MCPEDL x CurseForge Reward program

Following a successful beta period, we are now opening the CurseForge reward program for any MCPEDL author who wants to join. By joining the program, you will be rewarded based on the popularity of your project.

How to join:

  1. Read the Reward Program FAQ.
  2. Go over the Moderation Guidelines.
  3. Connect CurseForge account in your MCPEDL Profile.
  4. Upload your project to CurseForge.
    • For an existing project, you will need to create a post on CF using the same slug. That will take over the MCPEDL page automatically. (Slug = Public URL)
    • This means your project will be uploaded to both MCPEDL platform & the CurseForge platform. Your external links will no longer be visible and you will officially start earning points on CurseForge.
    • DO NOT copy the entire MCPEDL description to CurseForge and expect it to transfer flawlessly - CurseForge is a different system and you need to adjust your content to it.
    • Since CurseForge uses square thumbnails, you MUST upload an image with the title "MCPEDL". This image will be the thumbnail on MCPEDL. Projects without an image with title MCPEDL will not be imported. (720x340px is ideal)
    • If you insert images in your description, you should use relative image sizes, otherwise the images may appear too big on small screen devices. To specify the size, you can use the code icon </> in the editor, and change the width="500px" to width="50%" for example, if you wish the image to take 50% of the screen size. If you remove the height, it will keep the correct aspect ratio of the original image.
    • If you wish to use spoiler tags, it's recommended to use this markup (Again, you can achieve this easily using the </> editor: <h2>Spoiler Title</h2><div class="spoiler">spoiler content...</div>
    • You must enable 3rd party distribution in the license tab of your submission.
    • Ensure your submission is not marked as experimental.
  5. To collect your rewards you need to set up your 2FA. To do this connect your twitch account to CurseForge. After that you can log out and log in from different log in method. MAKE SURE THE TWITCH ACCOUNT EMAIL IS THE SAME AS THE CURSEFORGE ACCOUNT EMAIL.
    • Need help? Follow this guide on How to Enable 2FA.