Published on June 13, 2018 (Updated on July 18, 2023)

1 HP Heart

In this map you will have to face different levels, where to overcome them you only have half a heart, have fun exploring the levels and trying to overcome them by making special moves. For each level there is a chest to find to collect the object inside

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The 1HP Heart map made the following changes to improve the player experience :

  • The Google Drive link has been updated
  • Added the trailer on Youtube
  • Added installation guide
  • The map remains unchanged


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This is so Great Map I scream so loud cause i cant find the button in fire map and hill map
I will post this in the blog
how did you make it so you start with 1 heart? is it a command if so, what's the command
If you go to creative you can see 4 command blocks, now I don't remember what command I used
Hey the mcworld file doesn’t work but its a great map, but nect time can you just use instant damage to get me to half a heart and turn off natural regeneration, it would be quicker
ok thanks for the suggestion
I love this map. But im stuck on lvl with the boots that says something like “I’m not hurting you” but I got an oberview of all the levels and it looked pretty nice. Keep up the good work brother. I like it! The other maps you made is going on YouTube BTW, ;)
thank you so much for your support!
this is the best minecraft map i might just delete all my other map thx for the awesome map ;]
Wow, thank you very much, very kind!
wow this map is amazing the idea is amazing
Thanks for uploading 5is on my bday ;D !!!!
The map itself was well designed, but the entire thing was VERY boring, especially because of the ten second wait before restarting a level, but also because the entire thing is just a bit of overly easy parkour and a find the button map.
Patience, they are personal tastes, I still appreciate your comment. As for the 10 seconds of waiting, I could not do anything about it, because I do not know the command to make sure to put 1 heart, lifting another 9 out. I appreciate your comment :-)
You can still do the spawnpoint 10 blocks higher than the floor so the player will take damage when falling
Just mess around with various levels of instant damage and you should be able to figure it out
wow nice map!, please made another! ?
another version of this map would not make sense, if anything I can update it :-)
Hello, I am a Chinese player.I began to like Minecraft a long time ago.IMap author, I think the map you made is very good,Very challenging.I hope you can cheer up, I will always support you!
Can I do a video on this??!
Yes! why do you ask me that ? in fact I'm glad! :-)