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Shulker Boxes Mod (Android)

A shulker box is an official feature available in the PC version for Minecraft. However, Pocket Edition is still a little behind and doesn’t have this feature yet. But if you can’t wait and want...


Wireless Redstone Mod (Android)

This mod adds a couple of new redstone components which makes it possible for redstone signal to be transmitted wirelessly. It also adds some other blocks which will greatly improve your ability to build awesome redstone...


More Pistons Mod

The More Pistons Mod adds 9 new pistons to the game. The difference from the ordinary piston is that these have longer piston arms. They are really useful as they provide a better range for pushing...


More TNT Mod

The More TNT Mod adds 10 new TNT blocks to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most of the blocks will cause some kind of destructive outcome (such as huge explosions) but some of them will cause less harmful effects such as water...