Super Sweet Survival [Survival]

Super Sweet Survival is a huge survival with too many features to count. The entire map was built in survival mode, so this means that achievements are still available. Right at spawn you will find lots of chests packed with loot to quickly get you going in your survival adventure. It’s a great map for anyone who want to jump-start their progress in a survival world!

Creator: KidsourceTwitter Account


At spawn you will spawn inside the house as seen in the screenshot down below. There you will find lots chests stacked with all kinds of items which you might need on your next survival adventures. When you are done exploring the spawn area, find the road to the village. The road is marked with a sign and runs just around the garden of the cobblestone house.

It’s a very load road but eventually it will you to a big village. There are many things to explore along the road though.

The second village features an upgraded cobblestone mansion, fitted with the best equipment.


  • Spawn point house with multiple packed chests
  • Road system to locate the best features
  • Multiple Nether Portals
  • Big village with lots of villagers nad iron golems
  • Resources like food, tools, weapons, armor and much more
  • Marked access to 3 ravines
  • Marked access to a mineshaft
  • Marked access to a Nether Fortress
  • Map built entirely in survival mode so achievements are available



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40 Responses

4.33 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Dragon Girl says:

    Yay first comment!

  2. Matti says:

    First comment I think and by the way there’s a typo “Big village with lots of villagers and iron golems.” Can you fix it? Anyways great Survival world!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing! I just lost all my enchanted diamond gear in my last survival world and haven’t been bothered to play survival for weeks.

    This should give me a headstart to where I was before- we really need more survival-made maps!

  4. Jordan Davis says:

    Do any servers use this map?

  5. Boi says:

    This look cool

  6. Reach says:

    I need that for my survival world

  7. Zdksmith says:

    This is a great map

  8. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me download 🙁

  9. ZachtheDeath says:

    U lied the achievments dont work:(

    • Kidsource says:

      Wow, what a rude comment. I am the map builder, and I can assure you the map was built in survival mode. My original link is the ‘dropbox’ link above. It has been tested by me and ten other testers on ten different devices prior to posting. Unless you changed the settings in the map, achievements would be available. The other ‘media fire’ links are posted by the Editor here on MCPEDL, and I have not tested them. I assume they all link to my original, and the Editor here is awesome…. top notch. So, sorry you had that problem, but no one lied to you.

      • InsecureGaming (is my name awsome ?) says:

        hey FRAUD i SPAWN in in a snow books and the worst there’s a lot of creepers so if you dude who gonna download this fake thing then do it download this thing please it’s fake and the creator who reading this HAPPY APRIL FOOLS (just kidding it’s not APRIL fools not yeah) love us map bro

  10. jen says:


  11. SuperManiac999 says:

    Don’t want to start off from scratch even though I’m a pro this looks like a cool map

  12. SuperManiac999 says:

    Don’t let me play cause the ip address

  13. Gaming Hero says:

    Best Map ever thxs for making this map

  14. Gaming Hero says:

    Sry for not rating.

  15. August Summers says:

    It is an awesome map and I love it

  16. Jeff says:

    I’m lovin it !:-) (0oO) trade mark registration McDonald’s

  17. Roomyminer says:

    The music is from Notoreity which is the roblox version of payday2

  18. Kidsource says:

    Thanks for trying out our map everyone!

  19. Mikki says:

    My media fire mcworld link doesn’t work 🙁

  20. Aziah says:

    Your welcome

  21. Aziah says:

    Can you fix when I enter the nether I end up in the end pls fix. Anyways great map

  22. Answer me says:

    Will it not laggy?
    On smartphone low end spec like 1 gb of ram, octa-core 1gb GPU 400-MP Mali

  23. Legendarygamer says:

    This map is amazing and the builds are cool

  24. Legendarygamer says:

    And the cave is so many recourse wow

  25. Yo boiiiii says:

    Hi ummm, I think this was a bug but when I spawned in there were mostly giant holes going down to the void… is this just me???

  26. Yo boiiiii says:

    Hi!!! Umm I think this was a bug or something but when I spawned in there were mostly giant holes going all the way down to the void… is this just me??? Help…

  27. Aarjit says:

    Hey creator of this map …..I think this world is haunted because when i was stair mining (mining by making stairs i reached bedrock the i gone 5 blocks up and i make some rooms for mining then i was looking at my sisters tablet (she was playing survival games )then suddenly in the room someone hit me then i was lokking around and i checked the world there was no one in the world and later on on that room someone pit me on fire ..idk how this happened but there was noone else in the world except me …i was soo creeped out i thought it was (Herobrine) idk how this happened so i deleted the world

  28. Linkn says:

    It’s really good

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why did you get all the ores?!

  30. Danlover says:

    Let’s see how “good” this is

  31. Hussain says:

    This map looks fantastic but unfortunately the website did not let me download the map on any of the links please fix this as I urgently want to play this map

  32. Furkan says:

    Nice Map

  33. Spooglydoop says:

    You say it’s made in survival but then how did you make the trailer?

  34. Minecraft God says:

    Well. Dis survival is not as god as my survival woled I hav infinite diamonds but dis is sill gud

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