By Editor
Published on March 26, 2017 (Updated on March 26, 2017)

10 Command Block Creations [Redstone] (1.0.5+ Only!)

Installation Guides

1.16 requires to change all commands
Will this work with 1.13
Tryed with V.1.4.2 but it didn't work.
Only one of them worked for me
Much of it not works but that structure are cool but great well.
This is so cool bro.
Ummm. I spawn on a flat world with just animals
Great map!
Though the storm in in a bottle doesn't work.
Its the best. I LOVE the teleportation bow. U r the best !
This is sooooo cool I love this command
All fine and good untill you throw a snowball while the grappling hook is active
Yea I was about to comment this don't do it me my friend and 3 other people tried to fix it and we couldn't
Hey creator if your reading I would like to use one of your commands in your map which is execute @e[type=arrow.skeleton] ~ ~ ~ tp @p ~ ~ ~ I'm making a map with this command and if you accept I'll give you credit ;)
Cool map, but not everything works ?
not every thing works
Hey! I was wondering how I can upload my maps. Please reply Editor I'm counting on you and your amazing website!