Published on August 16, 2023 (Updated on July 19, 2024)

Charles SMP

Server IP Connect
Version 1.21.3
Status Online
Players 11/50
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

The Charles smp is a minecraft server that accepts anyone of any language or ethnicity, where you can essentially play out any role you want. the server has a long, detailed history that started all the way back in December of 2018. if you want to become a part of the story you can by simply joining . The server Is going on 6 years old now and we no longer restart our server so everything you do contributes to the grand, never ending story. 

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server updates:

added explanation of factions on the server

villager rights movement taking hold server wide.

charlesonian capitol highway completed

server still waits for the new chunks for new players to get any kind of development as all new players just migrate to old chunks

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Dedicated Server

Map: Chapter 2 Season 1

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a truly great server that’s quite unique when stacked up against bedrock servers. would highly recommend
great server. guns.
and this is bedrock edition right??
Can a brazilian that is almost good at english play??
A bunch of copycat servers with the same concept literally stole this server’s place on the front page.
Wym the owner didn't steal or made a copy server thing he literally started his journey in 2018 on a world with some of his friends and then worked on making a server so more people can come in, you should first check out his yt channel or talk to the owner and then complain about stuff.

And he also made his own add-ons by himself
gandy you silly down syndrome he was basically saying different servers copied this servers style and stole the top page from it
Other servers with the same concept temporarily took the place of this one on the front page.
too political
me addons is here:
https: //shrinkme .vip/mcpedl
remove space after past the link
best server (even if the owner refuses to add cocaine 🙄)
why i cant join? it says their using old minecraft version?