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Published on May 29, 2015 (Updated on May 29, 2015)

1432398557: Three Villages & A Mineshaft

Seed ID

Hi there Mcpedl staff. I found an awesome seed. It has an uncountable amount of villages ALL in one sand biome. I really can't count them as they all look very similar, as well as many desert temples in the same biome. You spawn on the edge of a sunflower plains and desert biome. The desert biome, when you look at it, has a few weird overhangs with some brown mushrooms under them. Ignore the overhangs and continue further. At first glance, there isnt much. However, as you progress a little, villages start popping up randomly as well as desert temples. THere are many diamonds in the temples. In the same biome, there is also a small mineshaft at diamond level- there was even an exposed diamond ore on the roof of the mineshaft and some redstone, gold and lapis. The seed is '-1235396494', and it is found on a BETA version of mcpe (0.15.9). However, a drawback is that i couldn't explore further than the desert biome, as it extends very far and encompasses most of the plains biome you spawn next to (there is a small skeleton dungeon in the plains biome but the loot is poor). Whenever i try to explore further, my device crashes. Hopefully, you will include this awesome seed (-1235396494) on your website. Thank you.
In 13 this has 4 desert temples, as well!
Thanks for giving me credit