Doctor Who Tardis [Creation]

This is to date one of the most advanced TARDIS creations for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The TARDIS is fully functional and can be used for traveling to several different planets which exist in the Doctor Who universe. The planets include locations like Skaro, Gallifrey and others. But that’s not all, it also adds 10 new mobs to the game such as the Dalek and the Time Lords!

Creator: DingDong61Twitter Account
Updated: 21 February, 2018 (read changelog)


The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is a time machine and spacecraft which you can use to travel to a whole hoop of different planets and locations. You can swap between 17 different control rooms which each got different functionalities. It’s recommended to spend some time inside the TARDIS before heading out there to explore the rest of the universe.


Gallifrey: This location includes a big terrain but the main attraction here is the Citadel. At the Citadel you will find hostile Time Lords and the Sisters of Karn, so be careful. At the lower level there will spawn villagers and if you are lucky a robot dog will spawn.

Skaro: This place is perfect if you are in need of mining Dalekanium. There are a lot of spawners around the Daley City so be careful.

Mondas: A frozen waste land with abandoned villagers and a large factory which you can explore. The Cybermen are hiding a secret beneath the factory. A lot of spawners here so make sure you don’t go here unarmed.

Trenzalore: Go and visit the Trenzalore Graveyard and pay your respects to fallen friends. This is an imported Nether biome.

Mars: Visit a copy of the Bowie Base One, complete with a crew, but minus the killer water. Go out on an adventure and explore the deserted landscapes to see what Mars has to offer.

The Moon: Go to a small lunar base. There are some minerals, but be careful and watch out for the local pests.

Important Notes: Mondas and the Moon are setup so that there will always be night when you travel there by the Tardis. It won’t rain on Mars or the Moon. The haze in the far distance in the sky is a layer of glass to keep out the rain.

Other Features

  • All mobs have been replaced by creatures from Doctor Who (Doctor Who Mobs Pack)
  • The Tardis is a retextured Armor Stand – A ticking area for each destination to teleport the entity. No key, still, because the game has a problem of recognizing player holding it to activate the teleport. All pets and animals can enter the Tardis (no security system)
  • Replaced the Fishing Rod with a Sonic Screwdriver. It causes long ranged damage and inflicts slowness effect on targets. Default texture for the Sonic Screwdriver is the one used by the 9th / 10th Doctor. There are textures for the rest, but those have to be loaded as a separate resource pack (see .ZIP file)

Video Review

Extra Credits

Most of the maps are imported from Java Edition. Here’s a full list of credits.


Update 4a:

  • Resized Tardis Consoles
  • Changed Tardis Flight Controls. Now only one lever controls the Flight mode. Just pull the lever once and it will handle take off and landing.
  • Tardis Flight and Landing sound has been replaced from two separate sounds to one single sound. And it is the actual flight and landing sound of the Tardis.
  • Weather Controls removed from Consoles.
  • Repositioned the Controls of the Console on different versions to be more reflective of where the Doctor stood while launching the Tardis.
  • Retextured Cookie to look like a Jammie Dodger.
  • Retextured Compass to look like a Key.
  • Updated the lighting around the Tardis to help prevent random mobs spawns.
  • Re-wrote the Tardis Manual. Placed a chest in the library filled with extra copies.
  • New Room added. Super Secret Stuff. Chests with stacks of Invisible Bedrock, Stonecutters, Glowing Obsidian Blocks, Portal Blocks, End Gateway blocks, and Nether Reactor Cores.
  • New Feature. The Key when dropped will teleport the Tardis Police Box to you. Just remember to pick it back up afterwards.


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86 Responses

4.73 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. DingDong61 says:

    FYI, the Resource and Behavior pack includes the mob pack. No need to download the Doctor Who Mobs Pack.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The tardis make to much sound😡

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not counting the games ambient and background sounds, the Tardis only makes sounds at three points.

      1. During the flight of the Tardis. To simulate the vroop vroop sound the Tardis makes while in flight on the show, Blaze Breathe is put on a repeating command block and is a decent stand in. On the show, the vroop vroop sound plays until the Tardis has landed.

      2. When you land the Tardis, the command block underneath stops the Blaze Breathe sound and plays the Ender Dragon Hit sound and does not repeat it until the next time the lever is activated.

      3. In the Cloister room, there is a lever. If you pull the lever, it will play the use_totem sound, which I replaced with the cloister bell sound from the show.

      So, I am not sure, which one are you specifically mentioning as playing too much.

      • Jeremy Winstead says:

        Hello! It’s me again! I just wanted to ask your permission if I could use this addon and features of other addons(Mainly Jurassic Craft-For the dinosaurs so I can add prehistoric eras to the map- and The Astronomic Expansion Addon-For the custom items-) to create one super-map(and super-addon)! I won’t claim it as my own-The work will be credited- And I was hoping that you could possibly try to teach me how to properly make models and stuff, and we could maybe work together on this project? That’s only if you aren’t too busy,of course! And if you’re interested(In working together, I mean), I have a TON of ideas on things for the Doctor Who Addon! If you are interested in working together, just contact me(It can be with gmail, Google Hangouts, the Facebook messenger app, or just in a reply to this message)! I really like your work! It is absolutely magnificent!!! Keep it up! -Sincerely(And Enthusiastically), Jeremy.

  3. slumberycape177 says:

    FINALLY FINALLY HALLELUJAH!! I have been waiting for this I even have the original!!!!!!!

  4. MarySays says:

    This is so cool! I’ve seen a couple of TARDIS maps before, but none of them have as many features, including a custom resource and sound pack! This is awesome, you clearly worked very hard on it, and I think it’s quite accurate. Awesome map!

  5. KingsguardMCPE says:

    Can you please change the tardis taking off sound to the original one and can you also let us have the option to go to the overworld and maybe because it’s doctor who the overworld could be a city so London perhaps. Please can you change that. But besides that your map is amazing!

    • DingDong61 says:

      Would like to, but adding new sounds didn’t exactly work. Can only replace existing sounds. Couldn’t find a sound I was willing to replace to get the actual Tardis flight sound. While I was able to add one new sound file, the cloister bell sound, it did not work all the time. It was too unreliable to be used on a regular basis. And yes, I did attempt use the Tardis flight sound with the cloister file name. Hopefully in the future it will change that we can add sounds without replacing others.

      I did want to have more locations, including a version of London, but lag became an issue, and wanted to include more exotic locations from Doctor Who.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Now you’ve gone and done it. I started thinking about how to incorporate the actual flight sounds. The problems with that were multiple.

      One being the sound to replace. Of course, I replaced the use_totem sound for the cloister bell. I could find an alternative for the cloister bell or just remove it all together and replace the use_totem with the Tardis Flight sound. However, I would need to find a second sound to replace for the landing sound. Not to mention the current console controls are setup for two separate controls that handle the launching and landing.

      It would require a complete reworking of the flight controls. Preposterous! Outrageous! What a completely idio…. wait, one minute… just one minute… Of course! If I rework the controls that handle the flight of the Tardis in a similar fashion like I did with the Classic Time Rotor activation, and I use one sound that incorporates the take off and landing in one sound file, and work out the timings so it would activate the command blocks for the launch and landing procedures at the right times, I could do it.

      So now, I will be working on that as well. Currently working on the alternative skins for the Police Box and the models for the Dalek/Creeper head and the Cyberman/Zombie head; but it is now added to the list. Thanks for sparking the idea of how-to.

  6. Foxcatgaming2 says:

    Imam a big fan of doctor who thank you so much for making this!😹

  7. LukeIsCool4899 says:

    Can I download them individually ? Thank you have a great day

  8. JPplayer1993 says:

    This is my dream come true because this is really alike to the dalek mod thank you for doing this I hope that there will be a custom exterior mode!

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you mean the Dalek Mod from SWDTeam, they were my inspiration for doing this. If you mean a custom exterior mode for the Tardis, that is something I have planned. The only reason it isn’t in yet was time constraints. I pushed the release date back 3 times and didn’t want to push it back another. The Tardis as an entity wasn’t possible until the last update fixed the problem with teleporting entities into a ticking area.

  9. DingDong61 says:

    The alternate texture packs for the Sonic Screwdriver are in the zip file.

  10. Dallas says:

    How do you get to the other places

    • DingDong61 says:

      The tripwire hook in the frame is turned like a dial to change the destination. A demonstration is in the preview video.

  11. Sam webster says:

    Holy crap this is amazing

  12. Lisa says:

    Wow, this map is amazing!

  13. Lisa says:

    Wow, this map is amazing!

  14. Thomas says:

    It needs to be easier to change wat your sonic screwdriver looks like

  15. Thomas says:

    Make a separate resource pack for the sonic screwdriver with other designs

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can you make post the texture pack on its own plz just I want to use the textures on other maps

  17. Jack says:

    Can u plz post the texture pack on its own I would like to use it on other maps

  18. Jacob dean says:

    When are you gonna make the texture pack separate so I can have the Tardis in different worlds or new generated worlds if you are please tell me I want the texture pack jacob dean

    • DingDong61 says:

      I have an update planned to this version already in development. I could include a resource pack just for the blocks and doors I had changed when I submit the update

    • Jeremy Winstead says:

      I have actually found a way to copy the resource/behaviour pack files from the world’s files and paste them in the files where resource and behaviour packs are stored. And to extract the textures, sounds, and model/behaviour files and add them to already existing resource/behaviour packs to create a custom resource/behaviour pack[the models for each entity being separate helped alot(Don’t worry, I won’t upload them as my own, and if it’s shown on a youtube video, I will give credit to each and every texture/model/behaviour/sound file used)]. And it is all possible on an app called ‘ES File Explorer.’ Also, I love the work put into this map(And the addon). It’s wonderful, and I believe that your work is even better than Gona’s(Don’t tell Gona I said that…😒)!!!!!!😀

      • DingDong61 says:

        The Resource and Behavior packs are already linked separately for individual download and use. I think Gona’s work is pretty spectacular, and I am an amateur in comparison, but thanks.

  19. UrMom says:

    Hehe more like the retardis.

    I’m sorry I just had to say that it’s actually pretty good.

  20. Ali55555 says:

    Why it’s not working on v1.2.3. Pls fix this

    • DingDong61 says:

      Is the problem you are having the Tardis/Armor Stand not rendering when teleporting it to a new ticking area? Previously, teleporting an entity to a ticking area caused the entity to fail to render and become unusable.

      I was going to use my block Tardis again for this map, until a couple of weeks ago, when the developers fixed the issue when they released 1.2.6. So, that function will not work in any version prior to 1.2.6 and there is not anything I can do that will fix the issue.

      If that is not the issue you are having, please describe what it happening.

  21. KEFF says:

    How do you change locations that’s all

    • DingDong61 says:

      There is a tripwire hook in a frame on the Tardis console. Turn the hook and the destination changes. After you select the destination, then you use the Tardis Launch and Tardis Land levers to finalize the change to destination.

    • Skylord says:

      1. Use the tripwire hook for destination
      2. Turn on and off the launch lever
      3 Turn on and off the land lever
      4. You’re done ✅

  22. MinerX says:

    Hey! I love this world and please add a Overworld City, possibly London!! Thx!

    • DingDong61 says:

      A map of London was on the list, but file size became a problem, and I hadn’t even begun to work on converting the London map. With the time I had put into the locations I had included, it felt like it would have been a waste to scrap one of them.

  23. Thomas says:

    Question is there a behavioral pack for the sonic screwdriver

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do I tame a robo wolf?

  25. Jack says:

    The texture pack doesn’t change any textures 4 me

    • DingDong61 says:

      It is possible that there was a problem when it was imported into your device. Happened to someone else with my Tardis Prototype map. Could try re-importing it.

  26. flubbie says:

    hELP. I’m from another one of your addons (the lucky block one or something) and there’s a huge glitch that makes it where you can’t exit the change log. Tons of people are having this problem. Pleaaaase fix it

    • DingDong61 says:

      I only have submitted the Sunburn Addon, Tardis Prototype map, Doctor Who Mobs Addon, and this map. I have nothing to do with any other addon or map.

  27. Skylord says:

    How do you change to the archived console rooms

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you mean swapping the console rooms. After you leave main console room, go left and follow the hall. There will be another hallway to the right. At the end of the hallway is a room with buttons. Each button will clone the archived console room of your choice to the main console room.

      If you mean making a permanent change to an archived console room. You will need to go to the lower levels of the Tardis. On Level 8 (I think) is the entrance for the console rooms set aside for customization. It is from there that your custom console room will be saved.

  28. Vortex says:

    This is the best map I have EVER played on MCPE!!
    Feels nicer than a mod!

  29. Ali55555 says:

    it says ” A Higher version has saved this map. It cannot be loaded anymore

    • DingDong61 says:

      The latest changes were made on 1.2.8. and thus were relatively minor changes to the existing fules in the original pack. What version are you running?

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. samyuru_tomasu says:

    How did you make your own texture pack

  32. Ali55555 says:

    My version is 1.2.3

    • DingDong61 says:

      This map probably won’t work for you for two reasons.

      1. Prior to 1.2.6, entities that were teleported farther than (something like) 400 blocks, the entity would be rendered invisible and non-interactive and ticking areas did not alleviate this problem. With 1.2.6, they were able to fix that issue.

      2. I didn’t import the map into Bedrock Edition until after 1.2.6.

      I have no way to make it work in previous versions.

  33. Anon says:

    The TARDIS actually is mob proof. In my game, every mob that seemed to enter from the outside never turned up on the inside.

    • DingDong61 says:

      I’ve seen that happen as well. Though I also have had Mondasian Cybermen follow me into the Tardis just to watch them turn and step onto the other pressure plate teleporting them back outside. Mobs are dumb.

  34. Human says:

    How do you enter the TARDIS?

  35. Thomas says:

    Great but when I get to media fire and click download it won’t go to the screen with the copy to McPe screen

    • foxcatgaming2 says:

      You don’t need that all you do is access your downloads move the file into your Minecraft worlds folder (if .zip file you need to extract the files from it) and it should work.

  36. Gabriel says:

    This is spot on. I like how you made the planets huge. I would like to see more planets however. But apart from that I don’t know how this could be better. You’ve done amazingly with this map and I’m blown away.

    P.S would I be allowed to do a YouTube roleplay on this map.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Thank you. Would have liked more worlds as well, but it would have meant a lot smaller worlds to balance out the memory size.

      You can use it for YouTube roleplay.

  37. James the timeLord says:

    The TARDIS is too hard to change update it so you can change the tardis

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not sure I am understanding what you mean.

      If you mean changing the Control Room to different versions, it already is simple to change. Just walk down the hall to the Desktop Control Room and push the button of your choice.

      If you mean the Destination and Flight Controls, there is a plan in the works that would reduce the size of the console along with having the Tardis Launch and Landing being handled by one lever. It would be moved to the same side as the Triphook dial (for selecting the destination, which would still be needed).

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yo DingDong61. I made a YouTube video of me showcasing your Tardis and I credited you and put you in the description. My YouTube Channel is XxReeceGamingXx I hope you appreciate the video!

  39. XxReeceGamingXx says:

    Hello DingDong61! I really love your Tardis project and I would like more people too see it! So I made a YouTube video showcasing your Tardis and I have credited you and put you in the description. My YouTube name is XxReeceGamingXx and I am really impressed with your work! Keep it up!

  40. MiniMinotaur says:

    It’s good

  41. MiniMinotaur says:

    The storm king gamer. I am a beautiful day

  42. Hdvdgskdh says:


  43. A person says:

    I love this map! This is by far the best Doctor Who map I have ever played! Are you able to make London? If you could, awesome! Keep it up!

    • DingDong61 says:

      London is planned to replace the Moon destination. Have yet to decide if it will be modern London or 17th Century London.

  44. L,inconnu says:

    Idk why but the key doesn’t seem to work when I drop it on the ground . The tardis doesn’t teleport to me 🙁
    Where are the command_blocks about thit fonctionnality in the map ? (Sorry for my bad english I m french )

    • DingDong61 says:

      The command blocks for the key function are at the spot where you teleport to from the Tardis interior, but at height level 255.

    • DingDong61 says:

      For a moment I thought it might have been a range issue, but dropping the key while inside the Tardis interior teleported the Police Box to me. I didn’t put the command blocks for the key function in the Tardis’ location. The only condition that the command block as is that there must be an air block right above it. I also just double checked that the command blocks were set to always active and they are.

  45. Coolnathan49 says:

    @DingDong61 if your planning to make London and you made doctor who. I have a surprise for you. I’m making a Tardis game like yours! Also credit to you for the add on links as they helped me on my maps and I’m submitting my map soon or later. Also maybe it should be Modern London?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Cool, looking forward to it. I started a poll on my Twitter about which version of London to use. There are 2 days left on it and 5 have responded. The choices are 1666 London, Modern London (with Wilderness around), or Modern London Expanded. So far, Modern London Expanded is winning.

  46. Straykestrel 563 says:

    Why can’t I go on the world, I have got version

  47. Coolnathan49 says:

    @L,inconnu When you drop it do you pick it back up immediately? If so. Drop the key but wait until the Tardis teleports. If it doesn’t it probably means that the Tardis is dead because of mods. So you have to place another Tardis. Or if that’s not the case then your game is bugged. (Note you probably need a required version for this to work)

  48. Anonymous says:

    Great map, although there is a glitch where the Tardis model disappears and I can not enter

  49. L,inconnu says:

    My current version is 1.2.10

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