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Published on July 31, 2015 (Updated on July 31, 2015)

23113: Snowy Village

Snow villages are extremely rare and the few ones we come across usually only have one or two houses situated in the snow biome. This seed is different. Almost the entire village (the exception is a house) can be found in the snowy forest biome. As it's so unique to come find it definitely makes it worth to experience.

A huge bonus is that the village is very close to spawn. Just walk straight ahead through the forest and you will soon notice it.

An other nice thing is that it got a blacksmith and in the chest you will find the following items:

  • 2 iron ingots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 saddle

Seed: 23113

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Works with the latest version of bedrock... have to dig out part of the town though... still, nice location.
Nope it changed
The seed was awesome. u should try! :)