Moderation Guidelines

MCPEDL moderation guidelines 

Moderation is a process that involves automation and human review with the primary goal of keeping the MCPEDL space fun, safe, and engaging.

Projects should add value to players while respecting the game creators and the game itself.

Projects should not encourage any sort of discrimination, in any way.

MCPEDL follows Minecraft EULA and ToS, and so should your projects. This is true for content and functionality alike.

Your project should contain distinct content and assets, including in its name, avatar, summary and description. If your project is a fork of another project - You credit the original creator and make sure forking is allowed to begin with, you must follow the license of said project and provide direct link to the original creator.

Moderation is done under our best efforts. You can appeal a rejection, ask for more clarification or report a project if you feel they are inappropriate, and are reminded to respect the moderators at all times.

It is strongly recommended that you enable a communication channel with your audience to allow bug reporting and feature requests as well as feedback.

Learn and review our moderation policies for more concrete do’s and don'ts.

Moderation Policies

What happens in Moderation?

MCPEDL has a large collection of mods which all went through a series of processors, automated checks and manual reviewing.

While we cannot disclose and document the exact things we look for to avoid abuse of the system, we put in great efforts to make sure MCPEDL is a safe, fun and engaging space for authors and users alike.

In the instances that a project or file was approved but raises an issue (On the content or technical level), the original owner of that content can make a claim by following these guidelines and citing the reason for us to review again.

In case that users feel there is an inappropriate project that passed moderation, they can report it via the reporting function on the website. We also invite users to use the ticketing system if you encounter a problem.

What happens when a project doesn't qualify?

If your project submission receives a reply that changes are required  - you can look at the notes our moderation teams left for you to change in-order to accept this project.


Rejected Projects

Cases in which the entire project is rejected, and in some cases you may be banned from submitting more projects.

Inappropriate or Not Real: You may think it's funny to upload innapropriate videos in zip format. We do not. Uploading non game content under the pretense that it is game content will get a project rejected. Depending on what you put in the file you may be banned permanently.

Plagiarism: Don't steal. Do not upload work that does not belong to you. Unless you have explicit permission from the Owner. You must also include due credit. You will most likely be banned for breaking these rules.

Third Party Installation Utility: It is incredibly rare that we allow .exe files and third party launchers/installers to be uploaded. You won't be banned but the project will be rejected.

Uploaded another Author's work: This means you uploaded something that might allow cloning but you didn't make any functional in-game changes. You won't be banned but it is highly frowned upon. Continuing to attempt to upload cloned projects with no changes will get you upgraded to Plagiarism.

Information Collection- It is not allowed to collect any personal information from users using a Mod. That includes but not limited to: IP, Personal machine details, Location, etc...

File hosting and link shortener services 

Any mod which will be found to violate this will be taken down until the author can fix it.

We do not require whitelisting or permission requests from ad sites, our users are free to use which ad site they would like to, but they are required to follow our guidelines:

1. No more than 1 action needed in order to download the file.

2. The site should be clear and easy to use (no 'click here'/ 'download here' ads that do not lead to the file). It must be in English. 

3. No action that requires installing any program/.exe/linkvertise downloader

4. No more than 1 redirect

5. Up to 30 seconds of wait for each download.

6. Authors are prohibited from incorporating or enabling pop-up advertisements within their submitted content on MCPEDL. This includes any modifications made after the content has been approved.

All of those requests are meant to keep the process easy and streamlined, therefore there might be situations where we may still reject a specific link even if it follows all of the mentioned requests due to our own judgment. In such a case we will of course supplement an explanation that will help you understand what was wrong.

Please note that regarding link shorteners, we generally allow all as long as the requirements are met, but in some cases link shorteners lead to an error or 404 page- in those cases, we request to remove the shortener and upload a direct link.