RSPE Shaders

RSPE Shaders is a resource pack which makes the world look more vibrant, realistic and alive. Some things which it changes are the clouds, water, lava and shadows. This is one of the best shader packs for version 0.16/0.17 for Minecraft PE. It has been specifically designed for iOS devices but it will also work on Android. All in all, it’s an amazing shaders pack!

Creator: RyFol, Twitter Account
Updated: 14 December, 2016 (new download link)

rspe-shaders-4 rspe-shaders-3 rspe-shaders-2 rspe-shaders-1


This resource pack should work for most iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t work for Windows 10.

This is an early beta! There might be bugs. You can report them to RSPE Shader on Twitter.

Follow all steps otherwise it won’t work!

  1. Download Shaders .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Go to Settings Global resources > Apply pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE (iOS? Press the “Home” button twice and then swipe the “Minecraft PE” app screen up to close it. Then start it again.)

Click here if you rather download a .ZIP file.

Any issues? Write a comment down below. Make sure to describe your problem in detail. Also, let us know what kind of device you got (operating system and device) and which version of Minecraft PE you are using.

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Installation Guides

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402 Responses

4.37 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. .-. says:

    Is this compatible with 0.15.6?

  2. Bensen247 says:

    Is There one For 15.6/15.7 ? I cant join the beta.

  3. Hero says:

    Does it work in 0.15.90,
    How can I install it?

  4. stupwe says:

    hey ryfol i remember you in our old g+ group damn your shaders is awesome

  5. Jakub Bláha says:

    Is it compatibilite with windows 10?

  6. hello says:

    Is this is compatible in android 4.4.2

    • ScarletDevil57 says:

      It depends on the model of the tablet. I use to have a Android 4.4.2 and shaders worked on there, so it really depends how much memory your device has.

  7. Bruce says:

    Does it work with toolbox

  8. BlueRusticManGW says:

    Does it work on MCPE 0.15.7?
    When I try it, it doesn’t work please fix…. Or just tell me how to install it correctly Please Reply…

  9. OpticalJezley says:

    Does this work for 15.7 Windows 10 Edition? I extracted the zip file to a new folder, renamed to “RSPE” and drag that file to resource_packs but when I played in a world of mine nothing changed. Do I have to turn off fancy graphics?

  10. Awesome says:

    How come when I import the texture into my resouce packs folder the icon is right but it doesn’t have any text and when I apply nothing changed (I’m using iOS)

  11. Cosmicev says:

    Hello editor. Can you please explain how to dowbload it? Thank you very much

  12. A Person says:

    Can you tell the creator to possibly add Dramatic Lighting to the texture pack (where light sources emit light when in hand) . It would be awesome and I’m pretty sure people would love it. Thanks!!

  13. cybertron713 says:

    Running on MCPE beta with an Adreno 330 processor.

    Bugs, my dude. All over. No mods installed, apparently Toolbox and Blocklauncher are not currently compatible with the beta. Fancy graphics and sky and the like are all turned off, mainly to save battery. I don’t know if this was from leaving the app temporarily in the background or just using it a lot, but after a while of playing, I noticed a lot of color was washed out, water was flickering between a natural blue and a light blue, when a block was destroyed, the resulting particles, no matter the brightness in the room, would have a weird blue hue over them, instead of them appearing as their normal color, and I thing the dropped block was the same way, but I’m not sure.

    I’m not rating, because, due to bugs, I don’t think I got the intended experience, will rate when I do.

  14. Justin says:

    Having trouble with the zip for 15.7. Once downloaded, extracting makes everything in the zip file disappear except the “must read” file. Which I cannot open. Also, since it was said in a earlier reply that you do not need blocklauncher. (Which is currently not working anyways) Is there a step by step on how to install this manually. The instructions that are linked to this article only include using blocklauncher. Thank you.

  15. 1_Admin27 says:

    Is this MCPE Support or BlockLauncher?

  16. Mohammed Rowdi says:

    Hello 🙂 would this work on 0.15.8? ?

  17. Cdawg757 says:

    dose it work with ios 0.15.9

  18. Kenneth says:

    does this only work on 15.9 beta???

  19. IOS USER says:

    Dear editor,
    I have downloaded the RSPE shaders version 0.15.7. Currently I am on the version of 0.15.9 (capes update) and the shader texture pack does not work. When I click on the texture pack and enter a world nothing changes. Also it is blank, there is no icon when I click on texture packs. It sometimes turns black. I am using an iPhone 5s, I would like to know why it isn’t working. (I am using only mcpe, no blocklauncher, etc.). Thanks!

  20. IOS USER says:

    Dear editor,
    I have downloaded both versions and neither of them work. I am using iOS, therefore I do not have 0.16.0/0.15.9 beta. I have the 0.15.9 official update – the one that happened at Minecon for capes. I am very confused on how to get them. I extracted both files and then synced my device (from computer). Is there anything wrong I am doing? If so I would like to be informed. I really want to use this texture pack, I do not understand why I cannot. (Just a reminder: I am connecting my device to my computer, and I import the texture pack through iTunes. Thank you if you can assist my issue!

  21. IOS USER says:

    Dear editor,
    I know you have gone through quite a hassle trying to get the correct version but I am sorry to inform that it still does not bring any changes in the game. Although the texture pack works, there is no difference in the actual game. I am really sorry if this is bothering you. I hope you can resolve this.

  22. IOS USER says:

    The link works as a texture pack but makes no changes in gameplay/view of world. Also there is no icon for the texture pack – just words. Sorry for the double post haha ?

  23. EnchantedBlade says:

    I have mcpe 0.15.9 (NON BETA), and i downloaded the 0.15.9 (NON BETA) shader, but it still doesnt work, nothing changed!? Please reply…

  24. Pem98 says:

    Dear editor
    I know you might be expecting me to say this shader does not work for the 0.15.9 ver (non beta) yes this thing does not work for 0.15.0 because the texture pack isn’t in the correct format, the correct format is Images and the Resources.json and finally the pack_icon.png and the images is a folder containing other that I don’t really remember and since you can’t do Shader folder in 0.15.0 so you can’t really have this working on 0.15.0 or you can get it working with copying the shader (.vertex , .fragment,etc) on to the game files which for iOS requires you to access the .app folder that need jailbreak the point is you can’t really get it working on 0.15.0 without jailbreak on iOS

  25. ainfoj99 says:

    Can you download shaders on iOS? If so, how, is it like texture packs?

  26. Nicholas says:

    How do I join the beta?

  27. IOS USER says:

    Dear Editor,
    I am truly disappointed that none of the links sent to me worked. I heard RSPE shaders has come to an end… quite a shame. Anyways, thank you for your help. Do you know any other resource packs that will work on iOS as a shader? I am striving for the beautiful lighting and game improvements.

    • Editor says:

      You won’t probably see any game improvements in terms of performance by using shaders. Most of the time it’s the opposite as they require more resources to load.

      But you are right, they do look quite amazing and makes everything look so much more realistic and awesome.

      For now there are none that I know of but that is likely going to change as soon as 0.16.0 has been officially released on iOS devices. Just have some patience! 🙂

  28. TheUndeadGamer says:

    When are you gonna add 0.15.90 Build 5 support?

  29. Speakable1 says:

    Does it work on build 5?

  30. IAmOliver says:

    Doesn’t appear to be working on Windows 10 Edition V 0.16 :/ I have downloaded the 0.16 Version and correctly moved it to the resource packs folder. I open Minecraft go to Global Resources and there is no RSPE Shaders there? Help wpuld be appreciated 🙂

  31. Blue_Ninja says:

    This doesn’t appear to be working for 0.15.10. Does the non-beta download only work for Android? I took a look at the files and it looks like things that would be in an Android texture pack. An iOS compatible texture pack has an images folder, pack icon, and resources and sometimes a models folder, items.json file, or blocks.json file.

  32. Sasha says:

    Works for IOS with mc 0.15.10?
    Everything works except for pack_icon which is in the wrong format. Also when I use the texture pack it does nothing.

  33. BabilBerkayAyd23 says:

    I want.

  34. Torexx says:

    Does it work for 0.16.0 now? Pls reply xD

  35. Jayden says:

    Guys, I copied it and pasted it in the resource packs folder, but it doesnt show up in the game when i open resource packs. Please help

  36. Adamkiller says:

    Dude update it into .MCPack for iOS and android

  37. Secret Gamer SP says:

    Can you please add a “.MCWorld” file? It has only a “.zip” file.

  38. Pi Guy says:

    I copied it into my resource_packs folder on iOS in 0.16.0 and it did nothing. I then noticed that the add on and other resource pack I had was a .zip, so I added the original .zip download and also tried changing the .zip to .mcpack. Nothing. So either only .mcpack files work and simply re to .mcpack bearks it, in which case can I have info on how to do that, or it won’t work with 0.16 OR it won’t work on iOS yet or ever. Help please!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Does this work on IOS???

  40. SharKing says:

    Please add to MCpack :,v

  41. AddonsGirl says:

    Add it for addons (.mcworld) PLEASE!! the other shaders doesn’t work :/

  42. Kitty says:

    So this works for iPhone 5s??

  43. Ed says:

    Can you make a media fire version?

  44. Minecraft Master says:

    Does this shader pack in 0.17.0 (1.0) build 2 bc I have that version and I really love shader packs bc it just makes the game look allot more better and plz let me know soon bc I really need to know

  45. PezeCrown says:

    Is It Comparable With The Beta Version Of
    ( Beta Build 2)

  46. fireballcatgirlz says:

    Can u make it a .McPack so I can download it

  47. JumpSlime says:

    I`m installing it…….hope it works 🙂

  48. :P says:

    The shader will not Change anything on iOS 10 IPad Air

    • Editor says:

      You need to restart Minecraft PE after you’ve imported it. Please read all steps in the install guide!

      • Miles Bland says:

        Holy crap! I’ve been looking for any shader that would work for my iOS device(iPhone SE) and finally this one works! Thank you so much👍 I feel like I’m finally playing 0.16.0.

      • Aidan says:

        RSPE shaders in ios it works!!!!..btw energy,evo and other dont work…
        nice work dude!!

  49. MrRandomGUY says:

    I love this but I have one problem the regular torches are too bright, when I’m near them it hurts my eyes.

  50. Billy Bob says:

    Will this crash my game like some texture packs do?

  51. Jim Bob Jones says:

    You might want to add that you have to turn fancy graphics on for this to work – it changes nothing otherwise

    Using an iPhone 5s

  52. Austin_gamers says:

    Man this shader is so awesome

  53. Lamo says:

    When it’s raining it’s very dark even in max brightness. I placed sealanterns but still dark. Bug?

  54. Henry says:

    Will it cause any lag or crash my worlds? Because the last time I installed a texture pack it crashed on me and I couldn’t get back into the app, so I had to delete the app and lost all of my worlds.

  55. esisawesome says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    I can’t use this becuse on iOS if you put it on golable resource pack and restart mc it well crash my game I won’t be able to play mc

  57. Connor jorge says:

    It isn’t working on my iPhone 6s ios 10.2

  58. Connor jorge says:

    I did all steps. I haven’t had a sharers pack that was worked yet

  59. Connor jorge says:

    Nvm it is working thank you 😊😊😊

  60. Andy says:

    So I have an iOS device and I tried this. I had wanted a shaders pack for so long now and this one looked like a nice one. SO, I try it and all it does is give me a gray sky 😐. Try and fix it if you can please.

  61. JadeWolf says:

    Editor can you make a boobs Addon I want to be a real female in mcpe but I am but we need it all us female need it

  62. Rustelk2930 says:

    Awesome shaders pack! I love it! Even though it was my first, it is amazing! Could you add lighting when you hold torches?

  63. Rustelk2930 says:

    Amazing shaders pack! I love it! Even though it was my first, it is amazing! Could you add lighting when you hold torches?

  64. Dakota says:

    Dude you are amazing and I like the shaders

  65. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    I got the texture pack with the update for iOS. It says it should work for IOS but it dosent please fix this problem

  66. ItsAceveX says:

    I followed the steps for the Shaders and it’s not working at all (I’m on iOS)0.16.2

  67. Reboot581 says:

    Does this work for 0.16.2/0.16.1 if so every time I go to settings is it in a world or game 1 more thing what do you mean by restart it exiting the app or slide it up for iOS-thank you

  68. No says:

    The shader will still not work on iOS even if the game is restarted

  69. Dr red says:

    Thank you thank you and thank you I have been waiting for this for ages and it’s fantastic but it does make it a little bit laggy but I will change some settings 😀😀😀👍🏻

  70. iJoshMint says:

    Thanks! This is the greatest shaders I’ve had! 👍🏻

  71. Mob spawner says:

    Does this work with 0.17.0 build 2?

  72. Batman says:

    The shading kind of throws me off. Sorry 😐 But I love the water texture, it’s amazing 😉

  73. amirhh says:

    wowwwww it work for ios i need ambuolance !!!!!

  74. S4/\/\ says:

    Epic! Also works with Pamplemousse texture Pack!

  75. LolGamer says:

    Can you make that the trees wiggle?

  76. Luuk says:

    Does it work with other texture packs?

  77. Gojira69 says:

    editor link for the map shown in images youve shown
    also if you post the link add 🙂

  78. Dr red says:

    Plz add grass and tree movement and it’s not a huge deal but could you add shaders to the animals as well but otherwise this is the best shaders I have ever used great job 👍🏻
    And I fixed the lag so it’s all good

  79. Anonymous says:

    The shaders don’t work with my device ;-; Pls tell me what to do to make it work ;-;

    Device specs:
    Android 4.2.2, ≈1GB RAM, 4 Cores, OpenGL ES 2.0

  80. Kalhia says:

    Why its not working when im done downloading it and when its done loading the world and its not a shader its like the normal minecraft pe pack

  81. Beacarl223pogi says:

    This is amazing its wonderfull XD

  82. ErnestGamingEC says:

    I want to let you know that at night it is really really spooky

  83. Dragy1011 says:

    love this shaders a little laggy though but so beautiful and vibrant
    you deserve these emojis😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  84. Kkkkk I'm here says:

    Amazing makes MINECRAFT PE look so much better 😀

  85. Minecraft Saga says:

    How this work in mcpe v,0.16.2

  86. NFCorp2016 says:

    Wow, this Shaders Pack in incredible. I Absolutely love what happens when you go underwater. I would recommend this to anyone, and it doesn’t crash my device.

    Note for the editor,
    Hello, I sent you a Updated Version of doctor Husk and I was wondering if you got it. Please Reply.

  87. MAZON says:

    Awesome shader dude 5/5 stars

  88. Vernzl says:

    The night is very blue can you please fix it

  89. GagePlayz says:

    Can u make it so u can see your shadow in next update? But enyways this is sooooo Awsome 🍌🍌🍌

  90. GagePlayz says:

    Also happy thanksgiving

  91. EnderCraft says:

    Its work but thats is still very many bugs on this shader bugs is so annoying,please Improving again.
    My MCPE is v0.17.0.2
    My Device is Asus T00G Zenfone 6 x86


  92. Sean says:

    Editor plz contact the creator cuz when I turn off the shaders the clouds texture gets really messed up plz I want to fix it also can you make the night a little bit more darker feels like it’s too vibrant

  93. Elizabeth says:

    Soooo cool love it

  94. Keaton says:

    When I load it it looks like the same old Minecraft and I a activate the pack and it still did not work

  95. Jesus says:

    I clicked on download but it always takes me to a bunch of letters is it downloading when it does that or what does it have to be connected to the computer? Please help me.thanks

    • Editor says:

      If you click the .McPack link then it should bring you to a page which should give you an option to open it with Minecraft if you are on iOS.

  96. Crash XVI says:

    Ok. THIS IS AMAZING!! It’s not the best but I love it! Thank you!

  97. Mr.Awesome says:


  98. Reboot581 says:

    Can you explain in better detail pls like is the settings in a world or game and what do you mean by reset for IOS Minecraft 0.16.0

  99. iOS User says:

    If i have Downloaden this shader and opened MINECRAFT PE pack the shader to global Ressource and Ehen i restart MINECRAFT PE and than MINECRAFT PE it not opened!

  100. Civilised Creeper says:

    Please add animated plants

  101. Civilised Creeper says:

    Add animated plants
    Otherwise an awesome shader😀😀😀

  102. TheBoomboy says:

    Works perfectly thanks for putting this up

  103. Anon says:

    Oh wow, this looks extremely amazing. I’m so glad you updated this.

  104. QuadRat1900 says:

    I mean will you update the SHADER pack to have shadows for players?

  105. The Minecraft Critic says:

    Really fancy! Best shader I’ve ever come across. Although there are a few issues with dark areas, turning it to foggy conditions. Also, the shaders don’t really apply to signs either. But that doesn’t stop it from looking beautiful! 4/5 stars from The Minecraft Critic!

  106. Nothing says:

    It work finally X)

  107. PHO says:

    oh what the ****
    it perfectly worked on my ipad pro
    i have no words to describe my appreciation
    you greatest hero

  108. ._. says:

    Ok so I downloaded it and it’s great… until I look up at the sky and there’s a big grey thing above. On other worlds it’s not there. I’m on iOS and I have MCPE 0.16.2

  109. CERDOsup says:

    You can make the same effect underwater to the leaves of trees

  110. Austin_gamers says:

    Editor can you make the shadow of the player and the grass moving

  111. Cosmin 36 says:

    The creator from shaders need to work with the end dimension because the end looks normaly

  112. Thebigdonut says:

    For some reason the shaders don’t work for me. Installed into minecraft Pe on my iPad mini 3 properly and I went on a world and I didn’t work!!!! Please help!

  113. Plan panda says:

    Can you plz Mack the tall grass and Leaves move and the players have there Own shadow then It is the beast

  114. S4/\/\ says:

    I don’t know why but only the sun has changed. Nothing new with water but still #epic

  115. MoyGplayz says:

    The only two problems I have with this shaders, are that, 1: when it rains the ground turns completely blue if there is no light source and 2: when it’s nighttime it gets to blue

  116. Seasickdrip22 says:

    holy crap it works
    it makes my sister location map look soooooooo cooooooooool

  117. xIRISx says:

    Hello, I have downloaded this shader pack into my Minecraft world, and was so excited that it had actually accepted the pack. But when I created a world and added the shaders, I went in. Nothing had changed. There was no sign of a difference. Everything was the same as default Minecraft. I’m very curious how this happened, or if this even works at all. I’m really confused. Thank you, ~IRIS~

    • Editor says:

      You need to read the install guide in the post. If it still doesn’t work after following those simple steps then let us know.

  118. Sir Awesome Bananas says:

    When I use this in Global Resources my Minecraft Crashes and when I try to open it up again it freezes at the loading screen and then crashes. After that I need to re-install my Minecraft. I am using a iPhone 6 with the latest IOS update

  119. MAZON says:

    Do plants wave?

  120. Itachi says:

    Does this work with 0.16.0+ becuase It doesn’t work for me

  121. Banggai King says:

    Can u make look like shader realistic? I dont like this texture its so boring! If u make the leaves grass and water look like realistic i will like that but its so boring so i really want u make it! Pls reply say yes if u want make realistic but say no if u dont want make! In waiting ur answer!

  122. Lucas Woods says:

    I have downloaded this shaders,it works! But since the update, do I have to download it again? I’m on iOS.

  123. Austin_gamers says:

    Editor can you make even realistic like ovo shader or ggg shader

  124. Ev0_PhAnT0m says:

    Hey editor,
    When i installed this texture pack (by .mcpack) I applied it to global resources and swiped up Minecraft PE. When i tried to open it again, It was stuck in the Mojang logo and then crashed. Can you help? i am using Ipad Mini 3.

  125. Theshad98 says:

    Anytime I apply a shaders pack to global resources, my game crashes and won’t open until I go into the files and delete the resource pack… will I have a problem with this one?🤔? I’m on IOS…

  126. Michael says:

    It doesnt work for me. Im on ios iphone 5s. All i get is a grey sky and new sun and moon. Ive followed all the stepsproperly.i got it to work once which was awsome but i couldnt get it to work ever again. Plz explain how to get it working again because it was beautiful.

  127. double peunut says:

    Is compatible on 0.17.0

  128. InfinityFlamez says:

    Will there be wavy plants?

  129. Jewel Paws says:

    This doesn’t work. All it does is make my sky look weird

  130. Sailedhacker says:

    Good shader update next add animated leaves add grass animated

  131. fleendad7 says:

    Hey this worked all i did was the steps but i had fancy grahpics off while that was off it didnt work until i turned that on kaboom it worked thx

  132. Nazha says:

    Plsss make grass and leaves moving plsss

  133. moon says:

    i’m very grateful for your texture pack development. i recommend you to make rain effect in RSPE SHADER texture pack. what i want to tell you is when rain in minecraft, on land flowing water slight. thank you for listening my idea and please respond me for this idea. Have a nice day:)

  134. apoint says:

    i ask you to make rain effect. if raining in minecraft, water effect to on land. flowing water when rain

  135. Nicolas says:

    How to remove??? Its crashing my game

  136. Nicolas says:

    It’s Pretty

  137. AwesomeWizard96 says:

    What do u mean by restart minecraft

  138. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    This shader makes mcpe look beautiful (Reply if you agree)

  139. RazeHal says:

    I have a question

    If you have a huge world, Would it lag?
    I have 3 worlds and 2 of them work perfectly. Tye other one is my huge main world and It’s so laggy. How I can I fix this?

  140. IOS USER says:

    What’s with the clouds? It’s all buggy/gray… any reason behind it? Can I fix it?

  141. righN says:

    I tried it on my iPhone 5s and I didin’t like it. That roundish black fade (or how do you call it) makes the game uncomfortable to play, maybe make it smaller or deleted it… Water and sky textures just look horrible.

  142. Bacon_Mc says:

    I don’t care if it’s laggy but it soo beautiful I rate it 100/100 best iOS shaders

  143. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    I love this resource pack, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get myself to take it off XD. Does it change anything on the home screen though? My tablet doesn’t work well with resource packs that change the home screen.

  144. 💕HeyNow💕 says:

    Hello Editor!
    As soon as I apply the texture pack, it’s still in a default texture. I have tried this several times in my worlds but it just doesn’t work. If you could help me that would be great!

    • RealBlueNinja says:

      The textures should have stayed the same unless you applied another resource pack that changes textures such as R3D or Faithful

  145. BroBlitz says:

    Uhhh, is it suppose to be called “RSPEShader(2).mcpack?”

  146. Evan Hawkins says:

    Please fix frame rate drops and shadows and have leaves flow and torches glow in your hand. Other than that it is a great shader 👌

  147. Ani says:

    It’s good but it just lags and it crashes my game so can u pls fix that…and also can u make an update of like the leaves and grass moving like more realistic?u don’t have to but pls just fix the crashing and lagging mod

  148. Anonymous says:

    Wtf this doesn’t work at all for me I join and there is just one big cloud, the trees don’t even like cast a shadow or anything

    • Andy says:

      Well this used to happen to me. Reinstall it the launch mcpe. Go to settings>global resources>then activate shaders. If you are on ios like me, double click home button then swipe the minecraft game up so that it restarts. Open it, go into a world WITHOUT PLACING RSPE INTO RESOURCE PACKS!!!! There ya go. Questions? Ask me.

  149. Caleb says:

    I love this texture pack a lot, it really works with ios, I have one suggestion tho, can you make the shadows move with the sun. That world be soo cool, thanks for reading, I love this shadier.

  150. Evan Hawkins says:

    At night it looks like an x ray and blue trees. I’m on iOS version 0.16.5

  151. Andy says:

    I have a cool sunset picture using rspe shaders! Can i show you?

  152. Ethan22yy says:

    I love this shader pack.Can you make even more shaders for iOS
    Thank you so much.

  153. Notch says:

    Hi, I love the texture pack but it makes my game really Laggy..and glitchy. Anything i can do?
    I have an iPad 2 air with IOS 9.3.0.

  154. Trevelyan says:

    There is no option of global resources after playing on a world,when im on a world the global resources option is there but i cant put the shader pack in ” active packs”

  155. WithyBarbecue89 says:

    SUES Shaders is better than RSPE Shaders because it works for iOS and has Animations of leaves, more realistic shadows, etc. The lighting is much more improved too.The entity such as mobs,players, primed Tnt are not effected with the RSPE Shaders. It has no lags at all! And SUES Shaders has a player shadow 😉

  156. PoisonousParasite says:

    Is there any way I can uninstall this my minecraft keeps freezing and I can’t access it 🙁 can you help me?

  157. Ios User says:

    Hello im just looking forward to the future things that might be added to your shaders i was hoping if you could do what the creator of seus shaders did like the waters waving ,leaves waving ,and the grass too ,But i hope that low end ios users can use it too but with out lag or crashes or you could just get sepparate links to low shaders or high,Thanks if you implemented it to this one and thanks if you saw it.

  158. Sean iOS says:

    Can you pls add the download link back i don’t want the SEUS shaders its way to laggy thank you

  159. Editorr says:

    Noooo temporal disabled T_T

  160. MinecraftLover says:

    Why did u have to get rid of the download link??

  161. Jane says:

    Um there othe shaders that say download and you have to download a app and it hard and stuff why can you just like the little letter and then just click open in McPe like this one why not others the way is so much easyer

  162. Nguyen Phuong says:

    Why I can’t download it

  163. NFCorp2016 says:

    Lag, Lag, Lag on my iPad Air 2

  164. AntiBoredomClass says:

    Editor please dont make the grass and leaves shaje it will make your world lag so mich like seuscraft shaders

  165. Anonymous says:

    Try searching rspe shaders mcpe download it is located in the mcpe

  166. FuckingCool says:

    Already past a week since the download was removed… Waiting for the download…
    P.S. I don’t download the SEUS Shaders because it’s too laggy, even the slow pack!

  167. AntiBoredomClass says:

    When will the link be back?

  168. FrozzModzV1 says:

    is it laggy?

  169. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    It says that a new link will be coming in a week and it was made 2 weeks ago and still I can’t download it so if your the person who made this texture pack and looking at this comment pls update this so I can download it. At you may be thinking that I post a comment not so long ago the I liked it. The reason why I don’t have it, it’s because I deleted my Minecraft, and it also deleted my data so that’s why (XD SO MUCH TO READ and you may not understand what I’m saying)

  170. Pato_Boss says:

    I want the link back I like this shaders and when I install seus shaders I can use it but is sooooo laggy put the link back on please 😀😀

  171. Sean iOS says:

    Guys if you can’t wait for this try searching rspe shader mcpe download this the only method that you can download this shaders

  172. Skyler says:

    It’s been a week

  173. MadkePix says:

    Please put a link! I’d love to use and this. I’ve been waiting for the link and it’s still ain’t there


  174. RizaCraftings says:

    Please put link again, yesterday you say tommorow and it was made tommorow, when you will add the link again?

  175. Hello says:

    You said today or tomorrow, its not out yet? ••••••••••

  176. Anonymous says:

    When will we be able to download again?

  177. _TheGlitch_ says:

    YES ITS BACK!!!!!

  178. Hudson Deck says:

    When it rains everything is purple!!!

  179. Christmas is tommarow says:

    What is new?

  180. NFCorp2016 says:

    Above the first image there is something is Spanish. Please fix it!

  181. IvanMaulana06 says:

    Can you add SEUS waters, it will be cool

  182. Yasin Arafat says:

    It doesn’t work when i apply the texture pack and restart minecraft,it crashes everytime so what do i do?

  183. purlisher says:

    I downloaded this resource pack before. What are the differences

    • Sean iOS says:

      1. Shadows on mobs and realistic look
      2. Much more brighter i do recommend lowering the brightness down
      3. Green in nether
      4. Purple in rain

  184. Sean iOS says:

    Guys here is some updates first one is its much more realistic and shadows to mobs second when it rains everything is purple that it thank you for releasing this

  185. IPlayingGames says:

    Can you make the shader dark but your shader is Cool

  186. Sad_Human says:

    Please Fix Bug In The Beta ( Player Render HUD is black )

  187. Seasickdrip22 says:


  188. DrewCraftedgon says:

    Does it support

  189. AntiBoredomClass says:

    Thanks so much for returning this shader its the best shader i ever got not including seuscraft because its sooooooo laggy THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  190. Zathuraboy says:

    WHY DOSENT ANY OF THE SHADERS WORK WITH WIN10? (im talking about Shaders Not Textures)

  191. batboy128 says:

    U should make the tress move and the grass it will be cool:)

  192. Cadthegreat says:

    What map were you in when you got the big ferries wheel?

  193. Aseel says:

    The shaders is very powerful
    Can you make it less powerful cuz this is too much to handle In mcpe.

  194. ItzMehLance says:


  195. Lack21 says:

    Dude dose it even work with windows 10 anyways I use iOS…

  196. The Record Begin says:

    Hello Dude, Can you please tell the Mod Maker to Update it again for ?! I know its compatible to to this version but many things are loss if used in this new version maybe He can fix that and make it just like when used in Older version. Overall I Love This Shaders! Best Ever for MCPE !

  197. Vedant says:

    Your shaders is awesome. Thnx for making this

  198. Fares Hamadneh says:

    None of the shaders I installed work! In this one, the sun and the clouds are the only things that changed. I’m using an iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3; I’m 0.16.2. Texture packs work smoothly, but only shaders won’t work; I’ve done everything correct.

  199. Mia says:

    Umm does it work for mcpe 16.0+ ?

  200. Marc says:

    Hi I am a 0.16 player what can I do to prevent the lag

    • Minecraft_player says:

      Try turning your chunks down to 6 chunks in advanced video settings. You will lose long distance vision, but that will reduce lag and/or crashing

  201. Zak5043 says:

    Why is the water pink?

  202. AIDoLS says:

    I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 in, version 1.0/0.17.0. Ender Update. The Shaders look AWESOME! I just found one annoying, but not game breaking glitch. The water. Doesn’t change wether or not I have fancy graphics on. The water is sometimes this disgusting grey color, or pink…or blue, with weird wavy bubbling textures. When I go underwater, everything is pink. Same day or night, doesn’t change. Please fix this. It also has alot of warnings…No performance issue, though that’s because I have an iPad Pro…

  203. Buzz says:

    For some reason at night time it is extremely dark in my city and all the lighting is white instead of yellow and it is not vibrant at all. The lighting is sometimes warm but most of the time it is white. Please suggest what I should do. 😥

  204. NFCorp2016 says:

    Editor please fix this, it says 0.17 instead of 1.0.

    0.16/0.17 – Plz FIX

  205. Anonymous says:

    The world turns purple wen it rains an it looks really weird could you fixe the problem please

  206. MrTrollzor says:

    Editor! I downloaded this shader, but my game crashed and even if i applied the texture pack to the game it still isn’t there. Help…?!

  207. GT.M38 says:

    I have a couple bugs: Under water the world looks purple and pink. At night wood turns green and blue… sand turns a fluorescent pink and during sunset the water turns pink!

    Is there a way to fix this? Or do I just have to re-install the pack?

  208. MrTrollzor says:

    Thanks, editor. But for SOME reason, when i suddenly exit the game and come back in the rspe shader is activated! It will deactivate only if i throw out the application. I don’t know whether this is a problem or not. But still, thanks for the link 🙂

  209. NinjaBG says:

    The only problem is that the Nether is green and when raining or night time everything becomes purple/pink

  210. purlisher says:

    2.0 is cool I like how the water and the sun and the moon looks. I am becoming used to the shader’s lightning sensitivity. But it does not render me in the classic UI survival inventory. Also when you are near water in third person and you look around the water moves super fast. The grass and leaves don’t wave (I read the .fragment and .vertex but I didn’t understand thx for the commemts though) the world is too bright and the entity lightning relys on the sun even if there is a light source close to you. I think I’m sticking to 1.0

  211. Hype says:

    The player HUD in the inventory is black but dosent affect my skin apperance .Fog problems in caves, nether and end…..theres a bug in the end portal…..but pretty much its ok but you should and wavy leaves , grass and flowers….put player shadow….and the shadow on the blocks should move its angle because of the moving sun…..but still this is the best shader

  212. Immad says:

    All I want is decent working shaders for my mcpe on my iPad mini 2, is that to much to ask for?!
    I didn’t think so. Knowing the technology we have nowadays Someone must be able to >:(

  213. MichaelJ5921458 says:

    Please reply this ASAP!!!

    When I downloaded it on my iPad 10, it says “Line 7 Column 5 Missing ‘}’ or object member name”

    Please fix that if that is a important bug, or maybe it’s just a missing ‘}’


    • NFCorp2016 says:

      That would be a harmless bug in the code, to fix re-download this pack and don’t edit it.

      PS. There is no iPad 10? Do you mean iPad Pro?

  214. Pls says:

    Does this work on 1.0.0 pls reply

  215. NFCorp2016 says:

    Please fix this, at the top of the screen it says “This is one of the best shader packs for version 0.16/0.17” and it should say “This is one of the best shader packs for version 0.16/1.0”

  216. PeachUnicorn161 says:

    It’s too yellow!!!plz fix!

  217. RetardsOfLife. says:

    Uhm someone said I don’t need a PC.
    But this does…
    I wasted my time in this shtty website.

  218. Emily says:

    Only the sun and the cloud in activated nothing else…can you fix this please

  219. Pixel says:

    Got into it but the only thing I saw different was the sun and the sky was gray lol might be just a bug keep up the good work 🙂

  220. Pixel says:

    Nvm OMG my mouth literally dropped when the shaders loaded in nice job!!

  221. Becca says:

    It was working for me last night, but then this afternoon it didn’t work!
    I reloaded it and everything!! Please help

  222. Juan says:

    When it rains and when your underwater it’s very purple

  223. Flow_Pow says:

    Do these shaders work on low end devices?

  224. SilenazGaming says:

    1 word. Laggy.

  225. Florent says:

    Can you make it for windows 10
    For this you need create a folder : dx11 on the shader folder and write all file.fragment on file.hlsl

  226. 3vro5 says:

    What’s the map?

  227. FiniteQuasar says:

    I’ve recently had some issues regarding the color of water, cave fog, rain fog, and the Nether. All save for the Nether appear to be purple, and the water stays bright white during nighttime. The Nether appears to have green fog instead of red, and fog in the caves and during rain storms are bright purple, just like underwater.

    I can’t say whether or not it’s a problem with my device or the version of the game. I’d be very grateful for some insight should you be willing.

  228. JackAfrica says:

    My issue is night time once it turns to night nearly all the blocks turns purple

  229. Diego says:

    Can u add an ANIMATED shadow to the players? Pls

  230. Flo says:

    Does it work on 1.0.1? Cuz if was working yesterday and now it’s not working 🙁 (I was on 1.0.1 yesterday as well)

  231. Anonymous says:

    I have some problems. Basically nothing works except the sky part of it. No water, shadows, or special lighting. I have an iPad with around 200 gigs remaining. Anything?

  232. Oscar says:

    Why doesn’t it work when I add it to my worlds I’ve got iOS but it doesn’t work it just shows the normal texture for mcpe

  233. White_Plague says:

    Omfg, at first I thought it didn’t work cause I had a bunch of missing textures, but then the textures all loaded in chunk by chunk around me and I was astonished

  234. ??? says:

    Hi I think that it would be really nice if at night the water isn’t pink (nothing against female but it’s just not real)

  235. Boo says:

    Can you fix so no lag?

  236. Zathuraboy says:

    How to use this on WINDOWS 10 Edition

  237. OliFlamez says:

    The BEST shaders so far on MCPEDL!!! Amazing!

  238. MemorableChicken says:

    When I try to turn on beautiful skies, the skies are normal except for a big blue box covering a lot of the sky where the clouds should be. I don’t know how to add a picture (if I can) so sorry. Using iOS 10.2 MCPE 1.0.2

  239. Justin says:

    The water and sand is color pink

  240. Human says:

    Can I Have The Version That Came Out Before The Beta (Version 1.1)

  241. Kelly says:

    Why does this texture pack say there are warnings in-game why does it do DAT and my version is 1.0.3

  242. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    XD these shaders are more laggy than the SSPE (Simple shaders pocket edition) even though the RSPE (Realistic shaders pocket edition) is more horrible

    What the heck

  243. Vexikuri says:

    Why with this shader, when I go deep underground I get this annoying tunnel vision, circle on my screen?

  244. Vexikuri says:

    Also odd, I can get the shader to work, but it’s hit or miss. One time it will work, another will stop. I can’t get it to run everytime.

  245. Anonymous says:

    The shaders are awesome sir.
    but there are some improvements

    Wavy plants.
    Sharper shadows.
    Torches should brighten the shadow.
    And tools shouldn’t glisten(shine/darken).
    And do not add any shadows on players.
    And your character goes black
    Thanks for reading.

  246. James on minecraft says:

    It’s good but when night or water become purple

  247. LeiGamez says:

    Creator why is it that when it turns night the water become color purple,why?

  248. Vince Ivo P. Notarte says:

    This shaders is nice but you need to fix it my minecraft just crashed and i cant play my minecraft anymore pls fix this crash

  249. TheNetherGuy 129 says:

    Guys try the SEUS Shaders search it in this website its cool😀

  250. HelloThere says:

    Hi, this looks AMAZING but I can’t seem to figure out how it works. Is it comparable with 1.0.7? And kindle fire HD? I would really love to see this can someone help?

  251. -{MEGAFOX}- says:

    Yea its an awsome shader out of all the ones ive seen (2) its not that glitchy but ya it should make leaves shake and flowers!

  252. Akioplazmcpe says:

    Hi I’m an ios user I’m using iPhone 5s and iOS 10.3.1 the shader is laggy but I chose the low class shader but how do I remove the lag when I am playing mcpe with the shader it lags so much that I can’t fly in Creative mode so pls read this message it is very important , Thank You

  253. ClockyBlocky says:

    Its awesome but The water is different and i cant see myself when i go to my inventory and my device is ipad air 2.

  254. Emperor69 says:

    There are a few issues with water. When you below the surface,it turns purple

  255. ColtonTEM says:

    Love it

  256. Stella says:

    This was a little problem well it worked but a little bit of it is purple

  257. Sab red says:

    Hi! I really want to download this shaders but when I open mc, it goes to importing world so fast and then crashes. Do you know how to fix this? Ty! (Btw there’s no notification that says its downloading and I even checked the global resources if it’s there but it isn’t) please reply ASAP!

  258. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m having a problem. At night, when I look in a certain direction, my vision turns red. This is really disturbing. Also there is a glitch with chunk loading I think. Cuz I loaded In a new chunk and everything was a shade of green/blue. Those are the only glitches I’ve found.

  259. Andrew says:

    I have it it’s all good but when I go in my world when it loads with dirt back round it is stuck on syncing pack with server!!!!!!!!! So I rate this 👎☝😬

  260. Bumblebee🐝 says:

    Editor help me the animations don’t move!

  261. Anonymous says:

    This is the best must download, it also runs with all the other packs I am running.

  262. Cool says:

    It’s pretty good

  263. Jaiman2 says:

    Is there a way to turn it off?

  264. DMB3609 says:

    I have mcpe update 1.2.5 and the shader runs beautifly, no hardware issues at all with my s8 active, but some natural/artificial object’s lighting is some kind of hot pink, which is more noticeable with the torch, which gets kinda anoying, so it needs to be a bit more like a hot orange with a slight tint of yellow and lighter in color, the vibrant colors are nice but it’s kinda bright, my brightness was down to 50, and my screen brightness was 1/4 of it’s capacity, so the vibrant colors needs to be toned down a bit or decreased in intensity, the shading on the edges of the screen are really noticable, so it needs to be removed, or just a tad bit more transparent, but ereything else is pretty much perfect, keep up the great work 👍

  265. PORG LOVER says:

    Make it work! It is too glitchy! I have a IPhone 5C. PLEASE MAKE IT WORK! now.

  266. Xyan says:

    This is waving or not

  267. Hteam3 says:

    I’ve gotta say… This is the SINGLE HANDEDLY best shader I’ve EVER played with! It’s just… Beautiful! That, and it works. I mean, damn, I been lookin for one that works. This just turns out to be extraordinary. Not only that, but it works wonderfully with the map I’m creating it really works well in a civilian/primal setting. It’s just completely great. You’ve out down yourself!!

  268. GameBoyGuy says:

    I just downloaded this Shader and it…it has quite a bit of problems. When I first used this shader in a world it seemed okay. Everything was colorful and vibrant. I really loved this Shader! Until, it became dark. When it’s night, it has quite a bit of problems. First, I noticed that everything had a pink tint to it. The wood planks looked like they where dyed pink. The stone slabs where just all pink. Although inside was normal, I just felt saw everything pink.
    At least the sky was normal…
    A couple of in-game days later after the pink terror, I went to look for the Heart of the Sea. I got all my gear ready and I dived underwater, what I saw was just like that night. EVERYTHING. WAS. PINK. I thought these were bugs or glitches, so I restarted Minecraft. But underwater was still pink. I just when on and tried to ignore it…
    (Also the water’s surface glitches when you move around)
    I finally got it and went home.
    A couple more days later, it started raining. And…*sigh* I though the weird stuff would end at the water but, I was just scrapping the surfaces on the awful stuff. When it rains in normal Minecraft, there’s a fog, right? Well imagine the fog turned entirely pink. I’m not joking. This is happening to me. Seriously, I though it would end there but then I went to the Nether and there were only 2 problems. 1. If you got far away from a natural landform or anything, there’s a green fog over it and it really weird. 2. When your underlava ( if that’s a word) it the same as when your underwater. Everything’s pink.
    Aside from that, the Nether is pretty good lookin’. I went to the end and… there’s actually nothing wrong with it.
    Sorry for the long post and I’m sorry if You take this post personally by saying your Shader is not as good as people say it is. I hope you take this as a way to improve you Shader. I really want to see this become a perfect Shader and I’ll support you all the way. Bye and be the best.

  269. Yoga Awaluddin says:

    can you make this Shader Work fine in 1.5 plz

  270. NotARemouse says:

    Doesn’t work on

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