Published on December 04, 2016

15 Redstone & Slime Creations [Redstone]

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Good Map I Rate It 100/10 Good Job I Used One Of The TNT Flying Things On My Friends House And They Got Triggered And Left But It Was On A Backup World So It Was Funny Lol
Guys I fixed the bug on the plane, it was just too easy....??

I ain't tellin' no one.....?
Awesome map loved it how my in game name is HotDogSide and 1 of the creators are a hotdog LEL
This is awesome.
I loved the Auto car but I also loved all of them please make more red stone maps. and where do you live?????
Your very creepy
Can you make an Hello Neighbour map plz + hello neighbour addon (if you can) whit the wither skeleton re textured whit the neighbour ... You will be the best creator if you can
Ummm... this world just crashed Minecraft, i can't get in. Any ideas on how to fix it WITHOUT deleting it?
Hi RandomLlama
I know you don't want to delete it, but you can save copies of your worlds onto your computer using iFunbox (a free application, just drag and drop the world files onto your desktop) and then reinstall MCPE and drag the files back in. Another thing that could work is restarting your device and then MCPE. Hope it works!
Thanks! My Minecraft is now working fine.
how to creae flat world stone ??
Hello guys I am new in this site I am thinking that I will make fnaf sister location map if u agree shell I make it??
make it FARIAN_SONIC ill make a video on it
Ye Make It ILL Play It And Comment :D
Yes Make It Aperture Science Will Appreciate It
yes please make it FARIAN_SONIC ill play fogot to press reply
I love the Slime Launcher and TNT cannon, I had blast protection 4 on diamond chestplate, boots, and helmet, and I survived in the launcher
The disco light works fine, sometimes bugs a little but the map is good I rate it 100/100
I just use Thebes's machines and put houses behind them so I don't have to copy them and make them again
The flying piston machine does not work
I noticed that as well. However, the TNT missiles work fine.
Redo assassins craft mod please!