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Published on March 22, 2016 (Updated on March 22, 2016)

12 Redstone Structures [Redstone]

This is a map which introduces 12 different redstone structures using some of the latest features in Minecraft 0.14. It's a really useful map to have a look at for anyone who is new to redstone and want to learn more how it can benefit your creations in-game. Learn how to build a vending machine, automatic portal and several other advanced structures.

Creator: BhoqZzz, Twitter Account

Let's begin by having a look at the two most simple structures in the map: Door Open/Close and Lamp On/Off. Both structures use two buttons which toggle two different states (door open/close, lamp on/off).

The Automatic Sorting System is useful if you want to set up a storage room where you can keep all stuff you collect but don't want to have to sort all the items manually.

Place the any type of items in the top left chest. If any of the items is equal to the ones which the four bottom chests represent then they will placed in those chests. If not, the items will go in the chest to the furthest on the right and through hoppers drop into a dropper which spits it out into some lava.

The Password Door Lock includes door which is connected to a hopper. If you drop a paper note into the hopper which include the correct password then the door will open. To obtain the paper password item tap on the right button.

Trash Can is useful when you quickly want to get rid of things. Simply drop the unwanted items in the chest and the hopper, dropper and lava will take care of the rest.

The Nether Portal can be turned on and off by the use of two separate buttons.

The lamps for the Auto Light structure is only turned once the darkness has fallen. It's a good system to have set up at your base in case you don't like the dark.

Select one of the items using the middle arrow and then drop an emerald in the hopper. If the item was delivered successfully then you can pick it up from the dropper. The Alternative Vending Machine will then be resetted.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this structure is supposed to do. If you do manage to figure out, please let us know in the comments.

The Password Door is only opened once the right combination is triggered using the levers. In this case the password is set to 1346.

This is a Vending Machine which is great to use since it doesn't require you to insert any coins (e.g. diamonds or emeralds). It's a good setup for your base as you normally don't have to pay for stuff which you already own, right?

The way it is setup causes a small delay have patience.

The Auto Potion Maker is perfect if you don't wanna spend time mixing your potions. Instead, let the machine handle that and then grab the potion when it's ready.

Two more redstone creations have been added since we last wrote this review. We'll leave them up to you to discover!

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Download the map and have a look for yourself. ;)
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I suspect you are using iOS. Here's a guide for iOS:
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Mine's android
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This is probably the best Redstone map other maps I take some builds to put on my world. Some of the builds on this map were already in my world but other I am totally using. All the builds in here I am going to use
The machine you did not know what it did is an automatic trade shop enter emeralds in the hopper and get treasures
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