Published on January 10, 2017 (Updated on May 31, 2018)

2101: A Minecraft Odyssey Texture Pack


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Maybe update the pack to the new blocks and armor. Other than that this is a very detailed and amazing texture pack. 😉👍
el pac es muy bueno
You should texture some of the other blocks like the beds to fit the more, but otherwise it’s a fantastic pack and I love all the textures already included and hope to see more soon! <3
This pack was created for PC a few years ago. I have ported all the available textures. Unfortunately, development of the PC pack seems to have stopped, so it looks like any new textures won't happen.
Amazing pack man,Hey is it cool if I can use this pack I a video of mine
Absolutely. Just make sure to credit Mediocritus for pack creation and link here for those who want the pack
WD Gaming and Disney History December 08, 2018 at 1:49 pm
Hey... where is HAL 9000? It's a great pack though!
Hey WD Gaming and Disney History.
If you place a magenta glass block you'll get HAL 9000's 'red eye' on a black panel.
Looks good for a UFO wooooosh oh and easy download
Very nice but when I try to download the McWorld pack, it says Error. Help?
Hi CreeperStudios. Not sure what the problem is. I can see that the mcpack has been downloaded over 6000 times. If there was a problem with it, I'd be seeing a lot more posts telling me there was an issue. Try visiting this site and page from a different Web browser (this *can* be an issue).
I like the map, can you post it?
this is the map--
Spaceflight Beta (one of my creations). you won't need this texture pack for it though as the download comes with a version of this texture that has been modified to specifically go with the map.
Itu can be better if this texture have a custom bow and Arrow texture
Itu can be better if this texture have a custom futuristic cloud and sky
Stanley Kubrick would be proud.
I am currently working on an updated port which will include textures for quite a few of the newer blocks now included in bedrock. Unfortunately the PC pack needs work to bring it in line with the full range of blocks now available. If/when this happens I will update the port more completely, but for now, what I'm currently working on is the best it's going to get.
LOVEd it and unless someone says No im using this in my map
I ported this texture pack so that it could be nobody is going to tell you that you can't use it.
There have been some new blocks introduced to the vanilla texture since I created this port, so I'm going to (eventually) update this pack to include the new blocks......
Stay tuned.
By the way I'm actually the guys above me