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Published on January 03, 2015 (Updated on January 03, 2015)

1419019969: Village at Spawn

The spawn is in front of two really big river formations in what is a huge flat landscape biome.

If you turn around you'll face a little hill. Climb the hill and there is the village.

The village got no blacksmith but it's pretty neat to have a seed where the spawn is so close to the village. The surrounding area is pretty cool also. It's a lot of flat areas but with a few surprises here and there. Take this deep hole for example which leads straight down into some cave system.

Seed: 1419019969

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This is nice. I'm hoping for one that has a snow village where u actually spawn in a full biome not near borders? It's prettier then.
123 in old world is great for those who loooove flowers. (Trust me you get fed up with them after)