10 Ways to Die

Hello and welcome to 10 Ways to Die! In this game you will have 10 levels in which to win you must die. Dying is common in Minecraft but some of the ways in this map very different than the usual demise.

Ways to die in these level can vary from getting crushed by an anvil, shooting a bullseye, doing parkour, mining block, baking a cake, burning in lava, or finding a button in a room full of it. This isn’t any old ways to die map as you can see!

There is a spectate area located on the top of every level besides the last two. There are buttons that teleport to each spectate as well as back to the last level or back to hub.

If you liked this map you should check out my YouTube Channel and join my Discord Server. I make maps, tutorials, and more!

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  • Better prepared the map for submission 
  • Changed description so it does not reflect the one mod the same map but in another website (planet Minecraft) also I am the creator


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how to put it in minecraft i prefer mcworld :(
Wherever I try downloading it (both ways with given link and with mcpedl) it gives me an error code.
Can anyone help me?