Mutant Creatures Add-on

The Mutant Creatures Add-on turns 23 of the mobs in Minecraft PE into mutants with incredible powers. But their great powers also come with a changed appearance which makes most of them look more scary. If you are looking for an add-on to increase the game difficulty a few notches then this is a great option.

Creator: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account
Updated: 11 August, 2018 (read changelog)

Which are the new mutant mobs?

All of the following mobs replace their original mob type in-game. This means that the world will be a lot more difficult as each mutant is much stronger than their predecessors.

Neither of the mutants get affected by fall damage or knockbacks. All mutants have a small drop chance for dropping a mutant head which can be worn by the player.

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This is basically a beefed up version of the ordinary zombie. Its body is much larger and this positively affects its ability to fight and it also runs faster.

Health: 75 hearts.

Mutant Creeper: They have four legs and a crooked neck which make them look more similar to a spider and as a result a little bit scarier. They cause much greater explosions but the fuse is longer so you have a better chance of getting away. As soon as their health is low they try to explode.

Previously they were afraid of ocelots but that is no longer the case. Now they will attack them.

Health: 60 hearts

Mutant Stray & Skeleton: Both of them have become more skillful archers as they now fire 5 arrows at the same time. They hunt players and wolves. If you kill them they won’t drop any bows. They will automatically try to ride Mutant Spiders and Mutant Cave Spiders (similarly to jockeys). They can’t shoot players underwater.

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Skeleton: The Wither Skeleton has never looked more frightening. It has a thick bone structure and wields a huge sword. It’s not afraid of wolves anymore and it doesn’t drop swords. They can’t shoot players underwater.

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Enderman: The Enderman has a tall and slender body. It’s much faster than most mobs and it is also more dangerous since it has the ability to detect you much quicker as well as deal more damage. Use an Invisible Splash Potion on an Enderman to its eyes will glow in the dark.

Health: 100 hearts

Mutant Iron Golem: This creature is the strongest of them all and you really want to keep it close to you in case you ever decide to fight any of the other mutants. It has much bigger arms than an ordinary iron golem. It drops iron ingots, flowers and iron blocks.

Health: 200 hearts, Damage: 45-55

Mutant Spider and Cave Spider: Even though they are slightly larger than ordinary spiders they can run much faster and cause a whole lot of more damage. Use an Invisible Splash Potion on a spider to make its eyes glow in the dark.

Health: 75 hearts, Damage: 10

Mutant Zombie Pigman: A neutral creature which only attacks to defend itself. If you kill one it will drop a bunch of gold ingots, gold nuggets and rotten flesh.

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Boss: It’s impossible to escape the wrath of the mutant wither boss. Every time it shoots Wither Skulls there is a chance that one of them spawns a Mutant Skeleton. It’s much harder to kill and that’s mainly because it has much more health. If you kill one it will drop wither skulls, a nether star and a bunch of diamonds.

Health: 425 hearts

Mutant Snow Golem: The mutant version of the snow golem is generally much more powerful than a simple snowman. His main special ability is Snow Block which allows him to throw huge chunks of snow at targets within a 40 block range.

Health: 50 hearts

You can ride it similar to a horse.

Mutant Ocelot: It’s basically a much larger cat. If you tame an ocelot then you can use it as a riding mount (requires a Pet Saddle – replaces Carrot on a Stick). It works similarly to riding a horse, and it can jump as well.

Wild Health: 25 hearts, Tamed Health: 57.5 hearts

Mutant Villager: The villagers are still friendly and won’t even attack you if you cause them harm. They are much stronger though and as a result can withstand more damage. You can trade with them as usual. They attack only zombies and witches. Drops a lot of loot like diamond items and other valuable blocks and items.

Health: 50 hearts

Mutant Witch: The witch has a new type of potion called the EVIL POTION which it throws at its enemies. It also has a melee attack (10 attack damage). If you do manage to kill one then it will drop lots of loot.

Health: 66 hearts

Mutant Wolf: The wolf is slightly larger than before and also stronger. You can ride a wolf similarly to riding a horse (requires a Pet Saddle – replaces Carrot on a Stick). It can also jump while riding it.

Wild Health: 30 hearts, Tamed Health: 62.5 hearts

Mutant Zombie Villager: The zombie villager can be cured by using a golden apple and a weakness potion. It takes 50 seconds for it to become a normal villager again.

Health: 60 hearts

Mutant Evoker: It summons Mutant Vexes and fangs. If killed it drops emeralds and totems.

Health: 75 hearts

Mutant Vindicator: Slightly more powerful than a normal vindicator and it also drops more valuable items like diamonds and emeralds.

Health: 75 hearts, Attack damage: 10

Mutant Vex: It has much more health and also inflicts a greater deal of damage. The easiest way to find it is by summoning a Mutant Evoker.

Health: 50 hearts, Attack damage: 18

Mutant Horses: The Mutant Horse is a much faster version of its predecessor. It can also be equipped with a chest once tamed.

Health: 50-80 (25-40 hearts)

mutant horse

Mutant Skeleton Horse and Mutant Zombie Horse: Attacks normal horses and can be equipped with a chest.

Health: 40-70 health (20-35 hearts)

Mutant Drowned: The Mutant Drowned is the most dangerous creature that you will find lurking underwater. It swims extremely fast in the deep sea, but if you do kill one then it will drop a ton of loot!

Health: 75 hearts

Mutant Ghast (Boss): The Mutant Ghast has similiar strength to that of bosses in Minecraft. The spawn rate has been decreased to make it more difficult to find it, and otherwise the Nether would simply be impossible to survive. This monster shoots massive amounts of fireballs which cause a great deal of damage to both players and the surrounding land. Once reaching 0 health it will cause one major explosion!

Health: 400 (200 hearts)


Additional Credits

  • LugiaGamerYT for making the Mutant Drowned textures and new models for Mutant Skeletons

Video Review



  • Additions
    • Mutant Drowned
    • Mutant Horse
    • Mutant Skeleton Horse
    • Mutan Zombie Horse
    • Mutant Donkey
    • Mutant Mule
    • New Boss: Mutant Ghast
    • Japanese and Spanish language  Added thx to LugiaGamerYT
  • Changes
    • Mutant Baby Skeletons
    • New behavior and model for Mutant Skeletons
    • Skeletons underwater won’t be able to shoot players
    • Some mobs glow like Mutant Vexs, Snow Golems, Wither
    • Throwable block which is thrown by Mutant Snow Golem is now transparent
    • New model for the Mutant Enderman
    • New textures for Mutant Iron Golem, Mutant Villagers, Witch and Illagers
    • Decreased the spawn rate for wither skulls summoning wither skeletons


  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the pack world a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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194 Responses

4.34 / 5 (52 votes)
  1. Raymond says:

    Can you tell the person who created this to put the file straight in media fire instead of that stupid ad website

  2. Ian van Rensburg says:

    Dude u can’t make these mobs if there isn’t a reward;( it’s then too hard I keep on dieying plz like give a mob skull would be good or a bow with a 3 shot bow or is that even pos? Ps luv it still makes a challenge:P

    • ? says:

      I’m not the creator but a good reason is because a mod that doesn’t need blocklauncher/is compattable with IOS is you cant add new item only change the textures and properties of already egsisting items. Except he can change the drops for the mutant creatures to things like diamond tools and armor at random and at least to drop iron gear.

  3. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Happy new year! Btw this is a good addon!

  4. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Lol I can’t even see the mutant enderman!😃

  5. Dannyvilla says:

    Cool add-on

  6. DaroDaKng says:

    Why does it say duplicate pack deleted

  7. LGGamer says:

    For some reason every time I try to import it says “Failed to import. Duplicate Pack detected.”

  8. CaptainJoe143 says:

    Would have been awsome if it hadn’t had to download it off a website that crashed my new PC.

  9. Magio says:

    Awesome addon I have been waiting for this

  10. ecoop-FX says:

    Is this compatible with the mutant creeper mod?
    It said import failed duplicate detected?!

  11. SolidMoney25979 says:

    Can you add custom drops like nether stars or diamonds?

    (Zombie head for husk and zombie, skulls for strays and skellies, end crystals for trendy endy, tnt for the creeper, and all three wither skulls for the wither skellie)

  12. Anonymous says:

    You have remade a great mode greater. Good job, you should add in the mutant snow golem but it’s ok if you don’t.

  13. Cool cooool says:

    Coolest addon every of all time

  14. Speedyman1009 says:

    Happy New Year! Great Add-on too! This will make Minecraft VERY Hard! (I tried to kill a Mutant Zombie once in survival mode, with a stone sword. I was stupid enough to kill myself lol.)

  15. Hadrian Leong says:

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this one !

  16. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    I can only get to the Behavior Pack Page, and I can’t find out how to get to the Resource Pack once I click the link. Also, once I download the behavior pack, it says “duplicate pack detected, and I haven’t downloaded it before. I am open to suggestions.

  17. BRINEDOES says:

    Does this mod needs blocklauncher

  18. Gogogamer says:

    Best addon ever

  19. MCHurt12 says:

    Wish they update the Wither Storm Addon

  20. Shadow 354 says:

    Super good!!!

  21. Raptorstar says:


  22. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    I figured out how to get to the resource pack.

  23. Cool cooool says:

    Go to this website and there are more mutant creatures like mutant spider

  24. Anonymous says:

    How can you download this.

  25. Random Kid says:

    I can’t download the add-on, it keeps saying duplicate detected…? What the heck.

  26. Cool! says:

    Awsome! I noticed they are very hard to defeat, adding a whole new difficulty level. It’s also fun to watch them fight each other. Thanks for creating this add-on!

  27. Duuudiduda says:

    Random kid I have the same problem but when I checked my behavior pack it wanst there nether was the recourse pack

  28. marco says:

    i keep dying again and again.

  29. JujuStyle7 says:

    New Update is coming soon

  30. Minecraft gamer_06 says:

    New update please with mutant snow golem and iron golem

  31. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Would you please add mutant spiders and mutant wither bosses? It would also be awsome if you add neutral mutant animals. Would you please also make it so the regular mobs are present, but if you throw a strength potion at them and punch them, they turn into the mutant mob. I saw this used in a mutant zombie Addon. If you make it so the regular mobs transform from throwing a strength potion and punching them, please increase the health of the mutant mobs to what it is in the PC mod. ( for zombies, please give them their PC health, along with the health that they regenerate when they revive themselves 4 times.)

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      I would also love to see a port of the mob commanders mod to Mcpe, as an addon. Mob commanders should have a 10% chance of spawning, and have special effects, such as the enderman commander summoning ender mites (you can use the “shooter” entity component to make it spawn any entity, not just projectiles. I saw this in a mutant creeper addon, where the mutant creeper creates baby creepers.)

    • Brian Dickson says:

      Well it’s hard to make the mutant zombies heath because this is a addon, not mod but if it was a mod it could be done. Good idea and respect it bro!

  32. Adam says:

    It doesn’t say what the attack mutant zombie pig men pls fix

  33. maisong says:

    It “got much bigger arms.” Must be a typo.

  34. Thumpy999 says:

    in v2 the behavior pack does not work for win10

  35. Radoric says:

    I would think that making most of the mutant creatures just baby versions of the mobs would be better. I saw an addon somewhere that gave every mob a baby version, and that shouldn’t be to hard to reproduce.

  36. Spama2 says:

    Adam, it’s not wrong, the EDITOR just forgot, most of the mutant’s attacks aren’t even there!

  37. clashmagio66 says:

    thank you dude i made a video about it! my youtube chanel is called clashmagio66!

  38. Awesomesauce says:

    Can you add mutant snow golems in this addon

  39. Brian Dickson says:

    Some of them don’t have the damage but have the health, plz fix it!

  40. Jack says:


  41. Jack says:

    Wow nice I like monsters and I am a gamer ok

  42. OneToast545 says:

    Can anyone invite me to realms I’m OneToast545

  43. Dave300 says:

    Hey I noticed the enderman and does it have a new attack animation? Oh I love this addon.

  44. Billy McCabe says:


  45. Just do it says:

    Please make a mutant snow golem

  46. Ender Girl Gamer says:

    Oh, I got this addon when the new mutants didn’t come out… but a wither mutant? I love this add on, and please make the Ender Dragon a mutant? Also, please make him have 3 heads! Anyway, I love the mutants!

  47. EnderCreepGirl says:

    Hey, I tried to play my game, and when I played it, the monsters (wither.boss iron golem pig man spider) they did not appear!! How do you update add ons?

  48. PhantomBro95 says:

    MCPE DL Please turn your brightness all the way up. Because i can’t really see that Mutant Enderman (Instruction : Go to Settings > Video > Turn brightness into max)

  49. Bonnie GlitchGamer says:

    Can you add mutant snowgolem pls!

  50. Trans_9 says:

    Can you make an update please

  51. James says:

    Really wish I had it

  52. James says:

    Looks so cool to do mob battles with

  53. AntiGravity says:

    Mutant snow golems have been added, along with the mutant villager and witch. The wolf looks like it has a crooked tail, how odd.

  54. GrowBoySG says:

    Hey guys,The wither should have like a EVIL command block in the space to look…cooler?

  55. Brian Dickson says:

    Could u add the mutant ender dragon and the mutant shulker?

  56. LanceTGM says:

    Can u add chemical x into the game? I u can mutate them instead of spawning them

  57. Thanatos says:

    Hi I was wondering how you made this mod. Me and my bro really want to make our own but we don’t know how.

  58. Awesomesauce says:

    How can I make the mutant ocelot stand when I have already tamed it?

  59. Awesomesauce says:

    When I tamed it already it automatically sits on its own and can’t do anything about it

  60. Akmal says:

    Hey guys the wither boss look like a EVIL command block in the space look…cooler? Indonesian leangues
    (Hey guys wither boss nya di liat liat kaya balok perintah yang di luar angkasa terlihat…keren?)

  61. dragonslaye2000 says:

    Come someone tell me how to kill a mutant creeper without making it explode???

  62. The_Villain says:

    Hey, I really appreciate this Addon it’s really awesome but I have recommendations, can you make mutant silverfish like big silverfish, and can you also fix the tamed ocelot? Thanks! Really appreciate this.

  63. kolton says:

    Astronaut space

  64. Kathryn St. Cyr says:


  65. Anonymous says:

    Can You Please Add A Mutant Enderdragon That Would Be Really Cool

  66. mark30098 says:

    Can i activate that addon with the my wolf addon

  67. Diamond_DogXZ says:

    Awesome great for battling!

  68. Swagboy126 says:

    Yo guys I am creating a adventure map it’s gonna come out one day!

  69. Mike says:

    “”0_0″” wow everything is mutant XD

  70. Austin says:

    This add-on is good and all but you need to slow down the speed on some hostile entities. They are way to fast and hard to kill. Its fine if it takes a while to kill them but it’s not fine when you can’t out walk them backwards. Bc I was walking backwards to attack and they out walked me.

  71. BillTheZombieGamer. says:

    this is the best add-on that existed i love it!!!!

  72. SteveDBZ says:

    Psst bud can u make when mutant enderman mad he turned his hand 4 and can pick 4 block also i wanna mutant ender dragon,nevermind!!!Eh i have an issue!The issue is can u remove dirt when wither cracking something(when health low) ITS MAKE MEEEEE MINECRAFT LAG

  73. SteveDBZ says:

    oh yeah Nice Add-on

  74. Grace says:

    Riding your dog? Weird! I’d never download this addon.

  75. Juan says:

    Best mod ever

  76. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the spider pig because the spider pig looks cool

  77. Vassall says:

    The add on it’s great but when you start to play survival yo realize that maybe it’s unbalanced because you don’t have any chance against the mobs even with diamond tools , in the other hand if you make an iron golem it’s to powerful because you beat all mutants with two hits… Maybe adding powerful armor set or swords and the mobs should knock back when hit them that would be a great change to add some balance to the add on

  78. Mario says:

    Super creatures add on pls and make all equivalents husk strays ect. Villains plss😀😀😀😀😀😀

  79. LugiaGamerYT says:

    can u texture the bows and sword items so the exactly the same item of skeleton and the mobs that have sword

  80. Anonymous says:

    This was amazing works great on ios

  81. HerpADerp says:

    I can’t ride on anything. Help please!!!

  82. Ethan says:

    You should update this.

  83. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    I wish you only did the hostile mobs

  84. The_lambro says:

    Can the person who put these flipen adds on get rid of them waste of my time geezs

    I got the mod anyway

  85. Anonymous says:

    Send link straight to mediafire it says it’s malicious the ad website

  86. Anonymous says:

    Where are the textures?

  87. Bchen21 says:

    Steve dbz addons can’t make that happen unless it’s a mod

  88. Creepi says:

    CAN YOU PLZ MAKE IT LIKE THE MOD LIKE BY THE WAY THEY LOOK AND NOT ADD ALL THESE OTHER FAKE MUTANTS TOO. Just add mutant creeper,mutant zombie,mutant skeleton,mutant snow golem and mutant ender.
    Please make them look like the mod texture because the person who made the mod got appreciated alot but this is way different. Fix it please. If you see my comment plz.

  89. luca says:

    i love the enity303 mod most.

  90. luca says:

    I think that the mutant enderman is hardest. it can teleport anywhere, and pop up behind you, and really hurt u.

  91. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Plz Add Mutant Rabits And Also Make It Tameable And Neutrel And Make It Not Useless Anymore Plz

  92. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Plz Do It

  93. Blenderr2 says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Hey just a little problem i got in the windows 10 edition, skeletons have two bows the new model and the default item just floating also, the endermen don’t hold the blocks in their arms but the blocks float too like the bow

  95. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Awesome add-on, but Editor, in the section on the Mutant Enderman it says ‘Use an Invisible Splash Potion on an Enderman to its eyes will glow in the dark.’ Notice it says TO, not SO. Please fix this typo. Also, it says ‘Drops a lot of loot like diamond items and other valuable blocks and items.’ in the Mutant Villager section. Notice the repetition of the word ‘and’. Please fix this typo, too.

  96. REGNATOR says:

    Great add-on! It really makes my game much harder. Although, I did found bugs from the mutant wither skeleton, such as not giving the wither effect to the player and will actually get hurt from the wither skull’s wither effect recieved by the mutant wither boss. I also know that the mutant vex doesn’t have knockback resistance. Lastly, when you ride the mutant wolf/ocelot after commanding them to sit, they would be moving without their legs. Weird, huh? Anyways, this would remind me of the mutant creatures mod I used in the java edition. Thank you so much for the add-on. I would be much better if the mutant villager decreased its loot buff and the mutant wither can have more health.

  97. Anonymous says:

    You should make them ALL fight please

  98. Bunkerjeremy says:

    Do you do custom requests I am willing to pay

  99. REGNATOR says:

    I have now found more bugs now. The mutant creeper sometimes glitches through a block before it performs an explosion and the dangerous wither skulls shot by the mutant wither boss doesn’t give off the levitation effect to a target. Again, that is quite difficult escaping these mutants. It would be cool if a mutant ender dragon was added.

  100. Wade Zer0 says:

    Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work on realms?

  101. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Please add Mutant pigs, cows, chickens, etc. I really would like to see these in this add-on.

  102. DemonMander says:

    Here this will take you straight to the download part and will skip the part.

  103. Even bjh heu says:

    Why isn’t the mutant creeper spawn a creeper minion when it dies

  104. Anonymous says:

    I can find the pet saddle its nowhere plz help

  105. Some dude says:

    They should fix the mutant snow golem because sometimes it’s too far away from the target and it keeps missing it’s throws.

  106. DiamondDogXZ says:

    I love this addon. Their is one problem through the mobs are WAY too OP. How about you make it so the player is semi-buffed to face them. Just saying

  107. wither says:

    Can you mabye add it where they each fight each other like Mutant spider vs mutant zombie???

  108. is_Pappy says:

    Im so mad!! I can’t make my mutant wolf sit, so whenever i go to the nether, they follow me and die!!! PLEASE MAKE THE ABILITY TO MAKE THE MUTANT WOLFS SIT!!

  109. is_Pappy says:

    Im so mad!! I can’t make my mutant wolf sit, so whenever i go to the nether, they follow me and die!!! PLEASE MAKE THE ABILITY TO MAKE THE MUTANT WOLFS SIT!!

  110. Robert says:

    I love it

  111. JeremyStar says:


  112. Anonymous says:

    This is the best

  113. Hussein says:

    I want mutant creatures

  114. CalenderPuppy says:

    I made a dog It was being attacked and I’m in creative ANYWAYS SKIPPING FORWARD I wanted another dog I WAS IN A SMALL ROOM WITH A ALREADY TAMES DOG I placed the dog and my dog went savage, it ran at me the screen turned black then RED EYES THEN BACK TO BLACK PLZ TELL ME WHAT HAPPEND I AM SO FREAKING SCARED IS THIS A BUG I DECIDED TO LEAVE AND DESTROY THE WORLD, Yah CalenderPuppy is my achual Mc Name

  115. SteveDBZ says:

    Only if he update this thing
    Like everymobs is mutant >:D

  116. Sean says:

    Plsssss make it animated and the zombie’s arm is not exactly the same in the pc

  117. Sean says:

    Also put stick that if u tap them they’ll fight

  118. Jaelyn says:

    I can’t wait

  119. Ha Trường duy says:

    Rất thích

  120. Xgui4 says:

    Wow : your description is once’s of the better description a never seen! 🙂

  121. vince says:

    mutant ender dragon

  122. Haha says:

    Ooh they t h i c c

  123. OlivierSad says:

    When riding a pet and go to water you dismount

  124. Maverick says:

    What about add mutant fish! The basically piranhas or add a mutant dolphin make it look like an orca I know it takes a while to make these add-ons but I’d highly appreciate it

  125. Kylokraft says:

    Next u should do mutant pufferfish 🐠

  126. ElijahplayzOMG says:

    Umm I’m fine with it but I can’t really make the wolf sit But I love it thanks

  127. Trevor says:

    Pls add the mutant ender dragon.

  128. Pleas says:

    Um so coment… And in a thing hair you turn on education mode and replica the items and make a meter villager who sels the items replaced frome education mode also make trident in to a SUPER METENT TRIDENTS
    Don’t have to do eny thing I say thogh I just think it would be cool 😏

  129. Anonymous says:

    Add a mutant magma cube

  130. Anonymous says:

    Add a mutant slime

  131. EthanHelliwell says:

    It deos not say Mutant on the spawn eggs

  132. SuperIndoraptor40 says:

    Add the mutant Phantom please

  133. ToothyCaribou81 says:

    Can u plz +(add) the mutant phantom & mutant ender dragon❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  134. Joshua says:

    Looks awesome but wish the villagers weren’t mutant

  135. XxKINGSOULRESxX says:

    Wish it had no mutant villagers that would be better

  136. Aiden says:

    Can you remove mutant villagers pretty please because Its kinds dumb and villagers wouldn’t need to be mutated

  137. KentMCGamer says:

    My problem is the player is the most small with this addon. Pls add an update that players are bigger and more health and more melee damage like 5 attack damage.

  138. ChocolateMallows says:

    Make the villagers only turn into mutant using some sort of injection

  139. End dude gaming says:

    Can u add the mutant phantom

  140. ANGIE says:

    How to kill the creeper?

    I have killed some, but when they explode dont dropped items.

  141. Unknown :) says:

    Can you PLEASE update the mod so that the mobs no longer replace the originals and become a separate entity.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Update it when 1.14 comes out and make the mobs added entity and make more mobs

    But the add-on is really good 😎👍😀

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