Category: People

Scuba Steve
Dive the oceans!
By: iilo
Star Blaze
Girl with ombre hair.
By: Robina
Purple & Teal
Purple hair and teal colored clothes. (3 pixels arms)
By: _Puppi
Archer Boy
Boy wearing black clothes and a quiver on his back.
By: ClarityPvP
Backpack Boy
Boying wearing a hoodie jacket, a backpack and a pair of black pants.
By: xBrookex
Team Orange
Boy wearing an orange shirt and beige shorts.
By: alexandre
Berber Cavalry
A Bedouin is an Arabic-speaking nomadic people often living in deserts.
By: LukyLucaz
Holiday Kid
Boy wearing a orange shirt.
By: Dobos
Backpack Boy
Boy wearing a checkered shirt, hoodie jacket and a backpack.
By: xBrookex
Pretty cool website... ;)
By: NinjaxGamer7