category: Servers

By JaceH555
Published on 26 Sep, 2023
3.4 · v1.20.30
The Charles smp is a minecraft server where you can essentially play out any role you want. the server has a long, detailed history that started all the way back in December of ...
By CentoriCraft
Published on 26 Sep, 2023
3.9 · v1.20.30
DISCORD SERVER: to the captivating realm of CentoriCraft, where your Minecraft adventure begins! Embark on a journey that blends creativity,...
By robin9094707
Published on 26 Sep, 2023
4.2 · v1.20.30
🌟 Survival Squad SMP 🌟"Welcome to Survival Squad SMP, where Minecraft dreams come true! Explore our secure spawn, enjoy starter kits, interact with our friendly admins, and sh...
By socksanxiety
Published on 26 Sep, 2023 · v1.20.30
Mining Simulator is a semi-anarchy server where you are placed into a bedrock box with near unlimited resources. Throughout it’s existence spanning two years multiple different ...
By xAssassin
Published on 22 Sep, 2023
5 · v1.20.30
This is a modded vanilla anarchy server, there is a player run economy system, and an advanced combat plugin. Survival is harsh, and you will have to find unconventional methods...
By Traizel
Published on 18 Sep, 2023
4.1 · v1.20.30
Discover TraizelCraft: a massive Network with an RPG Survival Server, a Factions Server, and a Mini Games Server. We offer Crossplay and CrossVersion so you can play from almost...
By EasyArea
Published on 18 Sep, 2023
5 · v1.20.12
EasyArea is a large group server based on the Minecraft bedrock version!We use high-performance independent servers and are hosted in professional data centers, which significan...
By Sivils
Published on 11 Sep, 2023
4.3 · v1.20.30
What would make you want to join the server? Definitely many factors, but unique features is what attracts people. At Sivils, we have 3 very different features which are our pur...
By ValdenCity
Published on 8 Sep, 2023
1.5 · v1.20.30
Welcome to GamersWorld network/servers, also known as GMS. Owned by military lotus, managed mainly by Pvpmaster7165 (me). We are currently developing the server further into its...
By Insomnia
Published on 5 Sep, 2023
4 · v1.20.30
A nice and friendly LGBTQ+ supportive server, in which a unique challenge is presented, alongside amazing bedrock/java plugins to make an unforgettable experience.  Using Gyserm...
Published on 4 Sep, 2023
3 · v1.20.10
UnParallel is a new LifeSteal Server with SMP aspects. Avaliable for both Java and Bedrock minecrafters. We are just starting our first season and we have lots planned from mini...
By RonMC
Published on 30 Aug, 2023
5 · v1.20.10
Welcome to Arcane Realms - Where Adventure Awaits!Greetings, intrepid explorers! Are you ready to venture into a world of boundless magic and excitement? Look no further, becaus...
By Mystic Studio
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
4.4 · v1.20.30
Welcome to Mystic Craft Faction OP!  ✔ Discover the world of Mystic, a PvP Faction Survival  with skills RPG Aspect.A small server with good people! Create a base defend it, hid...
By BlackFire4775
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
3.9 · v1.20.31
⚔️50+ 3D Armors/Weapons/Tools🛡️Countless Custom Enchants🌟⛏️Emerald/Diamond/Gold/Money Scoreboard Compatible & Exchangeable Economy/Banking System💎🔥Whether Experienced or a Ne...