Published on June 24, 2021 (Updated on May 15, 2022)

2 Seats on Horse

Do you want to ride a horse with your friends? But you only have 1 horse. Don't worry, this Addon can solve your problem!. This addon allows you to ride a horse with 2 players. you can ride it as easily as you ride a boat. and also can be played on mobile and pc.

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2 seats on Strider

Known bug: only the passenger can control the walking direction of the strider by using the warped fungus on stick, so I put the passenger in front of the driver. If you want to control it, make sure the passengers have to get on the strider first, then you go up to the strider


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I used your mod in my addon, hope you don't mind.
I will credit you.
FrostyEnderDragon7519 January 14, 2022 at 3:43 pm
well i cant rate yet because i have not used it yet but can you make it work with llamas to???
Your Average Mod Enjoyer November 04, 2021 at 6:15 am
Wonderful, but can you also try this to donkeys, mules or maybe even striders?
they have been added
Hi! Can you make the zombie horse rideable too please?
they have been added :D
can u made 3 seat horse
i will share to my friends also i give a credit
does this work on pc