Furnicraft Addon (1.8 Only)

This add-on adds more than 60+ different furniture and 1 car to the game. There are everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products and things related to entertainment such as a pool table and a gaming PC. It’s a great addition if you want more options to decorate your home.

Creator: ROBERTGAMER69Twitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 30 October (read changelog)

How does it work?

Since most furniture is an entity, this means that you can easily rotate the furniture in any direction you want. Some furniture, such as chairs and sofas, also have some functionality in that sense so you can sit on them.

Currently all the furniture is in the creative inventory when looking for FURNICRAFT and you will see all the furniture there.


Here’s a list of the furniture included with this add-on.

  • Car
  • Tv
  • Gamer PC Set
  • wardrobe
  • Pool table
  • Chairs
  • armchairs
  • Piano
  • Colored 3D Beds
  • Table
  • stove
  • fridge
  • shelves and furniture
  • sink
  • toilet
  • watering can
  • bath
  • Recreational machine
  • custom paintings
  • Christmas tree
  • variety of tombs
  • water source
  • Trophis
  • Clear large table
  • Dark big table
  • Clear small table
  • Dark small table
  • Swing
  • Foosball table
  • Laptop -Sink
  • Ceiling fan
  • Teddies machine
  • Etc…



  • Now the decorations do not replace any existing game mob
  • Trophis
  • Clear large table
  • Dark big table
  • Clear small table
  • Dark small table
  • Swing
  • Foosball table
  • Laptop
  • Sink
  • Ceiling fan
  • Teddies machine


Important: This add-on will only work with version 1.8 of Minecraft!

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

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220 Responses

3.29 / 5 (108 votes)
  1. Annonymous says:

    Some of it doesn’t work it’s just black like the tv set

  2. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:


  3. ItsDragonCraft says:

    It make my game crash. Some bugs need to be fixed.

  4. KILLERd7r says:

    I like it but how do I get the stonecutter and nether reactor

  5. KILLERd7r says:

    I like it but how do I get the stonecutter and nether reactor? Besides that it’s awesome

    • Diamond the Alchemist says:

      Stone cutter you can get from the creative inventory. Usually stone cutters are useless, and I’m pretty sure you can get a nether reactor from trading with villagers.

  6. ROBERTGAMER69 says:

    for people who do not work well the addon or find an error
    please send screenshots to my twitter

  7. Anonymous says:

    How do you get rid of the pool table.

  8. CrystalPlays2010 says:

    The chairs dont work but its decent.

  9. Jordan says:

    When I tried to download it, the bar at the top said it failed because of some sort of duplicate pack. Does anybody or the editor know how to fix this problem? I would really like to download this it looks amazing.

    • HumpMeFuckMe says:

      Same Dude Same! It Justs Says Furnicraft TEXTURE Then On The Behavior It Says Nothin About It But Anyways If You dont Have the behavior pack and you want the table just get a command block and type kill @e[type=shulker_bullet] and that’s it just don’t get too close to the table and put the command block as repeat and always active

    • ROBERTGAMER69 says:

      delete the addons that you already have installed and reinstall this new
      maybe you have an update of the old addon

      • Princess Consuela says:

        Yeah. I just deleted Minecraft and redownloaded Minecraft then got the addon and it worked fine. And the reason is you have another pack that is by the same person

      • MekaPumpkin says:

        When ever my world is loading it crashes. Also I deleted the other version please help I have used everone of the add-ons you make and they are amazing.

    • percyjackson57 says:

      I had the same problem but i fixed it. You need to go into your files, go into the download files and find the file with the addon name. Deleate it and then re download it. Your welcome!

    • Dragonhero says:

      me too

  10. No name says:

    What’s the map in background?

  11. Jazzcipherxd says:


  12. No name says:

    Texture in tv is black

  13. DarkGlade03 says:

    Just like me, I hope you get in trouble, some of those models arnt yours

  14. Hi says:

    Lol editor wrote zink insteas of sink

  15. stealthcattue says:

    i will use this like a boss

  16. CreeperStudios says:

    It looked very nice. But most of the furniture isnt interactable, and it glitches, I recommend fixing this bug. Also, please give credit as some of these designs aren’t yours.

  17. Verena says:

    I like it but where is the stonecutter?

  18. Zehasep says:

    Can you add More like replace of block of stone monster egg and cobblestone monster egg plz

  19. Zehasep says:

    Can you add More like replace of block of stone monster egg and cobblestone monster egg plz add more

  20. Chrissygaming17 says:

    Glitched. You made a texture for this mod already! When I activate the mod and go into a world, It’s just the orginal textures and Items.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you do the rescourse pack or the behaviour? If it’s Behaviour then do the rescourse to get ther textures

  21. LivingWithGaming says:

    I Think The Reason Why Some Of Them Have Black Texture Is Because This Add-on Needs To Make A Lite Version For The People Who Have Low

  22. Zechariah says:

    It’s a great addon! Thx so much! But how do you get the forks knives and spoons that are hanging on the walls in the picture? Other than that it’s an amazing addon!

  23. Josiah says:

    Cool addon!!!

  24. Josiah says:


  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Seeneyour says:

    It’s So Good, It Gives Your Computer A Virus!!!

  27. ......... says:

    I get a random texture pack when I add it to the world and then i can’t see these textures there invisible please fix this😭🙏🏻

  28. hamouz2007 says:

    Thank you very much

  29. Annkirk7663 says:

    How do you get the chairs??? I’m so confused as to what “zombie villager” means

    • Lavendar says:

      Ann kirk, spawn a zombie village, the spawn egg is called decorations, or either just zombie village, your welcome:) also someone help me, the game kicks me out and crashes when I join a world to try it out! I reinstalled minecraft, I powered off my device, I reinstalled Furnicraft, AND NOTHING WORKS! IT JUST KICKS ME OUT! PLZ I REALLY WANT TO TRY FURNICRAFT OUT!!

    • Lavendar says:

      Spawn a zombie villager

  30. ? says:

    How do you break stuff??

  31. Graeme says:

    I Like It But How Do You Get A Nether Reactor? I Want A Lucky Block The Command Does Not Work

  32. Robert says:

    Please make the textures not black

  33. Flip says:

    Hey great one

  34. Babymovie says:

    You can get it by using the unobtainable blocks Addon

  35. Haley Freeman says:

    The tv and computer are black and every other object is pixelated. What’s wrong with it?

  36. Wanwisa Limpiyawong says:

    When I tried to download it, the bar at the top said it failed because of some sort of duplicate pack. Does anybody or the editor know how to fix this problem? I would really like to download this it looks amazing amid it says that because I have a addon which is similar and don’t download it i found it on a app called mcpe addons do not download it this app is only for ios dumb android users

  37. verry bad game says:

    verry verry bad crashes my game and has a lot of bugs. it wount let me use the addons anyay and they need to take awayu blocks to makw the addon

  38. Jason says:

    Can I use this as a role play I will,put the the link to add on

  39. aye says:

    ok so i downloaded the updated version but i already had the old one on one of my worlds and forgot to take it off before deleting and downloading the update. now one certain world that i want it on most wont let me put the updated version on, and i already have deleted the file. i deleted the new one and redownloaded it, made a copy of the world, updated my game, and still nothing. what else can i do to fix this?

  40. Anonymous says:

    The chairs and couches don’t work for meh. Please help.

  41. DarkGlade03 says:

    Incase nobody understands behavior packs, you can’t modify blocks yet, and the skullsnare technically blocks, meaning they are placeable, but you can’t interact with them. This means you can’t use the items. And editor, some of those models arnt his.

  42. Realy says:

    when i use the chairs the chairs move and burn and go after every villiger HELP the tables are alive

  43. khang says:


  44. Michael says:

    Perpect, readly cool and awsome

  45. Bluebloo says:

    Can we sit on the chairs? And how do I make it Stop moveing?

  46. JeffyfromSML says:

    Wow the addon is amazing

  47. DarkGlade03 says:

    So many bugs. Much pain. Lot hate

  48. shahan says:

    Hey editor can you please give me the download link of this map in the images please

  49. MinecraftGirl says:

    Nether reactor was a thing 5 years ago wtf

  50. Hanna says:

    No way

  51. Pro Gamer says:

    You ALL idiots to make the TV and computer not black download Minecraft pocket edition version or less from patoid download aptoid in google or chrome

  52. Dũng Bùi YC says:

    Help me the TV is all black 😭😭😭. I run it in mcpe

  53. Ellie says:

    I really like it but the bed annoys me a lot becuse it looked like a 2 person but only fits one and it’s has that awning that is really girly and I personally don’t like it so I’m a new update could you please please please get ride of the awning and make it back to the original 1 person sized so you can put like 4 next to each other maybe instead of the awning just have a head board it’s would be a lot better and not be so girly also when you plaice down the chair or couch they move on their own and it’s so annoying and the make those noises so if there’s any way you can change that please do anyways everything else works for me and it’s a great mod

    • People player says:

      Not fair girls use this add on too you know Don’t be so selfish those bed are king beds and queen ones but I agree with one king bed so you can put 4 make it one bed

  54. Sudin says:

    Can u add fridge,stooland working cabient plzzzz

  55. Sudin says:

    Can u plzz add fridge,stool, cabient and a smart car

  56. FireFox1 says:


  57. FireFox2 says:

    How do u download?

  58. Anonymous says:

    I love it!
    Often I can’t find a working and nice furniture Add-on but when I found this I was really happy because it worked and it looked nice. Personally I think its amazing and I hope some people agree

  59. Pe player says:

    Can you add a dresser replace the pool table it boring and maybe add more car like blue and red and white and black and why don’t you make more chair replace some and what a about lamps and can you make the Chouches 2 player sit and make a real working stove replace the furnace and what a about a smartphone replace a item and make a laptop setup some people prefer laptop over pcs replace the stove

  60. Gabriel says:


  61. Ryo Stonewell says:

    this is really great. i LOVE how diverse and usable it is. although, the one problem i can find with it is that if they are pushed against, they can be moved around, and this could cause major problems, as i’ve found as well that if they end up in even 1 block high water, they drown. plz find a way to make it so they can’t be pushed around, since you can destroy them to get the inventory item back, and also, if you haven’t already, plz make them invisible to iron golems and snow golems.

  62. bianca says:

    it doesn’t work for me its crashing my world! someone help me

  63. Hi says:

    It crashes my game instantly when I click on the play button for the world pls fix

  64. TheMemeKing says:


  65. Verena says:

    I don’t like it it keeps crashing even when I deleted Minecraft and installed it again it did the same thing

  66. Abigail Chandra says:

    Um I looked at the iOS installation guide (I’m on iPad) and the button thing were supposed to click is not there so I can’t download it, pls help. I really want this mod. Pls help so I can get it

  67. Hi says:

    The resource pack is the one that does not work pls fix

  68. Juvy guttan says:

    The tv is does ‘t work 🙁

  69. AaribAaqibYT says:

    Hi when i upload it on minecraft my game crashes please fix this addon

  70. Hà trần says:

    Game này hay lắm các bạn tải về chơi đi

  71. Jb says:

    You need to fix the resources pack because the addon won’t work can you please fix it

  72. Zoe says:

    Awesome boi!

  73. Annoyed says:

    Whenever I put it into a world it crashes everytime I go into that world what the heck? How do I fix it and use it?

  74. Anonymous says:

    You can ride on the couch plz fix this

  75. Ragecake says:

    It keeps crashing and i tried it on multiple devices is their a way i can makr it stop crashing?

  76. TheCrazyTitan says:

    This is a great mod. I definitely recommend it.

  77. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t actually work

  78. Modedstuff says:

    Cool mod now I can make things look better this way

  79. Chris Corbell says:

    I love it I can’t get it

  80. Felofofo says:

    It did not work for me I have Minecraft version 1.5.3 and it doesn’t work

  81. Unknown on Minecraft says:

    You can only get it on latest version and it works try it

  82. Lindsay says:

    Im crashing every time i open my world is days warning ⚠️ something have to have a unique name or something can u pls get back

  83. Avery says:

    He needs to update it it isn’t working for Minecraft update

  84. Derpy King says:

    This is crap! V5- works but V6+ does not work because they must have unique names car btw change name to FURNICRAFT V6 so no duplicate packs

  85. Brian says:

    Made my game crash every time I opened it. Would not recommend.

  86. HoodieBoy916 says:

    Nice addons! But can you please make so the addons work for 1.7 beta? I was updating my minecraft to 1.7 beta and when I goes to the world that has a addon(Furnicraft) in it. All furniture looks like a messy glitch. I hope you can fix it! Also can you fix the furniture rotation so I won’t rotate when you exit and rejoin the world?

  87. Some random dude says:

    Fake just crashes ur world

  88. Eli says:

    This dang addon keeps crashing when I open the dang world. This needs to get fiXeD

  89. hola says:

    I redownloaded this addon plenty of times, but it seems like it’s not working. Whenever I add the tester pack and the behavior pack and I laid the world it seems to crash to my home screen. Hope you can fix it soon!

  90. Paper Penguin says:

    Does the car work?

  91. Tahmid tanjil says:

    This really works . Thank you Robertgamer69

  92. Anonymous says:

    i keep downloading and the new update isn’t there

  93. Anonymous says:

    Hey I love this idea but I have a request. Can you please remake/change this add on to replace education edition stuff?

  94. Terka says:

    Good addon, but i have problem. When i spawn rabbit, it says that rabbit is like bathtub, fridge and toilet, it spawns only fridge. Same with the chair, its supposed to spawn like wooden chair, PC chair and couch, it spawns ONLY pc chair. Can u help me with that?

  95. Anonymous says:

    Most things don’t work on the mod.So I say it is the worst mod EVER

  96. XDgamer111 says:

    When i put the addon in then join the game it crashes

  97. Jovan Angelo says:

    Add bicycle please

  98. Jovan Angelo says:

    Add bicycle and phone please

  99. Skyler says:

    Can not do it

  100. Harriet Chua says:

    I glitched inside the fridge and had to delete world did this happen to anyone else?

  101. Daniel Neagu says:

    all objects are running in the map why ? and i can kill them

  102. Bob says:

    It’s in the wrong language

  103. Ashlene says:

    Hey! It keeps crashing for me do you know why?

  104. Omar says:

    Do you know why I didn’t get all the stuff?

  105. Bob says:

    If anyone is in the fridge just crouch to get out

  106. Anonymous says:

    Como. q baixa

  107. soheil says:

    well everyone knows that the stove doesn’t work, so place a furnace block underneath it and then it is a working stove!

  108. Connor says:

    I try to download it but I get don’t have any files on my computer called C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang

  109. Dogman says:

    Makes me crash 🙁

  110. Ubaidraza says:

    I’m good

  111. kittykatkit says:

    How do u get the new updates

  112. MinecraftLovers931 says:

    Dear author , your addons is great, can i use your in my map , and i will publish this map . I will show that the author of this addons is you . Can you allow me ? I need your answer . Please reply as soon as possible, Thank you !

  113. yousif4466 says:

    This is the nice addons ever but the only problem is that I don’t the language that you put for every decoration, make an another but make it English

  114. Human has returned says:

    This crashes when I go to big buildings :V

  115. STUFFISCOOL8267 says:

    It doesn’t work, makes my game crash.

  116. AngelPandaEarth says:

    Is it just me, or is this in another language?

  117. Boi says:

    Its in spanish please change it

  118. Lloyd says:

    Can someone translate all the items for the add-on? I don’t understand Spanish. Also, it seems as though the shulker is still replaced by various items. Fix these, and it’s a near-perfect add-on!

  119. eternity303 says:

    Good add-on! But please add english instructions.

  120. MqNyanGames says:

    Muito Bom

  121. Руслан says:

    Почему в разделе яиц только разноцветное? А мебели нет что делать?

  122. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    I wish someone recreate Real train mod for 1.8

  123. Myami says:

    This addon keeps crashing and when it does work it shows every thing grey

  124. fakeboy115 says:

    Hey umm This addon doesn’t work on my minecraft when I load the addon it crashescrashes

  125. MadMan says:

    I think it’s cool until the game crashes

  126. Larson says:

    Failed to import behaviour

  127. Dan says:

    Is fake, in 1.8 only color beds and 10 objects.. no car, no crhistmas tree, no fridge, no piano, etc etc…

  128. Cherry cuty says:

    It doesn’t want to do download….. and every time I try I fail . What can I do?

  129. Danial says:

    It used to work on but it doesn’t work on
    Is there a way to fix it?

  130. J says:

    Whenever I download this it says I have the behavior pack already and then when I go to storage it isn’t in my storage!

  131. Nothing770Craft says:

    Not supported for mcpe

  132. LordNyko[YT] says:

    I HAVE NO OPTIONS TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!?help,plz

  133. Anonymous says:

    How do i download this on a xbox 1

  134. Flowey cz says:

    i havce broce resource pack i see 1 egg and shalker boxes like furniture pls help

  135. alexagames says:

    I cant load on my world with the pack on so one star

  136. NovaRex says:

    The furniture that works has good textures. However not all of the furniture works, only the beds and the cupboards, and these still replace normal beds and shulker boxes. And it only works if you apply it as a global texture pack. (I am in beta

  137. bigbad96 says:

    Just an idea i think there should be a world showcase download.



  139. Anonymous says:

    thats because now i can designe my mcpe house like i want without even replacing any mob!
    And i did not find any bug……
    why people say that there are bugs? i didint find any cuz every texture works both on my pc and phone so nothing bad at this pack!

  140. Mr.Kewil says:

    Ура теперь работает на! Спасибо что исправили!

  141. The solution says:

    If you downloaded a single resource like that it will say duplicate pack

  142. Anonymous says:

    Best ever decoration addon to use

  143. Anonymous says:

    I want to have it in survival mode

  144. SmileyGirl says:

    quand j’installe ce mod dans un monde et que je veux jouer dedans mon jeu crash ! 😰

  145. datGoon5 says:

    I’m unable to spawn the furniture I can’t even find the spawn items

  146. EthanHelliwell says:

    It didn’t work on version 1.8

  147. RaffyBlue47 says:

    This add-on will only work with version of Minecraft!

  148. Meka says:

    This sesms like a lovely mod and to tell the truth I have no problem with it except two things. First, Ver. 1.8 hasn’t come out yet I could totally be wrong but I looked for minecraft in my updates because it said I had 1.7 but I had no updates. Now I was giving you a chance just thing, oh Minecraft could have had a little mistake. I downloaded it everything was working intill I loaded up the world (The world I have been working on for a year) and I fully regret putting your mod on my world because guess what? It crashed my game and I can’t even get into my world. I used the first version of your mod and was content. I used all the ones I could but this one it had so many problems I am very upset. Yet I hope this matter gets fixed I enjoy your mods very much.
    Kindest regards, Meka
    P.s. I did delete the files before I even downloaded the mod.

  149. tyler says:

    How does DanTDM get these addons

  150. Nikernius says:

    Please create computer in my YouTube chanel “nikernius nik”

  151. RaffyBlue47 says:

    fix method crashes on this addon that you have to enable experimental gameplay

  152. Nel says:

    I can’t fiqure out bc i use window 10

  153. Mcpe master jacob says:

    Me: is it for you: yes

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