Published on November 26, 2023 (Updated on May 26, 2024)

PokeBedrock Official Server

Server IP Connect
Version 1.20.80
Status Online
Players 132/640
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Minecraft Bedrock Pokémon Server! Catch, train, and battle with a fully game-accurate Pokémon addon. Join us now! Experience next-level open-world Pokemon RPG gameplay. Play with your friends and battle with a fully game-accurate battle system.

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v3.3.7 / Field Effects, Inactivity & ELO


- Updated wiki to have proper loot drop chances

- Added new Iron Valiant Model by @kawaki1963

- Added Watermelon Summer Spheal to a cosmetic forme


- Added Missing `tm278`

- Fixed a error where EVO tools would have a unknown block in there `destroy_speeds`

- Added many missing held items:

- Sea Incense, All Plates, Lustrous Orb, Protective Pads, Terrain Extender, Blunder Policy, Eject Pack, Utility Umbrella, Ability Shield, Booster Energy, Clear Amulet, Covert Cloak, Loaded Dice, Mirror Herb, Punching Glove

ELO decay

- Added `ratedMatchesPlayed` to `PlayerModel` for storing all dates of all the rated matches played.

- Added new migration `addRatedMatchesPlayedToPlayers` for setting the default value

- Added `setRatedMatchesPlayed`, `addRatedMatchPlayed`, and `getRatedMatchesPlayedToday` to `PlayerModel`

- Added `lastInactivityCheckTimestamp` for storing a time when the last inactivity check was done.

- Added new Inactivity check system, which will parodically check all players to see how inactive they are. It will have the following side effects:

- Checks how many rated matches played for the day and adjusts the players ELO accordingly. [more info](

  - If you played over 5 games, there is no decay

  - If you played 1-5 games, you lose 1 point for every 100 points above 1500 you are

  - If you played 0 games, you lose 1 point for every 50 points above 1400 you are


- Fixed a bug with the sidebar making your 6th slot and maybe even 5th slot having a broken icon. This was fixed by upgrading the space per variable from 70 chars to 80. Increasing the amount of text that is sent to the action bar every sidebar update.

- Fixed a bug where if a Pokémon is currently in a illusion, inside of a battle, the fake Pokémon will get EXP for defeating the Pokémon.

- Fixed Pokémon Stat calculation from being off and not matching the formula on Pokémon Showdown.

- Fixed improper translation of `-start` from showdown, and from showing the wrong text.

- Fixed precision on leaderboards


- Removed participation being set when a Pokémon uses a move inside the battle, and changed it to whenever it is first sent out.

- During Pokémon drag out, `isActually` is now given to give the player info on who is actually being sent out, and to update the participation accordingly.

Field Conditions

- The current field condition is now sent to the player in the battle wait screen, to actually make use of the space.

- Added 5 new Field Effects that are displayed in battle and look REALLY cool!


- Database now ensures all fetches succeeded by making status checking required

- Added new `forEachKeySync` to Database to allow a callback for each key to submit a new value to the database. This is used for big database rewrites, such as migrating every single value without saving it all to memory.

- Added new Sign Logging, where when a signs text gets updated it will now be logged in #sign-edit-logs for better moderation


- Updated Claim Manager now if a player tries to attack a entity inside a players claim it will cancel the event. However you can still attack Pokémon in others claims.

- Added minecart, boat, armor stand, painting, hopper minecart, chest minecart, ender dragon, and ender crystals to be excluded from lag clear

- `ClaimModel`'s `getOwner` now uses `PlayerModel.getSync` to ensure it fetches the owner. This fixes a issue where if a player tries to view you using `/seen` and you are offline, your claim being deleted.

- Claim Model `checkInactivity` has been updated to implement the new `getOwner` and to `console.log` if a inactivity is found.

- Inactivity checker now goes through and verifies every players claims, to ensure they exist, if the player has played recently, and to ensure no duplicates.

- Added new `/database inactivity_check`

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: ii PokeBedrock

Map: PocketMine-MP

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Is the server gonna get updated soon or is it gonna take time to get everything sorted
prease update for server I like this server
pls update for server
Waiting for an update to the current version of Minecraft (1.20.80 official)
How do you use crate keys??