SinglePlayer Economy Mod

The SinglePlayer Economy Mod adds an in-game economy system to the game. You can choose between two different jobs and earn money by completing simple tasks. The money can be used for purchasing items and kits. At this point in time it is quite basic but we can definitely see it got great potential if the mod continues to be updated.

Creator: CatGirl678

Press the Economy Menu button on the right side of the screen to open the economy menu. Here you can select to enter the Shop and Jobs menu.


Let’s begin by having a look at the different existing jobs. Tap on either of the jobs to get the job.

  • Miner: As a miner you earn money by mining blocks.
  • Lumberjack: As a lumberjack you can earn money by cutting down trees.

In this case, I decided to get a job as a lumberjack. After some hard work I had earned enough money to start purchasing stuff.


Open the Economy Menu and go to Shop. Currently there are just a few different things you can buy but hopefully there will be more in the short future. I decided to buy some diamonds.


You can quit your job at any time and select another job. Type /help in the chat to get help in-game.

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MediaFire)

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33 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. FlamingRubyGame says:

    Can you make these two mods plzz and work on multiplayer

    Lucky Block Mod
    ORES+ Mod plzz can they work in multiplayer
    Also can you tell the creator of Comes Alive Pe Mod to update it plzz
    Does this mod work in multiplayer

  2. FlamingRubyGame says:

    Can you update the mod soon plz because other creators just say they are gonna update it and they never do it. ALSO DOES THE MOD WORK IN MULTIPLAYER

  3. TheDiamondNebula says:

    i think your mod is great and i have a solid knowledge of modding mcpe so i would like to help you in updating your mod, i also know how to make basic gui. 🙂

  4. TT 1028 says:

    This mod is cool but could use some updating.

  5. Anoynimouse says:

    pls add a reset button for money

  6. Zero777 says:

    Editor. Im in a littlle bit of trouble. The Economy Menu didnt show

  7. Robin says:

    Please let us be a farmer

  8. risk says:

    this is for mcpe v15?

  9. Diego Trujano says:

    How do you make the money

  10. TjensenV says:

    Also can you add builder as a job??????

  11. Erick says:

    where I can find that skin ?

  12. James says:

    How do you install the mod into your minecraft pe without using block launcher?

  13. Majorme9821 says:

    Is there a way to add my own block type for a miner, i added iron ore with the var iron==15; and created the if statement to check the block im breaking, but when i play it isnt adding to the balance.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please make on apple

  15. Paulodkkk says:

    Loved the mod simple and useful

  16. Davis Madere says:

    How do you install the mod???

  17. Jayden says:

    How do you know how much money you got?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can you make this work with multiplayer and work in Minecraft PE?
    The download isn’t working for me.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sounds really cool I’m going to download it

  20. KDM says:

    Hey Editor, MediaFire isn’t working for me it just sends me to a page of code. How do I fix this?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Every time I try to download it on mediafire the code just comes up

  22. Domantas says:

    This mod is great but there is a big if u break granite your money goes CRAZY heres an example
    You have 120$
    And then i break 5 granite
    You have 1201010101010$
    Something like this and if u want me show a video i can do that

  23. Domantas says:

    And when i make a shop sign and exit the world and come back the signs dosnt work and it gives error thats wrong with something the error is something about *ToString*
    Please fix

  24. Marshmellow 878 says:

    This addon seems really cool because I was looking for some kind of job addon but when I try to download it, both of the downloads are code files and my other addons from this website are always proper Minecraft files so I’m unsure how to download this as I don’t have a .Minecraft folder like this mod was probably meant for. 🙁

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