Parkour Spiral [Parkour] (1.2 Only)

Parkour Spiral is one gigantic parkour map with lots of different biomes, structures and terrains baked into a spiraling tower. It’s very challenge with lots of obstacles to keep you entertained. It also got some custom features such as water which will instantly kill you to make it a bit more difficult experience. But luckily there are lots of checkpoints all throughout the obstacle course.

Creator: Hielke, Twitter Account


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54 Responses

4.67 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. zhanzhengshiji says:


  2. DevlinPlayzYT says:

    Woah it was a pc map =/ nice …. prestonplays and shotgunraids played that map a month a ago 🙂

  3. BlazeJay says:

    Really great map!! I have played it on PC and it is still the best! Thank you Hielke for this map!

  4. mineme says:

    i convertid this map like from two weeks but i had to place the command blocks to set my spawn point so i didn’t play it i just deleted it but now i can play it with out placeng sny command block and the deadly water was cool i don’t thinck that it is in the pc version of this map and if you can convert like more maps for pc to pe that will be cool

  5. Th3Emilis says:

    Very cool but if it worked on version 1.1.5… 😐😃

  6. rahil says:

    Great map. Its finaly in mcpe. 🙂

  7. Ayush says:

    Great Map I give it 5 stars!

    P.S. Can you make more parkour maps??

  8. Abigail says:

    Anyone else’s not connecting?

  9. KraZmoonie21 says:

    I give up, I’m getting 1.2 beta.

  10. lucifer666907 says:

    I cant download this theres no media fire link and the .zip file is no help . and by the way is double clicking more easy than installing some thing like WinRAR or 7zip?

  11. Atanplayzmc says:

    Wow pretty cool

  12. Night Fury 1307 says:


  13. NeighingHorse2 says:

    Whenever I go in I just spawn at a flat world and I can’t play the map. Any answers?

  14. martinAJM03 says:

    I sent in this map converted from PC to PE with fixed command blocks about 2 weeks ago, and it wasn’t published. Whhyyy??

    • Editor says:

      This port is by Hielke himself. We can’t post ports as the ones you previously sent unless you have the original creator’s permission.

  15. xenon says:

    Awesome convert more such maps from pc and also make more maps!
    Great Work

  16. Earthray04 says:

    What are the cords for the command block?

  17. Kojson says:

    Hey, I’m polish, and I see this map in YT polish channel in Hunter Bright… 🙂

  18. Jamie2004Pierre says:

    Very good a bit hard but very clever 😝

  19. PerfectAmeeshen says:

    I can’t play they say the game is saved in a higher version and I am in the highest version of MCPE

  20. aditya trolls says:

    Wow this finally in mcpe
    I have been waiting for this in pe , Rageelixer and aa12 have done a video on it

  21. Minecraft_Is_Awesome says:

    This is an amazing map, I love how there are ‘secret’ shortcuts in the walls and ceiling, also, I think this was ported from pc?

  22. Me says:

    This didn’t work for me and I have the newest version of minecraft it has stained glass btw I’m using pocket

  23. Arcade2000 says:

    The concept of the map was particular
    I like it so much

  24. BlazeW310 says:

    This is really good. Keep it up!

  25. Awezome DJSnake says:

    Can I please have the mediafire link! Please im so dying to have this map :,(

  26. Ben says:

    It wouldn’t let me download, did anyone else have this problem?

  27. BilalRB says:

    Does it work on 1.2.1?

  28. MarBro says:

    Wow. I played this with my best friend and it take us 1 god damn hour, we cheat a lot too (at least i’m honest). Overall great map, have a lot of confusing jump, but it was worth it.

  29. Unknown says:

    Best parkour map ever! It was super creative and very clever. It was challenging but not to challenging where you throw your device, controller, or keyboard, or whatever else you used. 🙂

  30. Donut says:

    This map is so awesome, challenging, and creative!!!!😀👍

  31. FAN HIELKE says:

    Can you do the SPIRAL PARKOUR 2 on MCPE?
    When the answer is afirmative I am so excited for the SPIRAL PARKOUR 2

  32. WolfPackYT says:

    It does not work when i press the world it says a newer level has been something…
    And my mcpe is 1.2.0 pls help

  33. Stormcuttergirlc says:

    How do you find a download link if you are trying to submit a map?

  34. Kidsource says:

    Great map, lots of details. Someone put in a lot of work on this map. It is super fun with a few surprises!

  35. Clemente says:

    This map it will be good

  36. Clemente says:

    It will be good

  37. Clemente says:

    I will like to see the map

  38. Redstone[hub] says:

    Great parkour map.. nice can you make more?

  39. Musa says:

    Notch is beacause herobrine is a mob

  40. Hans richard says:

    Please Add parkour spiral 2 for minecraft pocket edition

  41. Hans richard says:

    Please add parkour spiral 2 for minecraft pe

  42. The noobest noob says:

    Best. Parkour. Map. EVER

  43. BigBoy6969 says:

    That was the best parkour map I’ve played yet!

    But maybe I bit more information 😉

  44. BigBoy6969 says:

    Best parkour map I’ve ever played!

    Maybe a bit more info tho 😉

  45. eternity303 says:

    RageElixir played this map!

  46. Jeremy abuedo says:

    I like it

  47. Coolboy6000 says:

    This is a big map

  48. AbdulAziz says:

    It works at 1.5

  49. Alesscreeper says:


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