1431023779: Quadruple Village

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there is a dungeon on coordinates: 586 52 -21
Love this seed!
There was a dessert temple in the sand village
LittleWizard867 you are not dreaming
The seed is awesome!
I warn everybody though: there is a monster spawned inside. I'm new to mine craft so I can't tell you exactly what it spawns, but it looks like a hedgehog or weasel or something. I checked; all twelve portals are there and one already has an eye of ended in it. Take a look for yourself and please tell me I am not dreaming
That's called a silverfish, it's there to protect the portal.
If you explore enough in the double mineshaft you can find at least 8 end portals arranged in a circle behind iron bars
I couldn't find a village?
neither could i