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Cthulhu Addon

Cthulhu is an ancient creature who is thought to live in the sea, maybe neighboring Godzilla. It’s a giant monster which looks similar to an octopus except that it’s obviously much bigger and also have...


Redstone Mechanic Addon

This addon replaces 18 of the vanilla mobs in Minecraft with new redstone mobs. It includes things such as a fully functional flying chair, helpful turrets but also evil robots who have no other...


Ancient Creatures Addon

This add-on resurrects the ancient and legendary creatures of long forgotten times. Most of the new mobs are more dangerous than those which they replace and this means that the gameplay also gets more difficult....


Water Bike Addon

The Water Bike Addon is a great option for anyone who like traveling on water but aren’t necessarily a huge fan of boats. It’s not the easiest vehicle to control but it is definitely possible. The design...


The Ender Boss Addon

The Ender Boss is the lord of all Endermen and they are never late to come and assist their lords when a fight breaks out. It’s one of the most dangerous mobs which you can possibly find...


Wither Demon Boss Addon

This addon replaces one of the mobs in-game with a wither demon boss. It can fly, move through walls and also shoot dangerous projectiles at players. It’s quite similar to the wither boss in terms of...