By Editor
Published on June 05, 2016 (Updated on June 05, 2016)

20 Ways to Die (Modded Map!) [Puzzle]

This map sucks! There are no command outputs and the buttons cannot teleport me there!
Please can someone send me a link
Editor can you get a link to it for .mcworld as I can’t download it
you need to add coal on level 16
oops wrong map i'm playing several almost consecutively
please delete that comment
Pretty nice map. Could use an updated version though
Modded maps are too complex but worth it. I'm trying is map.
How come my wipeout map is not yet here?
Your download link didn't work. Try using MediaFire or Dropbox instead.
Can i play this for 2 player????
The dropbox link is broken when i press download it doesn't work could i use another command mod?
It's a MediaFire link and it works fine.
Hi Map Creator or editor, i've a problem.
I did everything, checked the command blocks and then tried to start the level but nothing happens, i clicked the button that says "click here if level buttons don't work" and tried to start level.

But nothing happens, only redstone lamps work.
0.14.3. Will probably work for 0.15 too once BlockLauncher supports it.