Welcome To The Tardis [Creation]

Do you consider yourself a true Whovian (also known as a Doctor Who fan)? If that’s the case then you definitely have to download this map and give it a try in-game. The map features many of the control rooms and other TARDIS areas and all of them are based on the ones in the Doctor Who TV show. You’ll start out in the Overworld at a police box and from there you can access the TARDIS!

Creator: MicroJP, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel
Updated: 4 February, 2018 (read changelog)

All of the rooms are connected by corridors so you can easily go from one to another without leaving the building.


  • Bug fixes around the Tardis
  • New room outside
  • Updated StongeHenge


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80 Responses

4.65 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Alex says:

    Amazing very cool

  2. Childerboyz says:


  3. Son of minecraft 101 says:

    This map is amazing i really like doctor who and its amazing so i thank you for making this map and i have a requst for you and that is to make a doctor who addon so it could fit in with the map😄

    • MicroJP says:

      Your very welcome this map took roughly a week and i am updating this map the new features are matt smiths old tardis and 10th docors tardis i hopw you will enjoy it when its finnished

    • DinoDNA says:

      Yeah great idea!!!!! Make daleks and cyber men all that good stuff!!!

  4. PoignantFox2182 says:

    Hi. It have been very cool if you maked a doctor Who Addon for mcpe with daleks,cybermens,Tardis doors,sonic screwdiver 11.th doctor. To make the screwdriver working you should use codeing. Thanks. Hope you can make this Addon

  5. SizeableWig says:

    This is an awesome map.

  6. Therealcybergpro says:

    I just uploaded my tardis map

  7. IOSPro says:

    Hi Editor how do i upload a map to mediafire? I am running an IOS iPad. For some stupid reason the file manager in the app store is Rated 17+ For Nudity…Im 11 i can’t download that..i cant find EsFileExplorer in the app store and i made a very large map :(. Please help!

    • MicroJP says:

      Im not sure on IOS becouse i made this on my Computerbut you could try using youtube

    • Connor says:

      You can’t do things like that on iOS. Apple devices won’t let you browse the files.

      • Unknown_XXX says:

        You can actually. Just Buy the “Newly Released” Esfile explorer for Ios then zip the file and use the share button or the main mediafire website.

        P.S. If you don’t want to buy the Es app just get an IPA installer to get it for free

  8. maisong says:

    Thank you so much! This is my favorite television show.

  9. Master_Waskerz says:

    1st to comment also YES AMAZING JOB LOVE IT 😍 YOU R DA BEST!

  10. salvador says:

    i love the intirior but could you please add an exterior

  11. rahim says:

    I am the biggest fan of doctor who who agree with me ……


  12. Spring says:

    Love your videos soooooooooooo great

  13. Some Guy says:

    thank you so much for making this i am a whovian thank you first person who has made a doctor who map for ios this is even better because it is the tardis
    *downloads with happiness*

  14. TLC Toon Link Chihahua says:

    Can you make a Dalak addon but they say exterminate?

  15. ThatGuyKieran says:

    Amazing addon!!!!! I was waiting for this for soooooooo long! Only one problem. Where is the 9th/10th TARDIS? It is my favourite TARDIS and I would really appreciate if you could make it

  16. Kevin says:

    Best map ever! And I love the house in the over world and the tardis in the over world 10000000000/10

  17. Some Guy says:

    Can you add the 4th doctor’s wooden tardis interior please?
    Please reply MicroJP

  18. Dr Traycraft says:

    Can you improve 10th ,11th consoles both 1st and 2nd that belong to the 11th doctor. Make then more accurate to the show the best you can please

    • MicroJP says:

      Ive improveed the new 11th doctors control room it would be very hard to improve the old one
      not sure about the 10th though

  19. Dylan says:

    When is the next update?

  20. Catness says:

    Looks really cool! Doctor Who is my fav show, thank you so much for making this! Does anyone know of any other Doctor Who maps, or is this the only one?

    • Catness says:

      There’s only one thing I would add and it’s a swimming pool in a library. If you don’t remember the reference it’s new Who season 5 episode 1. Please please add this

  21. Overblox says:


  22. Mike says:

    This is real good you should make a legend of Zelda map with the ad on

  23. Miguel says:

    This is so cool

  24. Aceattacker says:

    The command blocks has been added in the new update so where will you use them in this map and how?

  25. BuggyPig🐝🐷 says:

    I hope that there is more issues

  26. Connor says:

    I can help with the commons block part of this map. I created a T.A.R.D.I.S. that works

  27. Xmu says:

    Micro, command blocks are out. just do /give @p command_block

  28. 5tr4 says:

    Command blocks are out!!!! They are finally out for iOS! All you need to do is /give @a command_block 64
    Do that in a world with cheats enabled.

  29. MicroJP says:

    Guys sorry i haven’t been updating it just that i cant get my map to update using medifire sorry guys 🙁

  30. joseph says:

    can you make a Cardiff world please like with torchwood and that

  31. MicroJP says:

    It may have appeard to stop updating the map and thats true im no longer updating this map ive built everything in doctor who not including the pool in the library because thats way to hard to build but thats why ive stopped this is the tardis and i have done

  32. Brian Cart says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    Will you do more

  34. Samuel says:

    Unum guys when you said you had too wait until command blocks were added. They were added a very long time ago. You can use them without beta anymore

  35. natejb2003 says:

    Woah… can you please team up with DingDong61 to make the best TARDIS for MCPE out there? That would be my life complete!

  36. Hopper says:

    You can update this to have a command teleport, its not in the main creative menu though so (like pc) go to the chat and type /give @p command_block 64

  37. 5tr4 says:

    Finally it’s updated finally

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi love this game but how do I leave the tardis

  39. casey says:

    cool but I don’t now how to get out ether

  40. Max says:

    When you go in the tardies how do you get out

  41. Max says:

    And how does it move

  42. DrWhoFan says:

    There ARE command blocks just go in chat and say “/give command_block” and you got it. Btw good map

  43. Searmr cool says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  44. SnakeArmsGR says:

    Great Map dude make more I enjoyed it =)

  45. SkyGamez says:

    Wawwwww You Map Si Awesome Thank You For Creator Map 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊👍👍👍👍

  46. Chicken says:

    Hey put in command blocks so we can get in and out

  47. Hunter says:

    this map is so cool

  48. Ripley Who says:

    How can I download this?

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