Titan Manor [Creation]

Explore a millionaire’s rural paradise — a secluded British manor house set within a forest with expansive grounds and amenities. This complex has a completed exterior and interior. There will be one more update to include: cinema, gym, airstrip, pool house, guest house, wine cellar, etc. Please comment with suggestions for the final update.

Creator: TheCrazyTitanTwitter Account
Credits: Decoration Add-on by ROBERTGAMER69
Updated: 7 August, 2018

Note: You need to use Flow’s HD texture pack to view this map correctly. If you wish to reuse this map, please fully credit my work and provide a link to MCPEDL.


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60 Responses

4.72 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Hell says:

    Small map

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing this map is beautiful. A little small however… well done thecrazytitan

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the map it is amazing one thing I might suggest is what if you made it a redstone / command block house with secret entrances and hidden money rooms just and suggestion but love the house keep doing what your doing and grinding man respect

  4. DanLetsPlayz says:

    A Master Suite And Gym And Private Jet And Hangar

  5. GamerPanda600 says:


  6. Anonymous says:



    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Was it too small for you? I have made much larger maps (with my largest being released on 22 June 2018), yet this one is designed to be small, a rural retreat…

  7. Bob says:



    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Repetition doesn’t give your point any more emphasis. It actually tends to detract from your point. See above for my response. ^

  8. EarthNotch10843 says:

    Add a bowling alley

  9. carnage says:

    was this done in a normal world or a flat world?

  10. Jason says:

    Can I use your map as a role play please

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes you can. Make sure you link the role play to MCPEDL and my twitter account (@the_crazy_titan). Enjoy!

  11. Jason says:

    Can I use your map as a role play

  12. Isaac says:

    Add some establishments near the house. Like malls, parks etc. it will be great

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Would a farm suffice? And additional outbuildings for this mansion? It is supposed to be a rural area. If you like malls, parks, etc, check out my upcoming map ‘Jurassic Minecraft’ released in full on 22 June 2018.

  13. TheSecondFleury says:

    Maybe add tennis courts.

  14. Mrcreeperman246 says:

    Hey this map is Amazing. I really like how you make it realistic and make it look really cool. I finished the interior to the house as it looked a bit bare!

    🙂 – I know your doing that for the next update but still I thought I’d just finish the design you were doing

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you. That is my intention! All of my builds aim to be as realistic as possible… Yes it is bare–this house was one of my first builds in Minecraft. I remodelled the façade and the gardens prior to submitting it here to make it more representative of my abilities in 2018. Yet I haven’t remodelled the inside..! Glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for the next update MrCreeperman246!

  15. Aria says:

    Could you add a stable?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes–that is a great idea for a rural setting. Thank you.

    • Dragon Girl says:

      Yeah that would be awesome! Also I ❤️ This map! It’s really realistic and takes me back to my home in England cause moved away when I was 10 ( I’m 12 now)
      I give this 5 ✨⭐️🌟💫

      • TheCrazyTitan says:

        Thank you! I am glad that you like it. It aims to be a British village manor. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

  16. Krystal says:

    Hey the crazy Titan! Thanks for making this map I love it and it’s the perfect size that I need. I was wondering 2 things.
    1. Do you take build requests? I’d love to make one.
    2. Could you try and build more super flat worlds? That would be awesome.
    That’s all I had to say, I hope you can take some time to read this! ~Krystal (Btw I LOVE YOUR BUILDS TEACH ME PLEASE!!! Aaah!! >O<

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I do take build requests/commissions. I rarely build in super flat worlds as they require more terraforming. Take a look at my ‘Minecraft White House’ to see another example of my flat world creations.

      • Krystal says:

        I’m really sorry but, I’m not really that active here… That’s why I didn’t reply until today…I’m truly sorry. Anyway…My build request is a flat world (hopefully detailed?) apartment with a pool, and a bunch of cool stuff you would think I’d like. Again truly sorry for not replying in a while…Have a great day! 😊

  17. SAS says:


  18. Alesscreeper says:

    Flows HD, Gg

  19. Risk says:

    For your next map maybe a hospital? I love to do role plays in those

  20. Bailey322YT says:

    Hello im Bailey322YT and I just wanna say this Titan Manor is absolutely stunning and perfect.
    I hope you get lots of good comments NICE JOB dude

  21. Ravenwood says:

    When will the next update be? I’m just wondering so ill download to get the ‘full’ finished experience! Great map!

  22. ii.Mythos.ii says:

    I wish all English houses were this fancy

  23. Some Dude says:

    Add a secret superhero base with a secret entrance inside the house and a secret villain base a little way away. And add a skin pack including the hero and the villain and his goons (and maybe the rest of the hero’s team and/or his sidekick

  24. GamerPanda600 says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool you . can you make a large mansion next??

  26. JamiePlayz says:

    please make a Lockwood manor because tricgaming made a Lockwood manor for pc but I’m on IPad

  27. Livegaming says:

    Note: to map creators pls don’t use ad fly I know u want money but please don’t use it

  28. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    DO you have a release date for the next update?

  29. Awesome idea master says:

    Add a working tv plz

  30. Cavetorn says:

    I hated the texture pack so I changed it to a personal favorite before I explored. I liked the exterior of the house itself, I hated the overgrown feeling, it felt quite claustrophobic. The interior was a bit weird, I found it strange that the dinning room was on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen. I didn’t like the checkered floors, it felt like a dated pizza parlor. I also hated how many plants, the leaves on top of a note block, there were, it felt cluttered. I think that you should add a horse pasture and stable. Also make the floor plan a bit more open and modern.

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