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Published on August 24, 2014 (Updated on August 24, 2014)

1408162313: Ocean Front Village, Caves & A Mob Spawner

In this seed you will spawn by the shore. If you follow it for about 100 blocks ahead you will come across a small village nicely situated there just by the ocean.

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Lets start with locating the blacksmith and look what is inside the chest. It's said that the inventory of each chest is random for everyone but for in this case it held emeralds, bread, coal, swords and a few apples.

To get into the cave locate the house in the center of the village which got a huge hole underneath it. There you will find a small staircase leading down into the cave.

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Follow through the cave, holding right all the way and you will eventually reach a (skeleton) mob spawner. There are two chests there too holding mostly food and iron.

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An easy way out of the cave is to dig straight up through the roof just a few blocks and you are out of the cave and entering a tunnel which leads up to the village again.

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Seed: 1408162313

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Where is the village (coordinates pls)
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I see a dungeon and spawner is Skelebone how imagine this Seed is awesome, where LampKitten 3.5 said
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If u go on the village roads u will find a small sinkhole, go into it and there is another mob spawner!!!
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If you explore the underground cave network, there is also an abandoned mine shaft
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