Simple Pack [16×16]

Simple Pack is a texture pack which as simpler, cleaner & smoother textures than the default textures. If you ever wanted a simpler texture then this texture pack will be suitable for you. Some of the blocks have animations such as the front on the furnace, beacon and glass blocks. If you’re looking for a clean and simplistic pack, then this is a good option!

Creator: VechrozilatorTwitter Account
Updated: 25 October, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Change the pack icon
  • New mobs texture
  • New texture for llama carpet
  • New texture of bamboo for beta
  • Remove files that no longer needs


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14 Responses

4.85 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. FireBoy says:

    [insert First Commment Here]

    Good Texture Pack. But can we get the map aswell plz?😊

  2. NetsoCraft says:

    Yes I Agree!

  3. HirwrC says:

    does this pack decease lag? Anybody tested it yet?

  4. Tron_lol-xd_lolololol says:

    In fantastic mod

  5. CalvinG says:

    This Pack looks almost ecactly the samebas the plastic texture pack from the store

  6. Hafiz says:

    Ia hope kg answers is correct

  7. MoisesR31 says:

    a mi me buguea los Recursos Globales, lo activo y todo bien, luego entro a un mundo y no carga (se cierra Minecraft o se atasca), lo abro deuevo y se repite con cualquier mundo, trato de volver a Recursos y se cierra al instante, la solucion fue ir a la carpeta resource_packs en el almacenamiento y borrar los archivos del Simple Pack, luego volvio a la normalidad

    Yo tengo Minecraft PE version en un Samsung J200M… que podria ser el fallo? :/

  8. coke says:

    Almost an exact replica of what i used for PC back in Beta. Thanks

  9. shokifrend77 says:


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