SEUS PE Shader

This is to date the most realistic shaders pack for Minecraft PE. The light of the sun and moon shimmers beautifully when reflected on the water. Shadows have been massively improved and so have the sky and the Nether. The hype for this is real and you should definitely give it a try if you want to experience a more realistic version of Minecraft.

Creator: Gabriel Paixão, Twitter Account
Updated: 7 April, 2017 (added version for MCPE 1.1.01)

seus-shaders-8 seus-shaders-9 seus-shaders-5 seus-shaders-4 seus-shaders-7 seus-shaders-3 seus-shaders-2 seus-shaders-1


This works for most iOS and Android devices. It does not work on Windows 10 yet.

  1. Choose one of the following files:
    1. Shaders Low .McPack (recommended for low-end devices with less resources)
    2. Shaders Medium .McPack
    3. Shaders Ultra .McPack (high-end devices, more resources)
    4. Shaders Test (MCPE only) (Doesn’t work? Try this: Shaders Test (MCPE only)
  2. Open Minecraft PE, go to SettingsGlobal resources > Apply pack
  3. Restart Minecraft PE!

You can download .ZIP file here.

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478 Responses

  1. MAZON says:

    Hey I just used your shaders and it’s good but like some stuff needs to be fixed like stairs look wierd like the top is lit but the sides aren’t . Also the ground looks wierd like half (bottom) is shaded. But I like the wavy plants and water . Great start of it though

  2. Vernzl says:

    And do the leaves wave in the wind?

  3. Mintz007 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this shader
    Thx dude 😀

  4. TotalBlueYT says:

    Dose this work on iOS devises

  5. StarWarsCentral says:

    The water and lava isn’t working😭 But love the sky! Nice job

  6. ReversedInferno says:

    Here are some bugs:
    -Shadow of yourself moves but arms, legs, and head stay still.
    -The moon hasent changed.

  7. Nicolas says:

    iPhone 4s : low, medium our ultra?

  8. Anonymous says:

    So much for realistic. No textures have changed except the sun and Moon. And the clouds, but it doesn’t work for 17.0.2.

    • Editor says:

      If it doesn’t work for the beta build yet I am pretty sure it will be working in the next update of this pack.

    • Dude says:

      Hey friend, i though the shader did nothing at all until i toggled “fancy graphics
      ” off and on. Then, I almost cried, because the world of blocks became more beatiful than the world i see today.

    • RealBlueNinja says:

      the shader only makes the default game more realistic by adding shadows and things similar to real life. For realistic textures, you’ll need to wait until devices are powerful enough to handle 256×256+ Resource Packs. Some good alternatives to those are R3D and LIFE

  9. GamingWithLavaboy says:

    Greatest shaders ever!

  10. Dylan dao says:

    When you turn on fancy graphic the tree is mess up, please fix it because this texture pack is amazing

    • S4/\/\ says:

      The leaves are then waving which is supposed to be.

      • Max says:

        I do also have a Problem. The leaves are not waving like on the pc, it’s like shaders on the leaves would turn on and off every millisecond. It is better when you turn the graphic to fast but on some it’s still there. (I have tried it on my iPhone5s with low and iPad mini 3 with medium)
        But the rest is sooo awesome!


    Hello! Will this work on IOS?

  12. Andy says:

    This is AMAZING GREAT WORK!!!! Even works with ios!

  13. SKKKKK says:

    Will this work on my iPhone 5s? I would try it but I’m afraid of MCPE being deleted, since I’m working on a mini game. Please respond soon

    • SkyKenji says:

      No but if your device is old I prefer standard or low because if u pick ultra it might be too laggy and also chose wisely because if you try to download another one it will keep on saying it failed and it also does not crash your MCPE

  14. M8 says:

    No iOS crashes?

  15. Cool_awesome says:

    Cool best shaders ever the water is totally real and the grass and tree leaves move love it!!!

  16. pixelman546 says:

    Does this work on win 10?

    • Editor says:

      Not yet.

      • ParkourScientist says:

        Will these shaders ever be available for Windows 10 users? And if so, when will it be available?

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope it will later on. I was looking forward to your amazing shaders!

      • Samuel Clemens says:

        Not trying to be rude… What’s the issue..Is it something mojang has to fix? Or you… Win10 and PE use apart from GUIDE the same code.

      • KawaiiPanda731 says:

        Man, I’ve looked everywhere for shaders, (With animations and etc.) And, I can’t do ZIP files, because I don’t have a program that would work, and I can’t get one either (I am 9, And a half. Grammar practice :3) So, when will the Shaders be available for Windows 10? I don’t have PE, I only have Windows 10 which I got on 12/26/16. So, please reply if you know when, I wanted to mess around with the shaders, but I noticed after installing it was not compatible, (Sadly.) I was really upset, so 2 days later I uninstalled and looked for some shaders. I am very sorry that I had a really… really… Long comment. Thank you for reading.

  17. I.need yo add it in The menu AND in global resources? says:

    I need yo add it in global resources?

  18. GamerzBoi656 says:

    Your shader dose not work for my device I’m using a kindle fire hd7 but am I supposed to put the shader on top cause it’s not working can you tell me why and how to fix this problem

    • DavidGamingHd1 says:

      If u have fancy graphics on then turn fancy graphics on.Because these shaders were not working for me until I turned off fancy graphics

  19. WithyBarbecue89 says:

    Does it works for iOS?

  20. NFCorp2016 says:

    Hey Editor, Did you get an Beta GUI Unlocker Add-on? If you did please review and post

  21. IvanMaulana06 says:

    Hey! I found a bug in this shader, the player shadow didn’t animate, can you fix it?

  22. Kolep says:

    Cool, but WAY TO LAGGY!

  23. xXCaptain1999Xx says:

    Best shader pack that works on iOS so far!
    P.S I have the newest iPad mini and have only tried the medium shader… but really happy that it works!

    • Ozonesp says:

      You should be fine I’m on a phone and I download the ultra one no lag but it’s just mine so don’t take my word for it

  24. ParkourScientist says:

    it doesn`t work on windows 10

  25. Roger says:

    This is the best shaders I’ve ever seen but the LAG IS SO REAL

  26. Plan panda says:


  27. Deon Wilson says:

    Hey I love this mod but can u fix the torches PLEASE Tank u

    I meant to say tank

  28. ViciousBolt says:


    – Ui Changes???? (All armor in the section where you get enchanted books)
    – Moon has no change (in .zip file there was no thing) ; has no moon pic.
    – Leaves messed up
    – Player Shadow messed up
    – Shader sometimes errors blocks.

  29. MrWiskerz says:

    awesome shader

  30. Crash XVI says:

    I love this shader! It doesn’t even lag on ultra!

  31. Masta says:

    I tried the low pack on my iPad Mini 1 and it’s SUPER laggy. Any way to fix this?

  32. Elite says:

    MAN I REALLY LOVE THIS SHADERS,But the only thing is,is that I’ve experience low fps game play…Not very very very low fps but just like A 5 or 10 kind of lower fps gameplay.Im playing on a iPad mini 4 which is the latest iPad mini out I don’t know if it’s my device or is the ultra high SHADERS pack

  33. The_Steave says:

    Nvm I got it to work, all I needed to do was restart my minecraft

  34. Somethai says:

    This makes life great I have a iPhone 5s small medium or ultra???

  35. TechnoLogicalMC says:

    Editor it’s a job well done but I tried low and it worked but the lag was as great as medium so pls fix it.

  36. The_Steave says:

    I’ve downloaded the Ultra pack and it’s a bit laggy and I’d like to download the medium version but it won’t let me, I think this is because all the packs are named the same in the add on menu though I could be wrong. Anyway is there a way I can download the other .mcpack files or a way to delete my current version? Maybe change the pack names so it works better, I’m not sure.

  37. Andy says:

    Can you personally make changes to this? And if so, would it change automatically or do i have to reinstall it? Example of a change if possible could be the human shadow actually moves its legs and head and arms when we do. Keep up outstanding work!

  38. Anoyingmouse says:

    Finally, A shader with player shadow

  39. TrueCrafterYT says:

    Will this work on an iPhone 5

  40. CocoJrch says:

    I think that the sun and moon in other shaders looks better and the quarts looks really bright but nice shader though

  41. Austin_gamers says:

    Can you make the shadow moving and fix the leaves

  42. BlazerFire78 says:

    This work for 0.16.2?

  43. Anonymous says:

    The medium and slow pack does not work please fix this only ultra pack works but my iPad can’t handle it

  44. Jewel Paws says:

    im downlaoding right now. omg it looks so good. cant wait.

  45. Notch says:

    Well the ultra one… tree leaves and grass are laggy

  46. Mr red says:

    Omg is this the one I wanted because this is what I asked for in the rspe shaders thank you if u are the same creator u did a fantastic job but please make the torches lighter and the glow stone and if u can this is isn’t a must wanted feature but please animate your persons shadow good job

  47. Ahmedaltaee says:

    Wooooow i have been waiting for this shader you are amizing man thaaaaank

  48. Alireza Talebpour says:

    That was the best shader pack ive ever used. Tnx so much. But it needs more updates cuz the lighting system is a little bit weird.Btw it was soooooo cooooool

  49. Destroyerz117 says:

    AHA!! I found out how to get it to work every time if you open it on your world and it stops working then exit your world and open it with fancy graphics turned off and beautiful sky’s on and then you activate it in game

  50. Destroyerz117 says:

    Oh wait all you have to do is equip it in global resources

  51. AntiBoredomClass says:

    How do i stop the lagging?

  52. nigga says:

    at first it didnt work then got on again and i was like dude wtf this looks awesome

  53. Solar says:

    Will this work in [BUILD1] ???
    If it works i will download it 😀

  54. 7ZBlueBullet says:

    I Love It .. But Sometimes I Have Lag , And Thx For You ( Creator Of SEUS Shaders ) My MCPE Is More R

  55. TheBlueGamerYT says:

    It is really nice! But you might want to fix the lag on slow device and high device. But it’s really cool the leaves are waving (Including The Ferns) like the PC version

  56. 7ZBlueBullet says:

    I Love It .. But Sometimes I Have Lag , And Thx For You ( Creator Of SEUS Shaders ) My MCPE Is More Realistic

  57. SkyKenji says:

    There is an issue,when I installed the ultra pack I didn’t really like it and it was too laggy but when I tried to download standard it said failed to import:(

  58. NoobierNoob says:

    It’s good until I turn on fancy graphics and the leaves start to pixelate, I don’t know how to really put it, but it lags my game a lot.

  59. PHO says:

    This is a great shader but torches and other artificial light sources only barely affect the scene, which makes it really dark inside a house or a cave. Is this an intended behavior?

  60. dyedpumpkin says:

    I installed the shaders. it was so Cool! but its so laggy, i downloaded the low thingy

  61. EarthLingss says:

    Does this work for Windows Phone?

  62. TheGoldenMiner says:

    Guys What’s The Version For The Shader Pack Please I Want Try It PLEASE!

  63. RedLightningz says:

    What do I do with the Mc.pack? I need help

  64. J says:

    These shaders are awesome! The skies are sooo beautiful!

  65. PhantomBro95 says:

    WOW! AWESOME!!! 🙂
    I Really Like The Water Wait.. I Mean I Like All Features Of This Shaders!!!!
    Sorry But It’s Better Than RSPE Shaders…

  66. AwesomeWizard96 says:

    What do u mean by restart minecraft pe

  67. BQGhastVN says:

    I hope you make a mini hexxit addonpack good jobs man 🙂

  68. Xbow003 says:

    To those ho are worried about redownloading their mcpe if u crash with ur texture pack on and it blocks you out here’s how to avoid it:1 download whatever texture/shader u want:2 create a world with that texture/shader:3 when you want to use your texture/shader online you DO NOT apply it in global resources instead go to the world you made earlier and go to the texture packs area exit out and Join the desired server btw thx so much for making this iOS compatible

  69. bmplay2 says:

    I have ipad 4 and it is so Lagy even on low

  70. Anonymous says:

    How do we delet the shaders

  71. Bob says:

    I’ve got a I pad mini and I downloaded the low one but it’s still so laggy and I can’t move

  72. David003 says:

    None of shaders doesn’t work for me. Doesn’t matter which, I just can’t make it work. The problem’s not in the performance of my device, I’m always using the lowest version. How could I fix it?

  73. PoKe says:

    Help! The leaves don’t move
    I tried the low pack because i know the ultra was going to crash my mcpe!
    Any help? 🙁

  74. Gamelord56 says:

    There’s a problem with the leaves

  75. Radcliff says:

    So… you just install the shaders just like the Custom Skins for Capes texture packs and the textures older than that?

  76. Noone says:

    I have an iPhone 6s i open up a world and everything is invincible why!!!

  77. EpicNekoKitten says:

    So wait, I just want to apply it to one world, does it work like that?

  78. Hallie says:

    Should I use the low, the medium, or the ultra version if I have a iPhone 7 running IOS 10.1.1?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ll likely be able to handle at least medium and probably could use the ultra. It’s pretty easy to install multiple if you’re already installing at least 1. I would recommend installing all of them so you can easily test out how your phone handles it.

  79. beh says:

    Does this shader work for android devices ??

  80. TheVanishingGamer says:

    This shaders is so good I have to get medium on resp I can get ultra you did a great job man I hope you do more awesome stuff like this

  81. Heyyaas says:

    Please help me, it lags my game alot when i downloaded the low pack, i tried fixing my video settings nothing happeneds. i have an IPAD 4, when i try to download the other packs it says import failed

  82. The One says:

    I tried the low pack and it’s still very laggy! I like the textures, though! Maybe try optimizing them!

  83. RandomGuy says:

    Better than real life

  84. MasterAJXx says:

    Wow did not crashed great work but………for some reason when I try downloading the ultra it says could not download so weird I’m on a iPhone6s the medium works great no lag not sure of the the other but it works fine and some tips are you should make the shadow of you moving but otherwise this is really good

  85. carlo says:

    Best shader ever!!

  86. Question Boy says:

    Its so laggy even the Low Quality in my device. Im using ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser
    any suggestions on what should I do Gabriel?
    Thanks =)

  87. Banana says:

    Hey PLs Fix it Im IOS I downloaded this Sjader Once I Enter a World Its a Bit Laggy Pls fix it

  88. The Obsidian Gemstone says:

    I was like ‘This is just what I needed!’, then I saw that it doesn’t work on Windows 10 🙁

  89. DeadX22 says:

    Way too laggy the low pack latest ver and iPad mini 2

  90. Yoesicon says:

    Bit laggy on iOS, understandable though. Good shaders!

  91. Hannah Sofia Delos santos says:

    Can you fix it cause I always lag

  92. JD says:

    I applied the shader and it looks amazing but when I go deep enough underground the shader stops working, and the lighting and texture goes back to the original.

  93. JD says:

    Not sure if this is a bug or just happening to me but I applied the shader and it looks amazing but in my world if I go deep enough underground the shader will stop working and the game will go back to original lighting.

  94. MLG says:

    Damn this is an awesome shader but why theres a lot of tees waving glitching in my ipad???

  95. Oliver8282 says:

    I’m useing ipad air. What is have to select pack?

  96. Gmodgamer13 says:

    Can you pls stop make the saidow if the player moves pls I love you shader pls

  97. RiCyber says:

    I use low, but why still lag? My device is android 1gb ram, can you help?

  98. Andy says:

    Can you make changes personally?

  99. a girl says:


  100. Shader says:

    HI i’ve got a question hohe can you Download it easly!?

  101. Shader says:

    Can you Do it too without a Computer?

  102. Ani says:

    It’s perfect!Its just that it lags me soo much!i have iOS so is it suppose to lag?can u pls fix it!

  103. Ntouris3 says:

    Sooo … Great shaders first! And now let me tell you my opinion:
    Ultra: NOT playable
    Medium:5 fps
    Low: No shaders at all!

    My specs:
    1gb ram
    Mtk6580 cpu
    Mali 400-mp gpu
    Android 6

    Also i cant use two shaders version at once (i have to delete and reinstall the pack)

    Please make medium lighweight or make low look like shaders plz! Plz answer!

  104. Logan says:

    I can’t download it for my iPad mini for any of them

  105. JoeyNumb3rs says:

    Not sure if it’s a bug or just me but I applied the shader and it looks amazing but in my world if you go deep enough underground the shader stops working and it goes back to the original lighting.

  106. Derpface says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    Hey does this work for iOS

  108. Youwillnevernow says:


  109. Aidan says:

    Pls fix the glitchy leaves in the ultra..the others are cool but the leaves in the ultra looks so laggy and glitchy,.. pls fix it.. i really like your shaders

  110. Paul says:

    I like this

  111. Susan says:

    How do I remove the shaders? I applied them on but I can’5 remove them from global recources even though it says I put the file away. Please help!
    Side note: I love the shaders! I just need the vanilla minecraft for certain reasons.

  112. Noone says:

    Help !! Everything is invincible on iphone 6s

  113. Bruno says:

    Very nice but too laggy for me even with octo-core tablet and a lot of memory free. Also another problem: I play with a controller and when I play with the shader, it disconnect the controller (I use sixasis app). Conclusion: the effects of the shader are incredibles, but it turn my game unplayable. 🙁

  114. Robert Zurawski says:

    This is one of the best MCPE texture packs for IOS and Android. The leaves and grass wave, the water looks great, the sky is amazing and the shadows are awesome. It is also one of the only texture packs for IOS that I have tested that doesn’t crash your Minecraft.

  115. ItzMehLance says:

    why did it gave me blank screen when i restart minecraft??

  116. Shadowwwww says:

    The shodows on the blocks don’t move for me. At night I can still see the shadows in the same place

  117. Fruity says:

    I LOVE IT how much time was taken for this?

  118. ChrisplayerTV says:

    Best Shader ever:)….But not playable. Even on the IPad mini 4 and the IPad Air it lags…. even the LOW one does. Pls look into fixing it/reducing the lag. It’s a shame such a great Shader isn’t even playable….:(

  119. Special Jonny says:

    Please make this shader for windows 10 edition, I really like the shader a lot. If u make this shader for windows 10 edition I’ll be highly appreciate it

  120. FangKour says:

    Ummm I legit can’t move it’s that langue please help and when I tried the lower one it said import failed

  121. CocoJrch says:

    please fix the steve’s shadow

  122. FuckingCool says:

    Hey! Please add support to windows 10 ;-;
    I really wanted it..

  123. RidhoBaihaki2890 says:

    Uuh, i download the mcpack of low and standard, but when i try low, i see only the sun changes. No shader.
    I see the size of mcpack low and standard is same. Please help me to solve this problem.

  124. SlidPancake3841 says:

    What Map Do You Use In Photo 3?

  125. Me says:

    When I go to download it starts to load then goes blank :”/

  126. SkylieDoesGames says:

    Hi editor

  127. Dalphas says:

    My device is lenovo P1
    2GB ram
    1.5 ghz
    All categories lagging
    Low medium ultra
    Why ?

  128. jaion carter says:

    I’m yet to still find a shaders pack that works in Windows 10 edition

  129. ItzTMRG says:

    Won’t work I have put tried low, standard & ultra but just won’t work… I’m on iPhone 6s, iOS 9.0.2. Every time I go on a world with the shaders the screen freezes after loaded with partially loaded chunks. I can’t move my screen, or touch anything except backing out… NEED HELP

  130. UGHQ says:

    This is very impressive that the other ones I tried. Also try like make the blocks look like they move when your underwater anyway this is good and I’m proud

  131. moon says:

    i ask you to make SEUS PE BETA3 to change minercaft main graphic. like this. this texture pack make not only mainscreen but also setting and building terrain screen. i love it so i respectfully ask you to make minercaft main screen more fency 🙂 thank you for listening my idea. Have a nice aday and Good bye

  132. Son Goku says:

    shader most beautiful ever now that I’ve ever used

  133. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    What is the map in the picture

  134. Boring mouse says:

    The best shaders pack yet because you don’t have to do a huge amount like others.

  135. Katherine ayon says:

    Hi i really want the shaders i have a lg7 and when i download one its super laggy i cant even move please help me i dont what to do please respond i really want to use this shaders

  136. Slade says:

    Well, I have the latest version of the game, it doesn’t even show the packs in-game. An yes I placed them in the correct folder and everything. So what could it be? My device?

    • Slade says:

      Aha! So I had a bit of fun with the files and voila. But one problem remains. I do not know which pack I am using in the game, I have all of them im the folder but only one is shown in-game. I have to say the skies and the sun are awesome, the water is also very very good, but not like on the presented pictures. Rest of the shades are superb and the feel in general is fine but not as much as I expected, maybe beacause of my problem? Anyway my fps is pretty good, I feel the drop but it is very much playable. My device is doogee f5 with 3GB RAM, octa, mali-T720 I believe

      • Slade says:

        Deleted the other two and left only ultra, works amazing the water is astonishing! Good job amd thanks!

        P. S. Sorry for the monologue xD Am like dis

  137. Only Player Youtube channel says:

    So amazing but this shaders is laggy

  138. Anonymous says:

    But it lags allot but still great

  139. Walkserd says:

    Its Working On 1.0.0??

  140. FilipinoSlugger says:

    The shaders is excellent, but there is a big grey sky above me. I don’t see the sun and the moon, but the shaders and water are showing. How do I fix this?

  141. James Ryver says:

    If like your shaders but can u fix the lag

  142. Hamza says:

    Doesn’t work

  143. AwesomeWizard96 says:

    Hey editor it’s working awesomely now

  144. Mikey Entwistle says:

    Hello, Does this work on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

  145. Turtlez says:

    The trees look weird, if u could fix that and the problem with the player shadow that would be gr8

  146. Zarathos says:

    The leaves and bushes don’t move in the wind for me, also the shadow of the player doesn’t move or anything, at night it’s so dark, I have my brightness up and I can’t really see anything, torches don’t illuminate as much as the original MCPE texture. Plz fix this, although everything else works fine.

  147. Daemon says:

    My only real complaint with this texture pack so far is that the torches don’t generate very much light. I know this is still a very early version and it definitely has a lot of kinks to work out.

  148. Ranch Baren says:

    I am not sure if this is a bug with the shaders or a problem with my device, (iPhone 6) everything is great almost no lag and works perfectly,except for one thing that nearly ruins the experience, THERE ARE NO SHADOWS ON THE TREES, they wave and everything I know that the shadows on the ground aren’t supposed to move but the lighting on the tops of the trees looks as if it were regular minecraft. I have compared my pictures with you pictures (same area/angles) and on yours there is light on top of the trees and none on the bottom side like how it is supposed to be, for me the whole tree is like what the underside should be on the leaves and is dark

    • Editor says:

      Does it help you turn off (or on, depending what it is currently set as) any of the following options in Minecraft Video Settings?:
      – Fancy Leaves
      – Fancy Graphics

      Try both options and see if one works.

  149. Ranch Baren says:

    Yes, yes, yes…….. yes it does…… although I would like to have the lighting on the trees with fancy graphics/leaves on though. Any advice would be much appreciated, by the way,I tried medium and light (I use ultra) and it still persists

  150. Entity moltov says:

    Thanks…Broke my minecraft >:(

  151. Gabriel says:

    So first i downloaded the high resolution version an it gets so laggy so i decided to go with the low one, but somenthing don let this happen it says that it failed, helppppp!!!

  152. june08190819Y says:

    I clicked mcpack file to import and i selected shader. But when i restart minecraft, it doesn’t open.

  153. Jonathan says:

    Were you using a map for the photos of the shaders?

  154. Lucas says:

    Hello, I have recently installed your MCPE Shader pack and mine lags. So I went to install medium and it says “Import Failed” When I open the MCPE app. Same with low. Could I have any help?

  155. Huy says:

    i run mcpe 0.16.2 with iphone 5s but the leaves look glitches, can sb help me??

  156. Evan says:

    Why on SAMSUNG GT-N5100 thw water reflections is glitching?

  157. Anonymous says:

    I just got the shaders, but it’s really laggy and I was trying to get a lower version, but it said that the import failed. Do I have to delete the current one that I have? If so, how do I delete it?

  158. Reboot581 says:

    Does it work for 0.16.2 it said inport failed

  159. Mcpe2018 says:

    Some thing does not happen in raining.Like shadow not appear even in ultra version

  160. Kirsten says:

    Are you gonna improve the shadow you should improve it with the movement also why is it laggy though?

  161. golden says:

    Hi im just downloaded it and import it to mcpe and nothing happens.i mean the shader doesnt work.same things go through there anything im missing

  162. Anonymous says:

    How to install this shaders?? Does it requires blocklauncher??

  163. bagginsofbilbo says:

    This does not work on my iPad Air 2 even when I restarted mcpe it just shows the sun texture from this pack plz help

  164. ALTWS says:

    Pls make beta 3 soon because it’s very laggy, even I select the low version

  165. Ogressive says:

    The leaves don’t seem to be a bright and colorful as on your pics, ( like normal minecraft) I took your advice (turning off fancy graphics) and they become beautiful as they should be, it’s just that: they don’t blow in the wind, I want them to be see through, and I don’t enjoy staring at a completely white sky. I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper setting on. Any way you can help editor?

  166. Ogressive says:

    The leaves don’t seem to be a bright and colorful as on your pics, ( like normal minecraft) I took your advice (turning off fancy graphics) and they become beautiful as they should be, it’s just that: they don’t blow in the wind, I want them to be see through, and I don’t enjoy staring at a completely white sky. I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper settings on. Any way you can help editor?

  167. TgxMatrix22 says:

    You need to fix the persons shadow it really bothers me

  168. Tylerdagamer says:


  169. Tylerdagamer says:

    Awesome texture

  170. Tylerdagamer says:

    It’s Awesome love it it looks cool

  171. Evan says:

    Plz answer why on SAMSUNG GT-N5100 the water reflections is glitching!

  172. Sophie says:

    Hi, I used this shader and now I can’t re-open minecraft what can I do as I don’t want to delete it an erase all the data.

  173. Roke Beedell says:

    The medium and low packs won’t import…

  174. Adreana Sofea says:

    This shader is cool, but it’s too lagging to my iPad

  175. Drrestonactoc says:

    I love minecraft

  176. wattatopx says:

    Will this works on

  177. Jewel Paws says:

    omg at first it didnt work but then i went through the instructions propely and it works!!!!!

  178. Anonymous says:

    I dont want zip file but when i download the ultra shaders it gives me a zip file oh come on tell me whats goung on here!!

  179. Tylerdagamer says:

    Awesome thanks for the shaders

  180. Gaell Galvez says:

    if you look at your gear and put armour, you look all shaded, and the person shadiw wont move…. but it is awesome

  181. aldi says:

    This work for version 0.17.0 ?

  182. kinjaz says:

    the problem with mine is just the beacons, the colour turns into a fluorescent yellow than blue lol. but other than that it’s such a nice shader!

  183. Lack21 says:

    Dude this is my fav shader for mcpe , keep up the good work ^_^

  184. Rag3cr1t1calz says:

    Whenever I turn off fancy graphics it works but the sky doesnt

  185. dude says:

    I’m using samsung galaxy tab 3v…and when i downloaded na texture pack my minecraft became laggy and the water is not waving…plz tell me how to fix it…

  186. Thinknoodles says:

    EDITOR! What should I use on iPhone 5? Low, Medium or Ultra?

  187. Kurtlovemcpe says:

    Hi I download this but it’s so loggy on my world please fix it and update it on iOS 10 so people don’t have to sit back and wait for a year so please can you do that for us

  188. Lexi says:

    Hey, the downloads keep failing for the medium and low ones and the high doesn’t work… any suggestions? Please help!

  189. Alyssa says:

    The water doesn’t look as good as it does InThe pictures and my skin keeps glitching to bring colors and looks faded, and when I take off the shaders every things fine.

  190. Suicide squad squad says:

    Is not working the only for is Environment is which texture is Sun only can you fix please!

  191. Torexx says:

    Does it work for 0.17.0 / 1.0 ? If so pls tell me anyone ^_^

  192. Bobpolo says:

    Fix the tree leaves.

  193. HarunoSakura38 says:

    The sun and rain did change but the others aren’t. So please fix it. Thank you.

  194. Ratmir says:

    When it rains, or when you are under water or in a cave it turns purple, very annoying

  195. Mason Cole says:

    Super good shaders just the fact the trees are kinda like a seizure warning annoys me other than that it’s super good

  196. Aaron says:

    Never mind it is amazing. I got it to work and it’s not laggy at all! I even use faithful HD with it at the same time! Great shaders!!

  197. superv123 says:

    Please add windows 10 support very soon. Much appreciated. 🙂

  198. Yo says:

    Ultra and medium did not work for me

  199. Buzz says:

    It looks really good at day time but at night time it’s really dark even with lights. Is this normal?

  200. DG12345 says:

    Can you give me a download link for this shaders that has only wavy grass/leaves and shadows effect.
    Thank you

  201. Loga says:

    Pls pls make this compatible with windows 10 edition

  202. JdoxXD says:

    Expectations: Low:less lag, no waving leaves, bushes etc., no reflection while raining
    Medium:lag (a lot), waving leaves, bushes etc., no reflection while raining
    Ultra: crash
    Reality:Low:less lagWaving leaves, bushes etc.,no reflection while raining, Same as medium and ultra. Good job. Wonderful shaders

  203. Urmom says:

    What is this, first time in my life I have seen a shaders+texture packs weight 217kb. What are you doing giving fake files for. And it doesn’t work at all.

  204. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please help I’m running 1.0.0 and the only thing that changed was the sky everything else is the exact same isn’t the water and other things supposed to move?

  205. MrEmeraldz says:

    Does this work for 1.0.0?

  206. Kitty says:

    What do I do if the leaves wave but they look glitchy 🙁

  207. Hi says:

    When I get in the world I don’t have the shaders the sky is like really dark on a really rainy day (stormy). Can some1 pls help me

  208. Marlon says:

    In my ipad (ios) the cloud and the leaves is strange the cloud is white and the leaves are glitchy

  209. Annonymous says:

    This is an amazing shader pack! I just have 2 issues. It is super laggy and the leaves are glitchy. I’m using iOS. Please help! Thank you!

  210. SkyOfMeow says:

    Dude when was the last time you updated this texture pack for iOS?? It is completely broken!!! The water looks the same as it was before I installed the shaders, nothing waves, the look of the character is completely broken, and many }’s and a lot more are missing!!

  211. RealBestSebas says:

    It is dope, however it needs some fixing with the torches. When underground, sometimes the phone stop working. The orange illumination disapears and the default illumination appears. Please fix it. It is really annoying

  212. Awesome add ons says:

    This is a amazing add on but unfortunately I can use its not for window’s 10 but I seen you’re message that said it’s not for windows 10. YET so do you have an idea of when it would be out for windows because this just seems like the best shaders add on, on here well that’s my opinion but keep up the good work and like I said before do you have a idea of when it would be out for windows 10.

  213. Gabrielle12345 says:

    Editor, are you working with the shadows, if yes, Amazing!!

  214. Jeff says:

    Thie texture is not working for me please tell me what to do

  215. Evan says:

    Please answer why on Samsung GT-N5100 is laggy and the water reflections is glitch

  216. Jack says:

    can u please add support for windows 10 as it looks really nice on my phone but i would like it on w10

  217. JuSt_BrO says:

    AWSOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT <3

  218. None says:

    So basically it doesn’t work on iOS 9.0.2 but it works on iOS 10 that’s interesting 💔☹

  219. Justin says:

    When will it work for Windows 10? Please reply!

  220. Slickbro17 says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and when I try to import the ultra pack it just crashes my game and won’t start im running the latest MCPE is that why?

  221. Beatzy_ says:

    You must download this ,here’s the link this will make your game run smooth with deez shaders I promise 🙂

  222. CosmicBlazesheep says:

    Hello, I got a problem.. when I installed the shaders pack it
    said at the top of my Minecraft when I open it that the Import Failed and I didn’t have the shaders in my global resource at the settings

  223. MrTrollzor says:

    I think there should be added animation to the shadow players cast… like, when you walk, then the shadow appears to walk. Is this possible? Will it be coming in an update?

  224. Evan says:

    Editor,please now you answer me I have a annoying problem and i hope you can fix it. Please answer my problem Editor.My problem is laggy and the water reflections is not waving and glitching.That’s really annoying me.I hope you understand my problem.

  225. Anonymous says:

    Great shaders but pls make the plants wave and the shadow move

  226. Jonathan H. says:

    Hey man just thought I’d let you know about a problem with the texture pack. For some reason when I add the texture pack to a specific world, the shaders don’t want to work. It still has the sun included with the shaders showing though. But when I add it to global resources it works perfectly 👌. It’s just with other textures it doesn’t fit so well and I have to remove it from global resources and restart the app just for one world. Any way thought you would like to know that. This is the best shaders pack for mcpe right now, and I’m so glad you brought it to us! Thank You.

  227. Shoutabout420 says:

    Is there any way I can install it without a computer? I’m on iOS

  228. Xzandort says:

    Dude can you update this shaders pack please it’s probably just me or the clouds are covering the entire world

  229. Shark Jackstone says:

    It needs to be beta

  230. Vortex Vernon says:

    I use ipad air ios 10. 2 using mcpe 1.0 and the shaders are working but please fix the bugssss…. The trees and glasses have many lines and looks like glitchy… But the water, sky, and shadows are awesome! Please fix the bugs and add support to mcpe 1.0 itll be great

  231. Vortex Vernon says:

    Hi, for those who have problems installing this, I have found a solution where you can only see the sky covering the whole world. You can fix it by toggling the fancy graphics setting, let me exlain it to you, if you installed this while fancy graphics are on, you should turn it off so the shader will work, you should do it vice versa, if you installed this while fancy graphics is off, you should turn it on ajd itll work…. VICE VERSA OK! thanks!

  232. Sufiyan says:

    It works but it’s slow when I come in minecraft

  233. Xbow003 says:

    One bug if u use the ultra with another texture pack:I use faithful and this shade together it looks amazing just the sand and sandstone is like the default textures and is really annoying cuz I use those blocks a lot and it looks weird plz fix

  234. Larson says:

    can you fix the player because when i put armor on the player is black but when i am in f5 i am perfectly fine please fix it

  235. lucas1901 says:

    It’s so laggy to move and type with these shaders plz fix it!

  236. Ace says:

    Can I have only the waving water texture plzz because if there a shadow and dynamic lighting my phone lags plzz can u give me the DL link off waving water texture

  237. Davey says:

    Works great on my iOS device but the low,standard, and high packs have glitchy trees? Can you pleaser fix this?

  238. lucas1901 says:

    Plz fix it!

  239. Kitty says:

    Please reply these are great shaders but the leaves look really glitchy:(

  240. SkyOfMeow says:

    I have an iphone SE so I can run ultra shaders at a REALLY high frame rate. But I want to be able to run this shader without having to turn fancy graphics off, and without the player shadow and the terrain shadow.

    Can you make a version of the ultra shaders that only has the tree shadows, the fancy water, and with the fancy lighting?

  241. Carter says:

    Plz have wavy water

  242. Aldwin says:

    I really love a super mega low because the low it really laggy to my device update low version in super low pls do that and reply to me if you doing it right now

  243. OPOLO says:

    I love it so much!!! But the sadly it’s lagging 🙁
    That’s what all I need it to my minecraft be cool but it’s lagging!
    I will try to do it again 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  244. Austin_gamers says:

    Dude pls update the shaders pls

  245. BorbingoBoy says:

    The Ultra version makes my game unable to load, or it makes the game to hang so much it never loads… Help?
    By the way, Standard works just fine, but I want more :p

  246. Ammorphia says:

    I cant install it….i dont know how.. My version is 0.15.1 ive tried everything.. And it doesnt work

  247. minecrxfht says:

    PLS REPLY i downloaded the whole packs but all of them are laggy what should i download? im using iPad 4. pls reply because i want to use ur shaders they look vv cool

  248. Akane says:

    I like a Minecraft!!

  249. Supermaster2005 says:

    It still lagging I’m use low pack

  250. PinkSheep says:

    It’s way to laggy for me I tried the low pack and it’s still laggy fix it for 1.0.2 please!

  251. KawaiiPanda731 says:

    Hey, does this work with windows 10? If not, please just reply I just got a account!

  252. LolplatFormes says:

    welwel ipad mini 4 high shaders 5 fps near water wtf?

  253. Luke says:

    that’s it i like it

  254. Larson says:

    can you make the beacon white not yellow and when i put armor on my player is black and can you remove the shadow of the player because it’s doesn’t match what the player is doing but if you can’t well can you fix it’s thanks

  255. DarkGhost202 says:

    I love everting about this shaders. The sky is really cool, the water looks really realistic, and the block shadow itself is awesome. But there is only ONE tiny bitty problem that really bothers me, shadow of YOURELF. I know it is a new shaders and i still love it, in fact im using it right now. But if you updated the shaders i would love the shders even more. Thank you for making this shaders.

  256. Bbze says:

    Anyone Can Tell Me How To Remove The Player Shadow?

  257. Dinkleberg says:

    Dude you need to fix the thingy where people put their armours off or on, dude, when i go there, i see my skin on pitch black, DUDE PLEASE FIX THESE STUFF! But tho, i likeit, except that glitch or bug

  258. GtMac says:

    Why the leaves looking weird And pls fix the lag

  259. GalaxyGamer says:

    Does this work on 0.17.0?

  260. Noah McKee says:

    Provided ‘/header/pack_id’ element is not a valid UUID.

    Provided ‘/header/packs_version’ element is not SemVer ( compliant.

    Provided ‘/header/modules/uuid’ element is not a valid UUID.

    Please fix?

  261. Sadaafff says:

    I updated the mega shaders pack one, but there weren’t any
    •glimmering water(realistic.)
    •moving leaves
    •moving trees
    •my own shadow

    HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!
    There’s nothing at all!!

  262. Minecraft says:

    This shaders is lag my game super bad

  263. Minecraft says:

    This shaders is lag my game

  264. Shiro Yashima says:

    It doesn’t work in my android device…. Ultra, Medium and Low isn’t working pls fix it

  265. George balungay says:

    It doesn’t load . I use the low pack I have an iPad Air 2

  266. furqan says:

    I still used the low pack but still lag, I did everything to fix it and I even used fps booster but it didn’t work well, I really like those shaders it was realistic but I can’t load it very well,, it’s ssooo laaagggyyy…

  267. Johnson says:

    Torches are too dark, even darker than the original PE torches, please make it brighter and add warm color.
    Animate the player shadows so it will be more realistic.
    I suggest you should give more saturation and make blocks more colorful, your beta “SEUS shaders” made minecraft blocks look a little black&white.
    Anyway this pack is good.

  268. Foxy says:

    Can you fix the leaves in iPad mini 4

  269. MR. FIRE says:

    I don’t know but it’s doesn’t work my device

  270. The Diamond Minecart says:

    What is the difference between low medium and high anyway?

  271. GuPy_7w7 says:

    This shader looks really good, but I have one problem with it. When I go to a world with the resource pack on, its really laggy for some reason! Please fix this!

  272. patricio says:

    This shaders pack is so awesome!!! It works perfectly on my iOS device, no lag at all either! I do recommend the medium-resolution because high lags my device and its brand new but either way totally epic! 👍

  273. Josh says:

    Hey Editor I Really Want To Try This Pack Cause It Looks REALLY COOL!But the downside is when I download it and go to MINECRAFT it says sues PE shaders has been like download but it’s with warnings!!!!I KEEP ON DOWNLOADING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND I CANT USE IT CAUSE IT KEEPS ON SAYING ITS WITH WARNINGS!!Plz Help I’m Even At 1.02 btw!

  274. Zeus Basilis says:

    Can you please fix the player’s shadow, I like the shader but I like Chocapic13’s Shadow more. I hope you read this. And mostly, this shader is lag! Good Luck! God Bless You! 😀

  275. Tab says:

    I really need this to work with Windows 10 I am on a very powerful PC and can handle the high pack. I just need it to work w/ Windows 10.

  276. TiraSheen says:

    This pack amazing! I use the ultra on my iPad Pro 9.7 (2gb ram) looks gorgeous I’ve never used shaders in any Minecraft due to my devices/computers could not use them or the import feature was not around I’m so happy this works for iOS keep up the great job !

  277. Vortex. says:

    Hello! How are you? I have to ask you one simple question. Can you please make this compatible with Windows 10? Thank you and I hope you had a great day!

  278. Vortex. says:

    Hello there! I hope you read this comment because this is an awesome question. So what I asked for in the last comment was ‘Make this compatible with Windows 10.’ And no one replied and now I am really excited for this. So please if you happen it pass this, make sure to ask the creator (if you know them) can you make this compatible with Windows 10. Best regards – Vortex.

  279. Diaben says:

    I really love this shaders. I use the ultra and it has amazing and not so amazing features. One Amazing feature is how torches give off an orange light while natural light is bluish. I think that just adds more realism to the game. And not to mention I am obsessed by how realistic the water looks!! It just looks fabulous. One of the not so amazing features is the shading of mobs and players. It looks quite strange to me, But besides that it is amazing!!

  280. Heyyaas says:

    i did everything to make it load perfectly

    put it’s still so laggy

    hell me please 🙁

  281. Mahim Khan says:

    Hey, I downloaded the ultra shader in my iPhone 7 Plus. It changes the sky and the sun. There is no cloud. Water is still the same and no shadows no movement of leaves or grasses. Help me please

  282. Disappointed_Human says:

    I Have Ultra ios 10.2 iPad mini 2 and the leaves are glitches but worked fine when raining

  283. Angel says:

    what versions of mcpe did this work ?

  284. SergantDirtyBush says:

    Is it possible to put 2 texture packs at once?

  285. Plz reply says:

    Will the game will be seen as that display pic…i downloaded this ultra pack but no difference i can see in my game except sun and cloud…plz help

  286. Steve says:

    The ultra shader works beautifully on the iPhone 7 also I added faithful 64 bit and it looked even better. It did not lag for me whatsoever so I would give it an A+

  287. Bob says:

    This is good but for iOS divices the water isn’t as good looking (still wavy) and the player doesn’t have a shadow on ultra

  288. Warpy says:

    What’s with the huge endless cloud that looks like a total mess?

  289. Jackie says:

    Omg this is amazing! I got the medium one then realized my phone can handle the ultra, but now I try to download the ultra and it won’t work. Is there any difference between the ultra and the medium? If so it won’t let me be the ultra XD but these shaders are awesome thanks

  290. Blob says:

    I like everything but you need to update the water and especially the clouds on iOS

  291. Fix Pleasee says:

    Hello Editor, This Shaders Is Amazing Works Good!! So Nice End Beautiful Shader!! But You May Fix One I Have IPhone 5 iOS 10.1 This Shader Not Laggy I Got 60 FPS But Fix Waving Leaves! It’s Not Smooth End Its Waving Bad I Can’t See The Wave I Just See Black Leaves! Minecraft: v1.0.2. Sorry For My English I Am From Georgia Read End Reply I’m Waiting!!!! Fix Pls. Thanks 🙏

  292. SuperRorange says:

    I wonder how to pronounce seus

  293. Haley_Solo says:

    The only thing it changed was the texture of the sun. No new shadows and no waving trees or water. Very disappointed. 🙁

  294. Sad And Disappointed says:

    I Am Using IPad Mini 2 Ios 10.2.1 And I Was Wondering How Do I Fix The Glitchy Leaves They Only Look Normal When It Is Rainy… 🙁

  295. \???/ says:

    please fix it. it dont looks like the pc version.
    the shadow is the whole time under the building. even if the sun isn’t right above me.
    please fix that

  296. Karl says:

    why this have a bug on leaves?

  297. PremiumSkies21 says:


  298. xXEnderWalker_YT says:

    Can you add realistic shadows and water?🙄🙄🙄

  299. Anonymous says:

    it’s not working in windows 10 edition

  300. MrCreeper says:

    Pls fix their is a lighting problem with the beacon and the beacon becomes dark and the leaves are black please respond Mr.Editor.☹️☹️But I will give that shader an A++!!!

  301. KatCat100 says:

    Whenever I download the medium pack, I mean it is perfect but the trees are so glitchy. Like all the trees plz fix the glitch

  302. Samuel says:

    It’s OK. But the water doesn’t look like it does in the picture. I was really looking forward to the water texture. Could someone help me and send me a link to a good one?

  303. Darkwolf says:

    While this is definitely a very good try for a shader, I must admit that I’m slightly underwhelmed. Shadows don’t move based on positioning of the sun and moon, and many shadows look like they don’t belong at all. Good try all the same, and I’ll be watching with interest to see if it improves.

  304. InfinityFlamezzz says:

    Wow seriously no replies jeez we love this shader pack can’t you just fix it instead of not replying

  305. XenoExiled says:

    When i download mcpack the zip file apears?

  306. HyBrId SkIlLzZ says:

    Can this be available for Windows 10 edition?

  307. Anonymous says:

    make it available for windows 10

  308. Kirsty says:

    How do I restart minecraft? Because all I did was go off the app and go back on and it didn’t work!

  309. Foxy says:

    I think the shader brightness calls the glichy trees

  310. TheRealWreck says:

    It is soo laaaagggy beacuse it works on the tablets only. WELL COMPUTERS ARE BETTER!!!! So why not make a pack for the computer?! I’m kinda jelous because my cousin has it on his ipad and it dosent work for my windows 10. Otherwise, grerat job, luv the shaders!

  311. Xzandort says:


    I’m saying that there is a issue with the clouds cause instead of having a beautiful sky it’s just a world sized regular textured cloud. Plz send help

  312. Mehdi says:

    A little disappointed

  313. Iamfantastic says:

    The leaf is broken

  314. bla says:

    it doesnt work

  315. John Caius Tinio says:

    Its tooo beutiful that its actually making my gmae crash pls fix it hell everyone’s having the same problem.

  316. Darksorcer says:

    Four thoe who are reading the comments im running the ultra on my ipad minni 3.thare is lag when u first load a world but that is normal after the world is loaded it should run fine maybe smal lag spikes her and thare but thats to be expected it is a great shader I recommend it

  317. Mcpe? says:

    Do they work on mcpe

  318. FoxyRawr says:

    Love these shaders! Especially the Ultra ones! I love the water so much too!

  319. BaccaNarwal123 says:

    Next Update Can U Make It Less Darker And More Brighter? I Cant See When Im Undertround Thanks

  320. Awesome add ons says:

    what do we want, this shaders !!! what do we want It for windows 10 !!! What do we want information about when it will be out for windows 10 !!! when do we want it NOW !!!!

  321. Prince says:

    Everything is okay except the water , it no longer flows.

  322. TTD94 says:

    Awesome! Only problems are:
    The leaves are really glitchy on my device, and the End Portal looks weird.
    *in some spots of the end it glitches, and looks normal for a few seconds, then goes back to vanilla Minecraft.

  323. Aleks says:

    i love thes website

  324. Zee says:

    I’m a big fan of your work it’s just astonishing! Though, I am facing a problem: every time I download one of your shader (or any shader) the animations of the water and the plants just freeze, and there is no way for me to get it to move again. It works at the first use but it freezes afterward. Can you help? Does it come from my phone?
    Well anyway good work, keep on working this hard?

  325. CrystalWinter says:

    I need help… I downloaded the medium shader thing then it crashed my game…… I need help plz……

  326. Sri landmark says:

    Guys, please stop saying “fix the lag”. Lag isn’t something that is “fixed”. Do you honestly think that when you are using a shaders that is based off the most realistic pc shaders that it would be a bit intensive on the device you are using. Do any of you think that everything can run anything for some reason? Do you think that what you are holding is magic hand-crafted by the gods? Do you even bother to read anything before you download it? (It said that you will probably need a high end device for ultra, and I am guessing that’s why you are having issues) Keep that up and before you know it you will have loads of viruses. So, for Pete’s sake, read the darn thing before you spill your complaints.

  327. CrystalWinter says:

    I need help……. Everytime I put the shaders on it crashes my game…. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Can someone help me pls I rly want to test this shaders…..

  328. AMVsGalore says:

    The flowing water is not working it looks kind of like slowly flowing ice.

  329. AVRGN says:

    Can you tell me the difference between the test shader and the normal one?

  330. The_Plasma says:

    The shaders performance is great on my game but it does lag my GUI when I try to steer the screen it would seem to be slower than normal (though the game is not lagging the interface is) especially when I look at water sensitivity becomes weak. I’m on an IPad Air 2 new release please help me here. (Though turning sensitivity on is working) good work though and keep it up I hope it becomes as good as the pc version and a bit more supprotive with lag. I also recommend using the chroma hills 128×128 pack, Faithful 4×64 pack , and the John smith legacy 32×32 pack it just works along great. Please tell Gabriel Paxiao to add movements for the player’s shadow and add shadows for mobs as well as if possible add moving shadows. The water in the beta test is so much better than the ultra shaders water. Add reflections like the original one. This shaders is truly the best for mcpe currently and will stay that way if you keep on improving the establishment. BRAVO Gabriel Paxiao. Editor this comment needs to be seen by Paxiao and as always thumbs up for MCPEDL

  331. Cecil says:

    It wont inport on w10 it says failed to inport im useing version 1.0.6!!!!

  332. Cecil says:


  333. ClayGaming49 says:

    The shaders test does work on 1.0.5

  334. RoboWriter says:

    On the ultra can you add where if you hold a torch it emits light from your hand? Thanks!

    • The_Plasma says:

      I’m sorry but I’m not sure if moving resource capabilities have the capability to add moving shadows or like what you just said. Mcpe still is a very young game just enjoy what you have currently

  335. chad says:

    make it for windows 10

  336. rod says:

    in 1.0.6 full version the flowing water is working man

  337. SasukeSayajin says:

    Can you make it compatible for Win 10 Please?

  338. ReactorCore17 says:

    If you are on iOS, you might want to read this. (Doesn’t concern the shader, but very vualuble information) Just so every knows, (spread the word!) you can now officially copy and paste as of April 13, 2017. Make sure you have latest iOS (or latest as possible) and mope 1.0.6, which has been very recently released. If you look on you pop up “keyboard” in the top left, you will see 3 buttons. (which also appears inside command blocks or any text related thing in MCPE) the two arrows on the left (most likely the undo and redo buttons), and then the button that resembles a clipboard. If you copy and paste something, such as a command (remember, as of 1.0.5(and1.0.6 so far) you DO NOT copy the backslash when using command blocks. Anyways, once you have copied what you want, double tap your home screen so you can switch back and forth to mcpe and the source of whatever you are copying from. You go inside the command block or chat/text box and make sure that the box is selected. ( you should see this symbol 🙂 [the two dots { : }. Once you see the : symbol, (or you are able to type) click on the clipboard icon. Depending on the size of the command or Text will decide how long the command will take to paste, so give it a minute. (It doesn’t take much more that 30 seconds for medium sized commandblock creations. {still, it WILL work eventually}, Hope this helped! Please let me know if you are having issues! Good luck, and please let me know if you find a command block creation that works, or if you have any ideas or things for me that I could change/make. (Also, copy and paste this onto other MCPE cites that need help with this subject. Thanks!

    • ReactorCore17 says:

      Sorry the 😊 Emoji wasn’t supposed to be there. Also, remember, the symbol was the two dots, (:) {you should be able to tell though}

  339. WolfiePlays says:

    Dear Editor:
    I have a few things to say,first is that if it is possible,can you make the same shader into a higher pack like a ultra mega?
    Second: I tired the test pack and it was very laggy.Plus the tress & grass don’t move:(
    Third : Yes, I’m playing on an iPad mini (IOS device) and my iPad needs high quality and stuff like that.
    Fourth: Just a random question but do you work for Mojang?Plus when is the new update coming out?🤔

    Thanks For Reading!

  340. Lance says:

    Hey there, A moment ago I watched a video with this shader on. I thought it would be cool to be added in my game and when i tried to install the pack in it only ends up crashing the game and it wont response after installing. Any way to fix this?

  341. Annoyamous says:

    This is the best thing I have saw in Mcpedl but the jungle leaves do not move like the oat and birch.

  342. Chad says:

    Make it for Windows 10 now!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. William says:

    I have dowloaded the ultra pack and it Work good,but There is not waving leaves or grass or weather,and the weather is so laggy,sory for my bad inglish,i speak spanish.

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