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Published on June 05, 2015 (Updated on June 05, 2015)

1405676452: Double Dungeon Under Spawn

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Great seed!
i found a infinity one book at one of the spawners. i recommend this seed to others!
Guys! If you are on bedrock edition, there is 4 Spawners! (I’m an x-rayer) and the coords for all the spawners are- 456, 54, 6 (zombie). 378, 42, 39 (zombie). And the double spawner is 348, 45, 38 (spider/skeleton)
This seed has no dungeon under spawn. I guess this is one of the seeds that was changed.
I found a skeleton and a zombie spawner instead of a spider but a found another spawned in the same cave with 4 SADDLES! it was a zombie spawner
Side of spawnee have some hole,if you explore the cave you will find one more dungeon,in there have spider spawner and you can found some good stuff
like Gold,Iron,Lapis Lazuli,Emerald,And Diamond too.Because i found it too!
I actually started a skeleton farm and a spider farm as well