By Editor
Published on December 07, 2014 (Updated on December 07, 2014)

1417312165: Best Chest

Seed ID

It had 4 gold and a saddle D:<
I also got 14 emeralds
I got 11 diamonds!?
Awesome seed indeed. :)
I found a better one. It had 3 emeralds 7 obsidian 1 apple and 10 ink sacks
Hey Editor, do you mind if you review my map on this website?
Noted it down. Currently on a trip and away until Thursday. Feel free to remind me by then if I haven't posted it yet by then. You can do that easiest on Twitter.
I don't think so. You could easily change your name to DanTDM on this website without having to enter a password.
supercalifragilisticexpialidocous September 02, 2016 at 7:17 am
Is that the real DanTDM?
Oh , come on , you know Dan would never play mcpe or visit this site . It's common sense.(BTW, I like this 0.9.0 seed)
To be fair, Dan TDM has visited and played a map which we posted on the site. :)

Look here:

Check the description. The map download leads to our site. I am a little proud I admit!
are you the founder of mcpedl?
Is there a Blacksmith in the 2nd Village?
when i put in that seed i found a winter wonderland and my version is 0.11.1
heres a seed 45677 just walk forward a little and theres a village. Minecraft pe seed
ACisaMinerCrafterAndLoomer January 27, 2015 at 4:26 am
wow! awesome chest! perfect! check out my channel please ACisaMinerCrafterAndLoomer I do daily blogs (vlogs) i play mcpe, i do arts and crafts and i also use rainbow loom and soon i will start posting videos please check it out soon! thankies!
the village also contains a 1 blacksmith 1 church 1 librarin house the iron ingot is 4 perfect for iron boots
Cool. And also is that the real dantdm
I don't think so. Coz he doesn't use mcpedl..