Published on September 30, 2021 (Updated on October 07, 2021)

2D Hero

Welcome to 2D Hero! In this game you have a series of levels in which you must complete. This is much like Mario or things of that sort. The idea is that you, the player, control a villager on a 2 dimensional area. You being the player get three blocks of space so you aren’t crammed. The levels are usually 170 blocks long having a different theme in each one. Some levels have different rules than others and some levels even have bosses that you must defeat to unlock the end. There are many boosts and power ups that you can find in the levels. Most power ups found are almost always needed to help complete the obstacles. There are also hostile mobs that come in a few variants. Both the good and bad are shown in the lobby as well as a neutral item. Last of all, to attack hostiles you are given a fishing rod that will make the villager harm the closest enemy that is within 4 blocks. If you like this map subscribe to my YouTube Channel and join my Discord Server. I make maps, tutorials, and more. 

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  • fixed a glitch where spikes would not hurt character
  • fixed a glitch in the last level that didn't let a command run
  • fixed a problem where a set of ladders was not where was supposed to be


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