Rural Retreat [Creation]

Explore a millionaire’s rural paradise — a secluded British manor house set within a forest with expansive grounds and amenities. This complex has a completed exterior and interior. The interior will be fully updated on this map’s next and final update. Please comment below if you would like to add anything to the final update.

Creator: TheCrazyTitanTwitter Account

Note: You need to use Flow’s HD texture pack to view this map correctly. If you wish to reuse this map, please fully credit my work and provide a link to MCPEDL.


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40 Responses

4.77 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Hell says:

    Small map

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing this map is beautiful. A little small however… well done thecrazytitan

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the map it is amazing one thing I might suggest is what if you made it a redstone / command block house with secret entrances and hidden money rooms just and suggestion but love the house keep doing what your doing and grinding man respect

  4. DanLetsPlayz says:

    A Master Suite And Gym And Private Jet And Hangar

  5. GamerPanda600 says:


  6. Anonymous says:



    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Was it too small for you? I have made much larger maps (with my largest being released on 22 June 2018), yet this one is designed to be small, a rural retreat…

  7. Bob says:



    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Repetition doesn’t give your point any more emphasis. It actually tends to detract from your point. See above for my response. ^

  8. EarthNotch10843 says:

    Add a bowling alley

  9. carnage says:

    was this done in a normal world or a flat world?

  10. Jason says:

    Can I use your map as a role play please

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes you can. Make sure you link the role play to MCPEDL and my twitter account (@the_crazy_titan). Enjoy!

  11. Jason says:

    Can I use your map as a role play

  12. Isaac says:

    Add some establishments near the house. Like malls, parks etc. it will be great

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Would a farm suffice? And additional outbuildings for this mansion? It is supposed to be a rural area. If you like malls, parks, etc, check out my upcoming map ‘Jurassic Minecraft’ released in full on 22 June 2018.

  13. TheSecondFleury says:

    Maybe add tennis courts.

  14. Mrcreeperman246 says:

    Hey this map is Amazing. I really like how you make it realistic and make it look really cool. I finished the interior to the house as it looked a bit bare!

    🙂 – I know your doing that for the next update but still I thought I’d just finish the design you were doing

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you. That is my intention! All of my builds aim to be as realistic as possible… Yes it is bare–this house was one of my first builds in Minecraft. I remodelled the façade and the gardens prior to submitting it here to make it more representative of my abilities in 2018. Yet I haven’t remodelled the inside..! Glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for the next update MrCreeperman246!

  15. Aria says:

    Could you add a stable?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes–that is a great idea for a rural setting. Thank you.

    • Dragon Girl says:

      Yeah that would be awesome! Also I ❤️ This map! It’s really realistic and takes me back to my home in England cause moved away when I was 10 ( I’m 12 now)
      I give this 5 ✨⭐️🌟💫

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