One Night At Frankie’s Multiplayer Edition [Minigame]

This is the multiplayer version of the One Night’s At Frankie’s Freeroam minigame. The main difference is that there are two separate teams (animatronic vs night guard) whose main objectives are (depending on their roles) to either kill the other player or escape him from killing you. If you choose animatronic then you will be able to choose between four different ones.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter Account, YouTube Channel

How to play?

This map is optimized for two players. You begin the game by selecting whether you want to be an animatronic or a night guard. You can’t be on the same team as the other player since it’s a competitive map.

The players have different objectives depending on the role they selected.

  • Night Guard – Survive the night
  • Animatronic – Kill the player

The game ends at 05:00 AM and if the night guard is still alive at this point then he is the winner.

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33 Responses

4.69 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. PrimalKarnage says:

    can you make another multiplayer freeroam or, normal, where the players are the nightguards and they try to survive

  2. Alejandro says:


  3. RazorBlader13579 says:

    I thought nothing was better than freeroam but this is amazing!!

  4. NetherExplorer78 says:

    I can’t download it pls fix the link, btw if there is no animatronic golden frankie pls add ini next update i like golden freddy in fnaf

  5. Snakedoesminecraft says:

    I love these maps! Could you make a map where you have to fight the animatronics with a gun? Or a map where you are the animatronic and you have to kill the NPC Nightgaurd

  6. Lil fishy says:

    Hope soon we can play as purple Frankie

  7. Me says:

    Can you make this game.1 person is the killer other players are the hiders and the killer has to kill all of them

  8. Bruce says:

    REALLY GOOD that my friend got creep out when I run to him LOL

  9. Jonny says:

    Love it please make more one night at Frankie maps

  10. THAT DUDE says:

    Good lord you are a master at dis how do you do all of this plez teach me how to command block

  11. SplashyDuck says:

    It’s good

  12. REALEnnardiscool/FoxyNinja124 says:

    Nice map I love it!!! Also I’m working on my first horror map Fazbear’s Final nights! And my gamer tag is

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the coming the coming soon one

  14. 😎 says:

    Nice but make it to 5 players plz

  15. Carlos says:

    Wow, so many Frankie maps, you are the bomb my man 😀

  16. IrfanYT says:

    Its A Great Map But Can You Make The place Is Larger Because There Is No Way To Hide From Friends. Thank You😊

  17. Laie Akana says:

    This free roam map is amazing but please make the cameras Work some how…so we can ar least see the enemies location.

  18. CreeperGamerZXZ says:


  19. Nickson says:

    Hey creeper make hey Chet creeper I love this map I played with my sis but I wanna tell u the map broken when I joined my sis it broke like we pressed play and I was guard but I was stuck in the ready room

  20. Dats meh says:

    Yeah so I spawn in on a flatland world with nothing

  21. Dumb guy to die says:

    I love this map but can you install a way to get 3 players into the game? And please add more updates but for all its great!

  22. Bestgamer323 says:

    Kind of looks like heal poney made it.

  23. Captpop11 says:

    I don’t know why this happens but I don’t end up spawning where I should I assumed atleast. Can you tell me what the spawn coordinates are perhaps?

  24. Wispytacobot says:

    I love it it’s amazing but can it be played with more that 2 players like four or five

  25. Darkknight says:

    What are the coordinates of spawn?

  26. Prometheuzz TMP says:

    I think about the flat world issue you need 1.2 up or try re downloading the map

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