Billey’s Mobs Add-on (1.8+)

This is an add-on which implements 6 brand-new mobs to the game. The mobs include everything from sea creatures such as the Angler Fish and Swordfish to mobs which live on land such as the Skeleton Cat. It’s a great addition to the game if you want to experience something completely new in Minecraft!

Creator: billeyzambie

Angler Fish

  • Health: 11.5 hearts
  • Damage: 5 hearts + poison for 30 seconds
  • Attacks: cods, players and monsters
  • Spawns in oceans
  • Drops: cod and bones
  • Has 6 variants and 1 rare golden variant that drops precious things, its light glows in the dark


  • Health: 20 hearts
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: Anglerfishes, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: cod and bones
  • Spawns in oceans


  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5 hearts + slowness for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: cod and bones
  • Spawns in oceans


  • Health: 60 hearts
  • Damage: 1.5 hearts(will be increased soon)
  • Attacks: Every 10 minutes it gets hungry for 1 minute then it’s not hungry again for 10 minutes and this keeps happening, when it’s hungry it attacks:
  • anglerfishes, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Spawns at oceans

Zombie Cat

  • Wild:
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack zombie cats) and players(sometimes)
    • Spawns in jungle nights
    • burns in daylight
    • tameable with fish
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Completely peaceful with normal cats

Skeleton Cat

Similar as the Zombie Cat but it’s tameable with Netherwart and brings you random Nether items when you wake up. It’s also neutral to players but sometimes an aggressive skeleton cat spawns in its place which attacks players and normal cats.

Changes to the existing cat mob

Healable with fish, spawns at jungles but still also spawns at villages.


You can tame the ocean mobs with cods or salmons(you can also tame cods but with seeds). Taming a mob will make it stop attacking other tamed mobs, but it will still eat wild mobs, also taming an anglerfish makes it friendly to its “owner” and neutral to other players.

Terms of Use

  1. No making money out of this add-on using something other than a non-clickbait video.
  2. No using this for clickbait videos or videos that give false information.
  3. You must put the MCPEDL link in the description if you make a video.
  4. No claiming this add-on as yours, modifying and uploading it, etc. Keep in mind that selling others people’s content online is illegal.
  5. No doing other nonsense crap like the things above, because I didn’t say something it doesn’t mean that you can do it.
    have fun!

Report bugs in my Discord server or tag/DM me in Twitter @billeyzambie


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world.
  3. Create the world.

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47 Responses

4.75 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. AzozGamer936 says:


  2. billeyzambie says:

    if the mobs are invisible and the eggs are black then use this link to download:

  3. billeyzambie says:

    Can you change “crap” to things? Crap is considered a swear word by some people and I regret saying it

  4. Nick says:

    It would be nice to see anglerfish spawn in underwater caves and only come out at night but goes back in daytime and that they also spawn near the bottom of the ocean and not near the surface, just a suggestion

  5. EntityDestroy says:

    I’ve been waiting for different cats, thanks😉

  6. Martian Player says:

    Pls add lochness monster!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great add-on! I like the mob concepts but I don’t like the add-on name (in my opinion, no offense dude). Also add zombie wolves and skeleton wolves too. Great job.

  8. Salutations! says:

    Could someone possibly make an addon that adds more golems to mc? That would be great, also 10/10 addon great ideas with zombie/skeleton cat! 😀

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. . says:

    Can you add Phoenix?

  11. Tri says:

    1.9 can ?

  12. Ahsan says:

    Awesome work dude!!!!

  13. Themax says:

    Great content , however , the orca is way too small and should have more lives and damages . Hope you add more aquatic and flying creatures .

  14. Whooshp says:

    Will more animals come?

  15. EeveeDev says:

    Is it compatible with beta

  16. SoheabTheKing says:

    its amazing

  17. Anonymous says:

    Poor sound effects, nice models, buggy

  18. DriesGaming27 says:

    Absolutely great addon. 10/10. can i make a video about it?
    plz bill reply

  19. Fred says:

    It’s amazing I love it. I just can’t stop playing with it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think a Pheonix will be awesome!
    love the mercat

  21. Snipji says:

    It’s a great addon. Could you possibly add more fish in the following updates, that would be great. For example the Chemaera and the Oarfish.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please add skeleton wolf and Zombie wolf

  23. Deo4150 says:

    Please add Skeleton Wolf and Zombie Wolf

  24. arwin says:

    Billey’s mob is cool

  25. Nobody says:

    I haven’t used it yet but I can already tell it’s awesome. If you use this and the animacraft add_on you have lots of new mobs. Makes animacraft a better add_on in a way. Also I have a suggestion: can you add giraffes and sharks?? Just one of them is fine. But I would like both more. Thanks for reading!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I agree with nobody

  27. GachaCrafter says:

    Hey billey i have a suggestion can u make tameable orcas and make them rideable?

  28. Shishigami says:


    • Bill says:

      It’s literally on the post, click on “Download Resources and Behaviors.mcaddon” then wait 5 secs, click on skip ad then close the ad link and download the add-on from mediafire

  29. Burntninjas says:

    Get rid of the cats pls😊

  30. GachaCrafter says:

    And also keep the small orcas pls

  31. Swallow says:


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