tag: CTM Maps

By Atom44ik
Published on 13 Jun, 2024
Fantasy Kingdom is a map where you will see great BIG ancient buildings. You will feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Houses, streets and more are recreated in...
By Atom44ik
Published on 6 Jun, 2024
Russ big city is A small Soviet town located at the turn of the times, what awaits you around the next turn - new supermarkets, old buildings, or maybe a mysterious crime story?...
By Dragongold3044
Published on 21 May, 2024
This is the cake server it is a world do not discriminate about my building I like it do not get mad or report me If something’s wrong I’ll try and help if you would like to joi...
By Scuppy12
Published on 13 May, 2024
Welcome to SuperLandMC The Realm Started On The 6th Of August 2015 On The Xbox360 Version Of Minecraft It Has Since Gone Throw Many Changes We Have Updated The Realm With The Bi...
By Atom44ik
Published on 12 May, 2024
Big City Of New NordLand is big nice city where you can visit cool buildings and be happy by spending your time here.The map was created by Atom44ik (Gaming Atom).This map is co...
By Sodvic
Published on 22 May, 2024
This Beautiful Island is in the middle of the ocean and to survive you will have to fight monsters and find materials underground. Under the island there are many Custom Minesha...
By DroidRGH
Published on 14 Mar, 2024
Coastal Village gets an upgrade. This advanced village has high-level gear and an extensive nether hub. Find three exotic far-flung locations on the nether rail line to visit an...
By Sat-blast-craft
Published on 5 Mar, 2024
MAP UPDATED:-(i) ADDED SOME SMALL RUINS AND MORE DETAILS Note:-This map is not finished yet but most of the part has been built  Map Details/Story Story:- this is a kingdom (no ...
By Ishanhasan0a
Published on 6 Feb, 2024
This parkour map is very interesting to complete as it has may challanges . And checkpoints is also given in this map .And also if you are facing problem of hunger so you will g...
By TheThoughCookies09
Published on 30 Jan, 2024
Hey hey hey,just to know something about this map is that this map contains almost every biome in Minecraft,so why don't you just download it? It's an amazing map,you will love ...
By Juavy
Published on 5 Feb, 2024
Diversity Bedrock edition | Minecraft Multi-Genre Map for Bedrock edition. Diversity - an epic multi-genre challenge map for single player and multiplayer for Pc Ps4 Ps5 Switch ...
By ItsBeast
Published on 25 Dec, 2023
Beast Laboratory V3-Do you want to improve your PvP skills or your Survival skills? Do you want to play single player and multiplayer games? well this map is perfect for you. Be...
By DroidRGH
Published on 1 Feb, 2024
Achievements are ON! Coastal Village is a survival spawn template for Minecraft bedrock edition. Everything was earned and built by an experienced Minecrafter, in real-time, usi...
By DroidRGH
Published on 1 Feb, 2024
A developed survival template based on the classic 1.17 default seed. Follow the bridge through the woods - and a flurry of snow people! - to discover Snowy Village. At the Gran...