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Hulk Addon

The Hulk Addon introduces two new mobs to Minecraft. The first and most known one is the Hulk. He’s a fictional superhero with an extreme physical strength. The second mob is the Hulk Buster. He’s...


Go Through Addon

This is an addon which makes it possible to walk through walls and fall through the ground. It’s useful in case you need to more easily explore an area and don’t want to be limited by...


Marine Addon

The Marine Addon is the first functional boat add-on for Minecraft. It includes a sailboat, a jet ski and a speed boat and each of them exist in three different colors. The controlling mechanism is slightly different for...


Mouse Add-on

This is an add-on which replaces the silverfish with a mouse. The mouse is naturally hostile towards players which it will chase after and bite if given the chance. If you want an easy...