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Published on June 10, 2015 (Updated on June 10, 2015)

-179506122: Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn

Mineshafts are usually a good indication that great ores can be found in the nearby area, and in this seed you will be able to experience this knowledge for yourself. Five diamonds and one mineshafts are the things which we will guide you through to find.

At spawn take a few steps back and dig down as seen in the image below.

Soon after digging for a while you will be able to enter into a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and take a turn to your right to find the mineshaft.

When you are done exploring the mineshaft return to where you were previously digging and continue digging straight down until you fall into a pool of lava.

Look to your left where you see some coal and redstone blocks and dig at the block marked in red.

When you get through to another room of lava ignore the first option to go left and continue forward until you see a more wider area and then take a turn to your left as seen in the images below.

After exiting the dark tunnel as seen in the image above then go right and you will find your first diamond.

Behind the first diamond is a little cave like area, go in there and start digging at the blocks as seen in the images below to reach the last diamonds.

Seed: -179506122

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I Cannot Find The Area Where I Need To Dig... Help Me!
Another cool seed is : johnny appleseed. This seed is quite well known! At spawn you will be at a normal village look to the left of the spawn village and you will see another village! Go to the spawn village and go forwards and you will find a desert with a sand village! Blacksmith's included.
Yup, cool seed. It's on our site already. :)