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Published on July 25, 2014 (Updated on July 25, 2014)

-1: High Mountain Village

The surrounding areas of which you spawn in are what it seems like at first flat. But as you take an extra look around you will notice this mountain village nicely situated on a misplaced extreme mountain. Close to the mountain foot the village continues with a couple of farm fields and houses. But most of the village is actually located on top of the high mountain.

How to get there?

Once you've spawned turn diagonally to your right. Continue in the direction ahead of you over a hill and a small dry river. Soon you should pass a second hill and find a pond.

Turn very, very little to your right and continue in that direction. Coming next is a river, cross it. Soon some holes in the ground leading down to underground caves should be visible. Just continue ahead of them and you should now be able to see the mountain village.

Seed: -1

Seed ID

FINALLY someone lse posts this seed I have been using it since v0.1.0 in v0.5.0 it was amizing with waterfalls mountains and lakes. Now it's finally been posted
I found another village! From the first village, fly over the forest until the land stops and you reach a deep ocean. To get there it takes about a minute of flying. When you reach the ocean, turn right 90 degrees and you will see the village. Doesn't have a blacksmiths but has a church. Enjoy!
Yeah there are two back in 0.16.0 you should have looked under the well. There was a stronghold
Can you create more really cool survival worlds like a village that has full iron armour in a chest which is in a house that is on fire so its a challenge to get to it. That would be great!
I can't find it, and I have been searching for hours.
What is the seed number
This seed find the village at 4 minute