Wooden Cobra [Roller Coaster]

The Wooden Cobra is a grand roller coaster which has been built in a normal forest biome. It will take you through a mix of places. Everything from old mines to farms. If this was real life it would definitely be scary. But as it’s Minecraft, it’s less scary, but still definitely worth a try if you like roller coasters.

Creator: Orcalover37

roller-coaster-2 roller-coaster-1 roller-coaster-3


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6 Responses

  1. Brodie says:

    Hi could mcpedl.com please add every
    Thing for iOS

  2. Hi says:

    How can you download this via .mcworld?

  3. Minecraft lord15 says:

    Can u add a .mcworld file? also how do u upload maps?

  4. Hi says:

    Can you guys make a turbo or race car map for my brother? Or a yoshie 3ds for my other brother?

  5. Chloe says:

    Make it so that iPad can play 😡

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