The Lines [Parkour]

The Lines is a really unique and cool parkour map with 10 different levels. It’s a really trippy experience which involves many different jumping challenges in an almost complete dark environment but with some lines to guide your way through the obstacle course. But you have to careful and watch out for the red lines as they are there to distort your vision!

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website): MCPEtraswen (Owner), FogzGamez (Co-Owner), LumaCheete (Manager), jobetyk (Main Builder), McMCPE1234 (Tester), AmazingGamerPH (Renderer)

Important Note: If you have eye or retina problems then you should avoid playing this map.


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14 Responses

5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. RayzYT says:

    Cool Map

  2. Jordan says:

    Really fun and cool I love all of your parkour maps

  3. Daymine_482 says:

    Yeah, it’s nice

  4. HirwrC says:

    There is important note which says when I have eye problems I should not play this map. Do I have to be afraid of something when I’m using glasses?

  5. Olivares says:

    The BEST map on the world

  6. DaLordofDerp says:

    Another great map.

  7. GamerPanda600 says:

    Great texture pack! This is very hard. 🙂

  8. ZIYAD GAMING says:

    The best parkour

  9. Pandajam79 says:

    Yes I love the SkyGames maps.

    If you didn’t know they launch a server an February 7th. CANT WAIT

  10. Xander rudz says:

    Hey this Mcpedl is to download The Minecraft Pe map and minigames And Texture or Add-on and Mod

  11. shehab says:

    the map is very very very cool

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