Peppermint [Puzzle]

This is the first map in the series of Peppermint. It has a storyline that will be hard to find unless you pay close attention to every detail. The map is based on completing an Easter egg, like in CoD Zombies. It’s an extremely difficult to complete and as a result there will soon be a complete walkthrough available and it will be posted here and in the creator’s Twitter feed.

Creator: Inviziy, Twitter Account

Peppermint is a very difficult and sometimes confusing puzzle map. That’s why it’s very important you read all information that you come across in regards to the map in-game.


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13 Responses

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  1. TJ09COOL says:

    Why is it called Peppermint? Still a really good and confusing puzzle map!

    • Inviziy says:

      Hey, thanks for playing. If you want any information about the map you can contact me on Twitter @mcpe_inviziy or you can email me.

  2. Imdirtydan says:

    This is so hard but it’s like something I’ve never played before. amazing!!

  3. StrayChalice297 says:

    HI! cool map, can’t wait for the next one!

    • Inviziy says:

      Have you completed the map? Dm me on Twitter if you have an account to talk about the map @mcpe_inviziy or email me.

  4. Toasty Banana says:

    There’s any manual to complete the first level? The hints doesn’t help that much

    • Inviziy says:

      Hey, since this is a very hard map you can go into my twitter and see I’ve made a post, if it dents 10 retweet’s I’ll make a walkthrough, otherwise you can dm me for help on it.

  5. Toasty Banana says:

    There’s any manual to complete the first level? The hints doesn’t help that much. I think the map is very well made

  6. YannFrance says:

    Good !

  7. Jlan123 says:

    Map Description: I made this because the original was broken. Me: *tries to play* I think this one is broken too.

    • Inviziy says:

      Hahah, the map isn’t actually broken it’s just very hard, if my post on Twitter I specified for gets 10 retweets I’ll make a walkthrough, otherwise dm me for help on how to complete it.

  8. Slh says:

    I’m stuck on hint 3. Sticks aren’t recycable. Whaat shkuld i doooo!!!

  9. EnderCake says:

    This map is really hard even when I am in creative and triggering all the command blocks It is still hard! So can you please have a walkthrough book that would be great!

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