but if u have seen the Redstone house cold Blueboy it’s very Cool but on me it dont worked but Can u Make a Big house like that

      • Direwolf314159 says:

        My smart house was based around the Blueboy mansion funnily enough, I have made and adapted some content from it, this was my first smarthouse and it took quite a bit of time and effort to create.
        Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for my next build!

        • Fireball1890000 says:

          I have a idea can you make a sorting/storage system in the house cause I want a place to store items

  2. Jess says:


  3. DAVETDM MCPE says:

    Yay finally a redstone house😘

  4. StringyDwarf33 says:

    Hey it says it from a new vision but I checked and there’s no update do you have a answer Mr editor

  5. MXRS says:

    Finally something Windows 10 friendly.

  6. Foxy02016 says:

    This is really good can you make a map of the house in the horror game tattletale with lights that can randomly turn on and off just like in the game thanks

  7. Brandon says:

    what is the code for the secret passage?

  8. EndLord says:

    Why is there an annoying dispenser clicking? please fix it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ikr that means I know right plz fix it is soo annoying I have to turn my sound of like a lot of times

    • Idk says:

      You can fix it by breaking into the automatic farm, break under it and you will find flashing redstone, break it then the sound will be gone. P.S you won’t be able to use the automatic farm anymore.

  9. Endernbrine says:

    I give this house. Great job with the redstone.

  10. Killer says:

    I rilly like it!!!

  11. Abigail says:

    Really good map

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you move the farms to under the house and make them fully atop with villagers

  13. Dev Patel says:

    I really liked this house, maybe later would you mind to do a piston house, and a world with all of your creations? That would really help bad redstoners like me. Thank You!

  14. Jirachi likes apples says:

    Why is there a thing going on like when I go on the carpet it does like weird sounds

  15. Goody400 plays says:

    Great job but what version do i need this in?

  16. Alexis says:

    What’s The Code for the Secret Passage?
    Also, how do I stop the annoying clicking noise?

  17. gthuler9 says:


  18. Lacie Thomas says:

    On the right side of the house there is a dispenser or something clicking and it won’t stop idk what it is but it is really annoying

  19. beatrice0204 says:

    Love it so much!!!! But…. there’s ticking noises and they’re getting on my nerves, is there any way to fix those??

  20. Noah says:

    wow such cool

  21. Creeper says:

    Dose this have command blocks

  22. Anonymous says:

    The annoying sound comes from the auto cooking thing

  23. Lewis says:

    Soooo cool I love it. Tip. Plz stop the clicking noise

  24. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! This is the best redstone house I have ever downloaded!! The creator is the BEST!!

  25. Karina says:

    It keeps on making this noise which gets me really annoyed

  26. Notch says:


  27. FlipflopCutie says:

    Annoying clicking noise?! Please help!

    I’ve been trying to listen to music or just walk around normally and I can’t do that with the clicking noise constantly in my ear. Can you fix this? Someone said I needed to destroy the farm but I really don’t want to!

  28. B123CANADIAN says:

    This map is so cool I have your red stone map and also I have the Disney Park your a good builder salo your friends are too

  29. BurlyGoldfish51 says:

    I admit that the map is AWESOME + AMAZING
    There is 1 issue: the clicking or the ticking noise from the farm is sooooooo ANNOYING
    Please fix it some how

  30. Fhmcmcgh says:

    Really great mansion. Ur good at red stone!!

  31. Frenchfryslayer says:

    If you hear a clicking noise I found out how to fix it

    Go to the kitchen then you will find the “rubbish bin” break under that and you will see flashing redstone break that. If you are still hearing noises go to the kitchen again and break under the automatic stove and you will see redstone flashing break that.

    PS: if you break the redstone the contraptions won’t work but the noises go away

    if you are still hearing noises reply to this comment. I am glad to help.

    • Direwolf314159 says:

      Sorry there is nothing I can do about the clicking noises, this is one of the few drawbacks of having constantly moving mechanics in my smart house.
      Maybe you could turn the volume off?
      Thanks for the feedback

  32. Anonymous says:

    There’s this annoying alarm how do you turn it off?

  33. Mod girl says:


  34. Mangle says:

    It takes forever to download on iOS and mine was corrupted and I want it back really badly, Any help? Thank you 😭

  35. Antonio says:


  36. Isaac Lee says:

    This is an impressive house I gotta say 😉

  37. Ildi Demers says:

    Wow amazing! Just one thing, theirs always a noise of like dispensers going off and I don’t really like it! Please change that and by the way I would give it 9 and a half stars!

  38. nbel3434 says:


  39. Lizzy says:

    What the password for the vault and secret passage right next to it

    • Direwolf314159 says:

      First row click the far left lever
      Middle row click the far right lever
      Bottom row click the middle lever
      The “x” is the lever you should click on

  40. 😊 says:

    This house is awesome. But there’s always a clicking noise going on so please fix this this. Thanks!

  41. SlenderDonut4736 says:

    This house so cool! It was everything I want

  42. Anonymous says:

    Notch is the creator/maker of minecraft

  43. Rinpow888 says:

    It wot weak for my cosin on iOS but it work for me is because I’m on air 2 and she on air 1

  44. AngelverseGames says:

    I came here bcuz of unspeakable

  45. Levin says:

    Hey the elevator does not work it does not get me up

  46. Herp says:

    Wait how does the crafting room elevator work? Mine doesn’t work

  47. Herp says:

    Wait how does the crafting room elevator work? Mine doesn’t work

  48. Direwolf314159 says:

    Thanks for them feedback guys… I really appreciate it! When I made this house it was just after the Redstone update was released so some of the Redstone is slightly dated. The clicking noises are unfortunately always going to be there, since some of the mechanisms require constant moving parts. This map was originally on MCPE universe, however it shut down so I am glad you can still download it from here! I have taken your feedback into consideration and will try to either improve this build or make a new Redstone Smart house!

  49. Someone says:

    Very nice but how do I use the elevator?

  50. Picker says:

    Good excellent map

  51. admin says:

    Good Job !

  52. ELLIE says:

    can u please make Mcworld for this map?
    Reply in comments if you agree

  53. Ezekiel Staggs says:

    very cool but elevator don’t work!

  54. Ilaa says:

    Make more rooms But it is cool

  55. Ilaa says:

    Make more room but it is cool

  56. Fetus deyeetus says:

    There’s a clicking noise. I’ve disabled the trash can but it keeps going. Never ending. I’m going insane and I can’t change the specific individual volume. Please rectify this issue.

  57. Anonymous says:

    How do you go up the elevator? Every time I try it doesn’t work

    • Chris says:

      I am very sorry, but the elevator worked in a previous version on mcpe.
      I am working on a solution to fix it, as of now the Redstone update, that kind of elevator will not work 🙁

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