Zer0’s Lab [Creation]

This is the lab which AgentCPU, also known as Zer0 Studioz, does his Minecraft showcases. There are four different sections of the lab. The main lab includes test tubes for mobs and an area specifically designated to show off items and crafting recipes.

Upstairs there is a multipurpose testing room which can be used for practically anything. There is also an obsidian chamber which can be used for testing of explosives and weapons. The spaces have been built and secured primarily for showcasing add-ons.

Creator: AgentCPU0Twitter Account, YouTube Channel
Updated: 19 November, 2018 (read changelog)



  • Working fans in the main lab (decorative)
  • Upstairs testing room can be filled with water using a button. Great for showcasing aquatic features and add-ons
  • Vehicle bay has a working garage door, which can be opened and closed from both the inside and outside
  • Right outside the garage door is a road for riding around on. Mainly intended for vehicle-based add-ons


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10 Responses

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  1. Jenna says:

    This is actually pretty cool but why is it in a flat world? It would be nice if it was in a world with mountains and stuff so you could add on to it and add windows but it’s still pretty nice

  2. Arav says:

    I didn’t know that before

  3. SovietUnionIsMyCity says:


  4. SovietUnionIsMyCity says:


  5. How did you... says:


  6. Dev says:

    Can I Use This Map To Make A Adventure Map??? I will share your credits.

  7. MemesAreKeyz says:

    Is it a flat world or a normal infinite world ??.?
    Is it ok if I ask if you can add and exit or if you can make another room with cosmetics!

  8. YaBoiMimikyu says:

    Hm…. looks good gr8 for a map I’m making. But I could do with some help, if you want to help me, go on Xbox and write Superbirdgaming, and then we’ll get down to business. P.S. you need MCPE for Android to join my game.

  9. ItsPug says:

    Prtty Good But Still You Gotta Make More Room

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