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Redstone Mechanic Addon

Redstone Mechanic is an add-on which replaces 25 vanilla mobs with awesome Redstone mobs! It also adds a whole bunch of new items such as underwater helmets and powerful weapons. You can also ride...


Soul Crawler Add-on

This add-on implements a new monster to the game known as the Soul Creeper. It can be found mostly everywhere in the Overworld and is an extreme danger to come across in your world....


Slenderman Add-on

Slenderman is a faceless fictional character who is often described as a creepy stalker who abducts children and does other bad stuff. This addon replaces spiders with two different versions of the Slenderman. You really...


Snowgrunt Addon

The Snow Golem has evolved into a very dangerous snowman called Snowgrunt! It’s considered a boss because of its immense powers which includes things such as more attack styles and boosted health. The model and...