Demogorgon Add-on (1.8+)

Demogorgon is a monster from the popular TV show called “Stranger Things”. It’s immensely powerful with 80 health and 10 attack damage. Targeting and attacking a Demogorgon is extremely tricky as if you attack one then all of them in your surroundings will focus on you. They have some crazy animations as well!

Creator: Jujustyle7Twitter Account


  • Added entity
  • Health: 80
  • Attack damage: 10


Gameplay Video


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Enable Experimental Gameplay in the world settings
  4. Create the world

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50 Responses

4.85 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Très bon travail. Great talent ! Amazing Addon. Thanx Jujustyle

  3. JujuStyle7 says:

    Please Note: in the new beta there is a bug with Minecraft. Any custom entities will have missing models or will be invisible. If you are in , do not update it to!

  4. thedarkcube says:

    I was really excited to play with this but unfortunately a new beta just came out and broke the add-on… I’m sad

  5. DefaultDan says:

    For some reason whenever I go in a game with the addon on my game crashes.
    Can you please fix that

  6. GotriX says:

    Why is it invisible, huh?

  7. NotNickedicial says:

    Can you make a full Stranger Things mod??

  8. XboxBeta says:

    This is creepy 😱👻 great job! 😀

  9. Deafening sound says:

    For some reason when I have the addon enabled and join a game my minecraft would crash.
    Please fix it

  10. TheEnderNinja22 says:

    Really great add-on! The animations and sounds make it even more terrifying! Can’t wait to see more add-ons from you

  11. Salutations! says:

    This is so awsome I love it, 10/10 please add more demogorgon growth stages! Example
    Slug grows into pollywog into frog, frog into trex demogorgon and then into demodog then finally into the demogorgon
    (Also if your feeling ambitious maybe an addon that turns the nether into the upside down?)

  12. Xcraft13 says:

    Lol, it’s from StrangerThings movie
    Make more characters from like Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Hopper from the movie 👍👍👍

  13. IOSGamingHQ says:

    Oh My goodness the animation is insane!!!
    You should try make an animated AT-AT next!

  14. Ahsan says:

    the texture looks like from minecraft stranger things skin pack. GOOD JOB!!!!

  15. BekfastG says:

    Why doesn’t it work! I download it then create the world aanndd it crashes please fix.

  16. car says:

    Can someone make a super car addon with this plssss this would be super cool

  17. car says:

    Pls make super cars with this at least make 5 a lambo,ferrari,bugahti,mustang and a formula 1 car and if you can add 2 motors

  18. SkeletorFury says:

    Dear Editor
    This addon is great among other monster addons,but can make a godzilla addon with a great texture because this addon has a great concept and resource.

  19. Doctordragonwho says:

    Cool I’ll get it once the update comes out .ps can you make a mario add on

  20. NobodyKing0 says:

    Doesn’t work. I’m in 1.8 beta and I have the official mcpe 1.8 beta purchased from the play store. Tried reinstalling it about 3 times and it still says its missing something. Also redownloaded it 2 times. When I spawn it I hear the sounds but nothing appears. Please fix this, this mod is a next step towards pc equivalent mods in mcpe and I really want to try it for myself.

  21. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Omg i just cant get enough of this mouth animation

  22. TextureGamer says:

    OMG this is amazing!
    Will you do an Alien vs Predator add-on? That would be awsome!

  23. ThatGuy says:

    You guys should make realistic shark with cool animations like it can bump you or open its mouth and eat you, and amazing addon.

  24. ThatGuy says:

    Amazing a separate shark addon would be very cool this is the best horror addon ever

  25. Loyd5x says:

    Can you make this mob spawn in the nether please? Andd give,it a very small chance of it appearing in the overworld forests(like an alien appearing somewhere get it?) ? I feel as if it would fit in minecraft very well as a nether creature.

  26. Edward says:

    Can you make a Pokemon add-on 😁 ? Please make a Pokemon add-on it will be awesome .

  27. GAMINTAO says:

    Some one please create a ww2 tank ADD-ON without replacing a entities

  28. yupguy65 says:

    I wish this was a stranger things addon… where all characters are there…

  29. Jareds61 says:

    Can u plz make it for 1.7, I love the animation and design on it. But I don’t have 1.8, and I don’t know how to get it without jailbreaking! So can u plz update it to 1.7! But keep it for 1.8 if u can, cause I don’t want to make it unfair again. But if u can.

  30. Sieltje says:

    I love the camouflage doors

  31. Nikernius says:

    Chernobyl monster 😂😂😂 i youtuber go recor video in chernobyl S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl

  32. Realms says:

    Can you add xenomorphs, venom, and maybe demogorgon xenomorph hybrid

  33. D’Marion says:

    I just got this CRAZY idea for an Addons for I know the creator probably took days to make this, but I was wondering, what if we had another SPOOKY monster lurking in the night? I thought, “This monster could be attracted to movement and sound!” and then it hit me. An ‘A Quiet Place’ Monster Addon! It would be so awesome!! Please take deep consideration in this!

  34. Carlkachu says:

    Dis da one fron Strage things Ritwle And gotta say iTs Sppoookeey

  35. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Muito legal
    Podia criar o addon dos mutantes criaturas com animações

  36. NinjsThadius says:

    Can you make a biome giants add on it will be cool with animations😀😀😃 plzzzzzzz if you do I would br happy

  37. Anonymous says:

    I added the add-on when I made the world and turned on the experimental setting and it still doesn’t show up :/

  38. Anonymous says:

    does not work this sucks

  39. EthanHelliwell says:

    demogorgon Was invisible and i cant see demogorgon and i can only see the shadow and can you fix it please

  40. Samuel says:

    See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

  41. Urgent Message To Editor says:

    Beta 1.8.14 don’t work.

  42. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t even appear

    I’m in 1.9

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