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Published on February 07, 2018 (Updated on February 07, 2018)

25 Ways To Die [Minigame] [Puzzle]

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Yo how do you do the one with the villager if you killed them
It was a really fun map to play
Funny map, Good Job
What version is neede to play this ????
1.2 but not the beta
The 18th (you only die twice) one is broken. It doesn't make me go to the next one! PLEASE HELP IM STUCK IDK HOW TO ESCAPE!!! thank you.
How do you do the first level?? I don't take fall damage and I'm on peacefully so I switched it to easy but it still doesn't work??!!! WHYY plz help me ppl
How?! I need help :(
How did you make the tools that said like “can break stone” for example?
Awesome! My favorite kind of map
Finally done with my brother
thats good did u tell him about ur abuse or did u find a way to kill him
Love it so much
How'd u do the TNT snake thing?! It was epic
I don't get level 3 please help me.
suffocate in the cobblestone that's generated