Published on July 26, 2023 (Updated on December 10, 2023)

Bows And Crossbows TRAINING NEW 1.28.4

Bows And Crossbows TRAINING is a map where you can practice your archery and crossbow skills. 

The map supports playing with friends up to 8 people.

 there are 5 different arenas with different capacity of players.

There are also plenty of settings to suit your play style.

This map is copyrighted, it is forbidden to publish on other websites if you are going to do a review please put the original download link.

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Version 1.28.4

  • Added 1.20.50 Full support
  • Fixed issues with playing beta minecraft preview versions
  • Remastered the Legacy Map

Enjoy. If you found any issues of this map, please write in comments



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