Published on May 23, 2021 (Updated on April 04, 2024)

Fantasy Kingdom NEW Update U2.2.0.5

Fantasy Kingdom is a map where you will see great BIG ancient buildings. You will feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Houses, streets and more are recreated in a medieval style. Each house is worked out inside and when you go inside any building you will see it. Check out the screenshots below. Map created by Atom44ik. Many castles with fantastic details are awaiting you.

This map is copyrighted, it is forbidden to publish on other websites if you are going to do a review please put the original download link.

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NEW Version

  • Added new interior details
  • New exit from the castle
  • New decorations in the evil forest
  • Better optimization with less mob creations

If you found issues or any other problems, please write it in the comments



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do any mods/maps etc... work on minecraft education edition? cuz i cant download any onto mc edu
heinzsqueezebottle April 05, 2024 at 10:17 pm
anything that works on pocket edition should work on education edition as long as they use the same version
It‘s amazing but….. SOMEONE COPIED YOU!!! Look at this link to the world! It‘s called Lakewell Kingdom
what if i use this addon in my video and not credit the author
the map creator can Copyright you or even sue you
Hi, Can I use your map to create a survival game series with mods?
can I make vid with it?
Author, I like your level very much. It's very good. I want to reprint this level to the Minecraft forum in China: mcutc, and keep the original author's information. Can I do that?
if you are going to do a review please put the original download link. You can publish with original link on the mcpedl map.